Our Must Have Vape Device for the 22nd Century!

We found the best and most innovative devices that 2022 can offer. As well as beautifully designed glass that will keep you floating no matter what method you choose. We’re not newbies to smoking here at Cannapolitan, we’re professional Cannabis smokers. We’re not easy to impress, so we really have to search out the latest and greatest devices for ALL your Cannabis needs and desires. Not just for 4/20, but all year long- because it’s not just one day a year that we be smokin!

This guide is intended to inform and entertain all Cannapolitans. That said, dabbing is for the more experienced Cannabis user, so start small and take time between hits. No one likes babysitting a “dabbed out” adult that didn’t know their tolerance level. It’s ok to just smoke joints or bowls too, Cannabis users tend to be more compassionate people, it’s not a drinking contest here. Stay upright while you’re out there enjoying the High Holiday.

The Ispire Daab has Dusted the Competition in our Experience

We’re going to need to find a service that we can donate some of our smoking and vaping devices to the less fortunate Cannabis users out there…Why you ask? Because this next device will make you think of why you have other devices to dab on when this one is going to change your whole dabbing game! We’re serious about the dust that is going to start building up on your past electronic dab devices once you get the Daab!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to your new favorite device for concentrate vaping, the Ispire Daab!

Seriously though, ever since the Ispire Daab arrived and we turned it on and hit for the first time, it was like a whole new experience. This is next level dabbing! At the first glance you’re like “what the hell is this sexy beast?” It asks to be held by design; the carbon fiber design is pretty slick too.


Scroll through the images below:

Open the box- easy installation and operation from the jump!

The Daab is so user friendly from the moment you open the box you’re set at ease with easy instruction. Ispire knows we Cannapolitans can get a bit carried away and lose the instruction book, so they put the most important details on a soft Daab pad so that you always have them. Another immediate thing that you notice when you open the box is the wonderful hard-shell case that houses your Daab. This right there had my attention like they care how we care about carrying our dab rigs, secured and safe while traveling. This device is going to beckon you to take it with you everywhere, so it’s nice to have such a dope case! Get ready to blow some minds too when you bring your Daab to the sesh!

It’s in the Details that the Daab Shines!

As you open the easy-to-handle case, you’ll discover the dab mat, warranty card (register online, don’t forget), beautiful Ispire paper and voila, the Ispire Daab in all its glory! It’s fairly explanatory by the piece of what fits where if you’re experienced with dab devices however it’s important to put your Daab together properly, so please review the instruction booklet and the quick start guide on the dab mat. Easy on and off with five clicks of the FIRE button, which is the top button on the Daab’s control panel. The Daab is so simple and easy to use, set your temp by 5-degree increments to your desired temp and you’re ready to go.

Load it, Set it and Fire it up!

Once you have your bucket loaded (which is also so easy), temp set then just push the fire button twice for auto sesh. The lights will indicate heat up with flashing like a 70’s disco, once it lights solid and beeps twice it’s at temperature set. Another advantage of the Daab is within a few seconds of starting the heating process you can take in those low temp flavors even before its at temp! It really allows you to taste the full terpene profile of your concentrates. We recommend low temperature dabs for best flavor and less hack of over cooking your concentrates. In our experience with the Daab so far, our sweet spot is around 520F-530F. Now that can vary slightly too on the type of concentrates, you’re attempting to consume. Harder concentrates like diamonds tend to need a slightly higher temp to melt and vape.

The Flavor! Oh the Flavors!

We thought we knew what tasty dabs tasted like with a super clean electronic rig. The Ispire Daab takes it to the next level with how their device works. First off, it works off induction heating. If you have ever cooked with an induction cooktop, you must have compatible pans that make contact with the surface of the stove, the advantage of induction is fast heating and evenly disperses heat. This same technology has been applied to the buckets that you put your dabs into on the Daab. Oh what a difference vaping straight from these quartz buckets makes with induction heating. It’s all flavor, you think you’re tasting your dabs now, wait till you try the Daab! It’s incredible! One of the concentrates we vaped first with the Daab had like an entire field of flavors and it really brings out the best attributes of the strain as well. Minds blown by our entire team.

The Experience of Inhaling from the Daab

Bigger and smoother hits! Flavor all day. Just make sure you clean the bucket between dabs. Our team of reviewers range with lung power, but on an average dab size we easily took in five, seven to ten hits off one session dab, depending on the size of the inhalation. It almost feels like the device heats the concentrates greater when you inhale, like it waits for you somewhat. Either that or just the way the Daab operates it doesn’t overcook your concentrates so quickly that you have to rush to get the hits before they’re spent. In fact, depending on the concentrate type we managed to heat the device twice with the same dab, so it really does stretch out your concentrates use. Especially if you do lower temp dabs. We really love being able to adjust the temp so easily between users and concentrate types.

Easy to Clean- Thank you Ispire!

This device is so easy to clean between dabs and sessions. You will want to have our recommended accessory Glob Mops XL on hand to clean the buckets between dabs. Consider your bucket like a skillet, you want each session to have its own flavor, not the taste of a previously cooked dab. Imagine cooking a hamburger in a pan and then making a veggie burger in the same pan… it’s not a good idea and your vegetarian and vegan friends will disown you. Just don’t do it. Clean between dabs with an absorbent tip like a Glob Mop and everyone will be happy.

The rest of the unit is really easy to keep clean, the main bubbler is easy to rinse and pour a small amount of 91% alcohol and swish it around and within a few minutes you’re ready to go. There is a reclaim cup that your bucket sits in and we have yet to get it gooped yet, not a lot of residual concentrates are left inside the bubbler either. It’s a really clean system, no atomizers to mess with metal parts to clean out. Everything on the Daab was designed to ease the user from hours of heavy cleaning, thank you Ispire!

Only Positives with the Ispire Daab

We started to break down the pros and cons of the Ispire Daab and we couldn’t really come up with any cons because the cons have solutions. All pros when it comes to installation, use, cleaning, and transportation of the device. The only con we could find was that like most electronic dab rigs, the battery life is ok, it’s not infinite of course. The battery should last an average session. We love that Ispire allows the device to be charged while in use (which you can not do with other pointy unicorn looking devices) and if you really sesh like a pro hard, Ispire offers additional batteries that can be swapped out easily. What’s left? No auto off function, but we didn’t notice any significant loss in battery life while sitting standby. So, like we said, there really is no negatives about the Ispire Daab. We feel this is a solid device that you will be using for years to come if you maintain and care for the device like intended.

Final thoughts, do yourself a favor and get yourself the Ispire Daab, we have been waiting a LONG time to recommend an electronic concentrate device that lived up to our standards here at Cannapolitan but we feel the Ispire Daab is worthy of your pleasure and money. When they say on the Ispire site “Welcome to the revolution in dabbing” they were bold, but completely on point!

Check out Ispire Daab and thier other dabbing products by visiting here.

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