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Welcome to Can·na·pol·i·tan
noun/ adjective.  Cannabis enthusiast/ advocate/ activist.
Cannapolitan qualities include: advocates Cannabis education,
is metacultural, unprejudiced, compassionate, inclusive, cultured,
and passionate about Cannabis.


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Blunt Brunch Events Connect Women in Cannabis

The occasion of Blunt Brunch is to bring women together in celebration and inspiration by sharing their stories in the Cannabis industry. This is no ordinary group of ladies that lunch, these are Cannabis entrepreneurs enjoying the company of other women in the industry.

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What Does 420 Mean?

What Does 4/20 Mean? 4/20 has evolved into different meanings; dispensary sale day, activist & activism, Cannabis appreciation Day & more. Cannapolitan's Editor in Chieftess weighs in on 4/20 meanings and more.

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