Our MUST HAVE List Must Include Accessories that Make Your 4/20 Better!

We found the best and most innovative devices for this year’s 4/20 and we’re sharing them all including the needed accessories that will enhance your daily smoking ritual.  We’re not newbies to smoking Cannabis here at Cannapolitan, we’re professional Cannabis smokers. We’re not easy to impress, so we really have to search out the latest and greatest devices for ALL your Cannabis needs and desires. Not just for 4/20, but all year long- because it’s not just one day a year that we be smokin!

This guide is intended to inform and entertain all Cannapolitans of all levels of experience.

Spray 420

This is MUST HAVE item in your Car, luggage, smoking bag, house, just about anywhere you need to potentially flush the sign that there was ANY Cannabis smoking whatsoever. This stuff is truly an odor eliminator and at the same time provides a fresh and attractive smell behind. This spray is literally a life saver! We recommend having a can handy in your driver’s side door pocket for easy to diminish that sesh from earlier. We never leave home without our Spray 420!

It comes in three scents, original (green, which smells like fresh laundry), new car scent (blue, which is more of a fresh scent) and sweet vanilla (pink.) You can find Spray 420 at your local smoke shop and you can also order them on Amazon or pick up the variety pack direct from the Spray 420 source here.


Giovanni’s Collection, Organic CBD Coffee

If you’re like us, coffee and Cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly. We want to be awake because we got things to do, but want to take the edge off of the jitters that caffeine can sometimes create. Perhaps you just want a cup of coffee with the benefits of CBD to help you focus and get through your tasks. Well then Giovanni’s Coffee is for you, this unique blend of rich medium to dark roasts in a variety of flavors and style will keep you moving through your days.

Giovanni’s offers three variety; vanilla, caramel, and espresso grinds. Each are considered a medium to dark roast. We recommend adding half & half to add a creamy balance. No one is stopping you from also lighting up a joint with this coffee either, we recommend it! Check out Giovanni’s Coffee here.

Cadence Containers


Everyone needs these containers in their lives for an unlimited number of reasons. We discovered these unique magnetic containers through ads we kept seeing on Instagram. Ya know, there’s some really great products featured there from time to time that aren’t a scam. Luckily for us, Cadence is a real and innovative company that was started by a woman who simply got tired carrying around all these trial size containers of her daily care ritual that would leak or were bulky. Not to mention having to bag all the bottles and containers so they don’t leak into her main suitcase or worse a purse.  Enough was enough Steph Hon had decided she would develop a system and containers that she could easily travel with everyday.

Cadence Containers with bud

As you can see here, we quickly found a use for Cadence containers. We absolutely love the color options and the ability to customize the label on each Cadence container in the bundle you purchase. Each Cadence container ultimately could reduce the amount of plastic from making it to the ocean by no longer buying single serving or trial size containers for everyday products. Cadence capsules are made with 50% recycled material. The current blend is 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic and 30% reused scrap plastic.

Cadence can be used for all sorts of applications, we of course immediately thought about how much Cannabis could we comfortably carry inside a Cadence capsule. The answer is just a bit over 2 grams of ground up Cannabis flower. We like the idea of using them for a variety of different strains and you can even have them custom labeled for a small additional fee. The labeled tops are also inter-changeable should you swap tops. As you can tell Cadence capsules are magnetic and connect to one another, including the tops are designed to stick with their counterpart while not screwed on.

Cadence Capsules are Everything We Want

0.56 oz, truly leak proof, watertight, airtight, BPA-free, and TSA-compliant. You can put your medicines inside, skin care, jewelry, bud and more! Cadence introduced a new label on 4/20 that is called: the leaf. We’ll be sure to share those with you next. Great minds think alike, you can’t keep a good Cannapolitan down!

As you can see from the images we had our Cadence capsules personalized. Cadence has a variety of symbols that you can also choose to label your goods. Cadence capsules come in seven different colors. Each Cadence capsule can be customized up to about 25 characters. Ours seen above have Cannapolitan, which checks in with 12 characters. We love Cadence, the flexibility, how they connect, and how easy they are to clean and reuse. We highly recommend Cadence. Check out Cadence Capsules and get them out here.


Mouth Peace

Covid is still a concern and at this point in time, who wants to take the additional risk? We just finally got our 4/20 back! We’re all getting together for 4/20 and seshin together again so why not give yourself some peace of mind. The guys at Moose Labs developed the Mouth Peace, a step beyond the portable mouth piece that you can use on a bong, pipe or joint and devised a way to help cut some of the toxins that come with smoking, yet allows the good good come through. No flavors or THC is lost when using these replaceable filters that go inside each Mouth Peace. The Mouth Peace comes in two sizes, one large Mouth Peace intended for small to large bongs and pipe openings. The mini Mouth Peace is intended for smaller bong openings and pipes. You can also slip a joint in the opening and be able to pass the dutchie all the while staying germ free from your sesh crew. Check out more about these Mouth Peace filtered mouth pieces by visiting them here.

Richtual Cache Case & Kit

Perhaps you have nosey little ones or teenagers that can figure out combos on your stash boxes. We found a product that is sure to keep them out of your stash on the go at least. This nifty little case is designed for security and to hold just enough of your essentials to keep the party going. The electric finger print lock is sure to keep everyone out but you. We extensively tested the lock and it’s not letting nine other fingers get inside, the lock can only be programmed for one finger print.

Once your finger unlocks the lock pops open and allows you to open the case with the full three sided zipper. The case is box shaped and is about 6.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep. Inside the deluxe Richtual Cache Case with the rolling kit includes a small grinder, papers, filters, rolling machine, tiny jar, charging cord for lock, and a joint tube. The case is also available empty for you to fill at a discounted price. This is certainly useful for anyone, you can also stash valuables, cash and other necessities for safe keeping. Check out Richtual for yourself clicking here.

Glob Mops

These are the best to clean your nails, e-nails, and electronic dab devices and bowls. If you think that the average cotton swab will do the trick and yes it will do a degree. However, Glob Mobs are made specifically for cleaning up dabs from you atomizers and nails with precision and they are absorbent enough to clean up remaining oil from your bowls and bangers. Each side has a different shape tip that is heavily wound around the wood stick and won’t leave cotton fibers all over your bowl or banger either.  Check them out here.

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