How We Spent 4/20 in 2023

It felt like we were all back to normal again. It’s been a long road from 2020 to 2023 as far as passing a joint around goes. So, this year it felt especially nice to puff puff pass to my colleagues feeling a lot better that we wouldn’t be possibly passing something else. But, also the fear was still there in the back of my mind when someone in my circle passed our hash hole monster pre-roll over to a stranger… I quickly talked myself down the mountain and accepted faith in Cannabis that nothing bad would happen. Although, if the Covid years have taught us anything, it is to be cautious anyway.  Besides, I’ve begun to really enjoy joints all to myself versus having to wait on someone to pass it back to me. Yeah, I said it.  The need to pass is somewhat one of those social things that I’m still on the fence about since the Covid years. So if you feel the same way but was afraid to say anything about it, then I just said it for you.

Faith In Cannabis This We Trust

We began our afternoon by going to the fairly new dispensary and lounge called The Woods in West Hollywood. This is our Cannapolitan friend, Woody Harrelson’s shop and it is stunning. The store itself has a very organic vibe with an emphasis on the displays of each of the brands they carry. The store is sectioned off by the type of Cannabis, so there is a section for edibles, flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and our heart fluttered for the outdoor sun-grown small farm section of its own. As you may know, Woody is a true Cannabis and Hemp activist and an environmental activist. This section is not just sun-grown but for Sun+Earth Certified Cannabis farms. Learn more about Sun + Earth certified in our previous feature here.

We Got Completely Lost in The Woods

The Woods’ lounge is an outdoor jungle of cabanas, bird atriums, giant Koi fish in a beautiful pond in the center. We plan on going back for a longer tour and utilizing all the beauty and function that the lounge offers. The price of admission, simply purchase product over $20 per person. Seems fair and well worth it, after all now you have product to smoke or vape while enjoying the serene surroundings. Check out photo below, more videos to follow soon.

There are cabanas and other spaces that you can also reserve for a modest fee per hour, if there is no reservation at the time while you’re there, you’re welcome to enjoy the spaces!

The 420 Experience at Two Bit Circus

The party to be at this 4/20 in Los Angeles was at Two Bit Circus! Green Street & Highrise agency put on a party of EPIC proportions at one of the coolest spots in downtown LA. To give you a reference of what Two Bit Circus is all about, check out our feature here.

Green Street brought the whole Cannabis community out to party, play games, watch comedy, and have the best time ever. The whole vibe at the 420 Experience was great! There were food trucks to purchase food, but the rest of the party was pretty much free for all attendees. The sponsors and the brands that came to activate the outdoor areas were showcasing their brands and giving away swag as well. Zippo was sponsoring the media area where they had customized Zippo’s for the talent and media attendees. The space was a nice place to sit and chat with Zippo executives and talent that came to perform for the people. One of our favorite flower companies, Originals was there promoting their dank strains, my knees get weak when I smell their stuff, especially their Jack Herer is on point, more about them in the future.

There was a dispensary next door to Two Bit Circus as well called Sweet Flower if anyone ran out of Cannabis or edibles. Raw Rolling papers had a table where people could roll their own. MMD, a dispensary chain in Los Angeles was there promoting their stores that are spread out throughout Los Angeles areas. Dabwoods gave away bags with swag inside for people to pick up. Royal Blunts was there to give away their various wraps for people to try. Every booth there was something going on. A fairly newer brand called Little Matron went big with this booth full of couches and guys dressed up as Russian dolls, we need to investigate this brand further in the future, looked interesting.

FREE Games and Fun Inside Two Bit Circus!

That’s right! All the games and coolness that goes on inside Two Bit Circus was FREE that night! What is cooler than playing arcade video games, pinball, air hockey, and virtual reality games, all for free! Even the escape rooms were operating as well. There was comedy by Jay Chandrasekhar, (star of Beerfest & Super Troopers), he put on a once-in-a-lifetime stand up performance presented by HOOZIN, the ultimate event invite app. There was something for everyone this night including one of the most important things that most Cannabis parties forget to have… WATER! Green Street doesn’t just bring the water, they brought out the Liquid Death sparkling water for the occasion! Talk about CLASSY! We stayed HIGH and HYDRATED all evening long! This was a party of all parties to attend this year in Los Angeles. It’s not easy to stand out in LA with all the events happening at various dispensaries and what not but Green Street did it again with their legion of Cannabis brands and outstanding sponsor companies that make the events they put together so memorable! This was certainly a 4/20 for the books! We were told over 3,000 people turned up and got elevated at the party that night, those are some lucky folks and we felt lucky too be be part of such an outstanding and well organized event!


Check out the pictures from the event below, you can click on the photo and the galleries will pop out for you to scroll through.

Photos in the gallery above provided by Anthony Ibarra @ibarranthony

Photo Gallery above by: Rony Alwin,  Photo credit. @ronyalwin