Humble Beginnings in a Time of Uncertainty

Garden Society is a women owned and operated Cannabis company based in Sonoma County. Where the wine grows… and also where Cannabis companies have been beginning to bloom for some time now. We had the pleasure of meeting the Garden Society ladies at an event years ago called The Emerald Exchange. Immediately we were impressed with their design of their brand and the deliciousness of their edibles. Their first step into the Cannabis market back then looked like the future. Beautiful packaging that is feminine and functional. Back then many companies didn’t know what the scope of regulation and legalization would look like, it was anyone’s guess. Garden Society’s products and branding was on point from day one. The intention was set.Garden Society Logo

Garden Society’s Team of Cannabis Dreams

It’s no secret that Garden Society’s founder and CEO, Erin Gore had clearly intended her company and products to have a feminine appeal from the beginning. Her intention was to have a brand that women would embrace and adore. The beautiful graphics and packaging are really classy and functional, while appeasing the regulatory requirements of the state. Erin and her partner in Cannabis; Karli Warner, is the brand’s co-founder and marketing head. The two women have set the stage for their brand and company’s success with a focus on women’s wellness and empowerment. They are very involved themselves and partnering with organizations that focus on education and uplifting women entrepreneurs in the field of Cannabis.

Fast Forward to Today’s Cannabis Marketplace in California

Not all medical Cannabis brands and products made it through the licensing process for dozens of reasons. Garden Society persevered through all the regulation hoops and licensing insanity and landed on their feet, like all badass women do!

It’s been an absolute pleasure for our review team over the last few months to experience Garden Society’s product line.

We wanted to get a feature out around valentine’s day, but we strongly felt that Garden Society’s products deserved greater praise and recognition during the biggest Cannabis holiday. So, we waited patiently to share this with you to acknowledge Garden Society in our top 20 for 4/20.

Not Just Any Pre-Roll

Garden Society has three levels of awesome across three different product lines. Their pre-rolls are aptly named Rosettes. Each of the rosettes, hash rosettes, and gourmet chocolate bars are identified by Sativa, Indica, and CBD. Brighter day is their Sativa, blissful rest for Indica, and calm & focus for CBD. Each package of their full flower Rosettes contains ten .375g rosettes for you and friends. They are well made with only the finest sun grown California Cannabis inside. We loved taking our time and enjoying the experience that each produced.

Garden Society Cannabis prerolls rosettes

CBD Like You’ve Never Experienced Before!

Our review team was quite frankly surprised how effective the CBD joints are considering there is only .51% THC and 12.45% CBD inside each rosette. These babies are tasty and effective even for some of our pro smokers who experienced a wonderful relaxing yet focused effect on the brain. These days anxiety can really take hold of us in the age of Covid, but with these little rosettes nearby there is no need to panic or stress. The flavors are really unique with the strain we tried aptly named “remedy”.  This strain is very herbal and has hints of mint and floral flavors when inhaled.  These CBD rosettes for calm & focus are exactly what many of us need sometime during the day to get back on track and re-evaluate the day.

Sativa For The Things That Need Attention…

The ladies at Garden Society know great Cannabis. They work with select small farms that represent their values and appreciation for high quality flower. The rosettes are filled with only the best buds and it resonates with every inhale and exhale. We’re all really big Blue Dream fans here at Cannapolitan. Our review team members are very familiar with the strain. So, when we come across the real thing we know and have certain expectations. Our batch was labeled on the box that @fireflowerfarm is the grower of these flowers inside. They found a great farm and strain to represent the brand and the Garden Society team. The smells and flavors of Blue Dream are evident on a dry pull on the rosette before lighting you know you’re ready for creative energy and uplifting vibes.

Indica Strains For More Than Just Netflix & Chill

Whether you smoke Indicas for the day or night, these Blueberry Muffin rosettes will have you feeling fine and ready to relax. These “little Rosita’s” (we nick named them) are good enough to share with your friends around the fireside or choose to keep them all to yourself. We absolutely love GS’s packaging; these little flip top boxes are the ideal carrying case. Simply push the button on the top and lift. They are not 100% airtight, but they certainly do a good job at keeping the good smells inside. We plan to reuse the boxes for homemade baby j’s. We hope our readers will do the same in making an effort to recycle/ reuse their Cannabis containers. Get creative!

Garden Society Cannabis hash prerolls rosettes

Hash Joints that Save the Day!

Starting the beginning of this year, Garden Society added another option for those of us that have a higher tolerance and need a bit more kick in our step. HASH ROSETTES!! Yes indeed! These higher powers available in Sativa, Indica, and CBD will change your perspective. We had the pleasure of tasting and loving each variety. The Sativa was a Magic Melon flower combined with a strain called Rollins water hash inside. WOW! The water hash makes all of the Rosettes smoother and get ready for the slow burn!

Our review team members were thrilled with the effects of each and how long that feeling lasted. The Indica hash Rosette we fell in love with was a strain called Rockstar complemented by Purple Punch hash. Pretty much felt like a rock band on tour with these. The CBD offering was also our new favorite CBD flower called Remedy with an accompaniment of Afgooey hash. This one had a small offering of THC of under 4% with a near 12% CBD total. Calm & Focus is really a great way to describe the effects of the CBD flower inside. These are great for anytime of the day and perfect for Cannapolitans that need help with anxiety, ADD, and ADHD too.

Each package comes with four half-gram hash rosettes and are contained within a fairly easy to open secured slider box that displays these slightly longer rosettes. These are definitely on our list for MUST HAVES for 4/20!  

Garden Society Cannabis Chocolates

We Saved the Best for Last, Garden Society Chocolates!

Everything about the Garden Society line of products we absolutely love… but their chocolates really set them apart from the entire market! Yes, we just said that! There is a lot of options for consumers when it comes to Cannabis chocolate bars. Garden Society certainly went outside the box when developing such unique combinations.

Each bar has 10 perfectly satisfying squares. Each variety of Garden Society’s chocolate bars are infused with full spectrum Cannabis extract. What does that mean for you? Full spectrum includes all other beneficial Cannabinoids and terpenes that give your experience a more balanced and naturally appealing feeling for your body to enjoy.

Pro Tips for Cannabis Edibles

These squares are on point and also are ideal to enjoy after a meal. This way the THC and other Cannabinoids will mix in your stomach with fats that will help bring the onset of the effect on faster and more efficiently. Know your dose, it’s always advised that you start small and wait before eating more THC mg outside your comfort zone. Wait an hour or so, you can always eat more, but you can’t go back once you dive in the deep end. If you do, we recommend having a square of the calm & focus bar that is 10mg of CBD and 1mg of THC in each and that may help balance your experience out a bit.

Dark Chocolate with a Bite!

We had brighter days with every square of the spiced dark chocolate bar, wow what a punch in the taste buds! The brighter day sativa themed bar is vegan. All bars are gluten free and made with fair trade chocolate. These squares are spicy enough to call your attention, but the heat is balanced by the dark chocolate. The flavor is intriguing and will have you on holiday in no time. This bar reminds us of a spicy Mexican hot cocoa with a complexity of flavors. Each bar contains 100mg of THC, each square conveniently set at 10mg. These are certainly edibles to have in your stash for 4/20.

Milk Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt

The blissful rest bar is a luscious milk chocolate with a light sprinkle of sea salt. Get ready to enjoy your day or evening with this bar. Each of Garden Society’s chocolates have a rich truffle like consistency that will have you at the first taste. This bar has 10mg of THC and 1mg of CBD in each square. It has a well-balanced effect and is ideal for Cannabis lovers that suffer from anxiety with too much THC strictly. We absolutely adore this bar and feel it’s a great example of what makes Garden Society stand out.

Have Some CBD in Your Life

Once again, GS is blowing our minds with their unique recipes and combinations. The calm & focus bar features a very complex and flavorful milk chocolate with the Zen of chai spices. This is a delightfully tasty bar and unlike anything you’ve had before. Each square is packed with 10mg of full spectrum CBD and a 1 mg hint of THC.  This is a great first timer edible that won’t have you buggin out! Safe enough to chill grandma out without having to worry about her tripping balls. YA! We did share some of this bar with a 90-year-old grandma who LOVED this experience. It is just enough to help ease your body’s aches and pains all the while taking the edge of everyday stress off your mind. If we trust Garden Society’s products enough to share with someone’s grandma, that should eliminate any hesitation.


As they say, Treat Yo Self – Indulge and Enjoy!

We love Garden Society! Their products and overall Cannapolitan traits are what we love to shine a light on! They have a hit on their hands across the board.

Well done ladies, you’re Cannapolitan approved and HIGHLY recommended for good times ahead.

Make sure to check out Garden Society online for locations and delivery services that can bring the awesome straight to your door. Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @grdnsociety


Photos by Cannapolitan.