Cannapolitan is a print and online magazine dedicated to a higher standard of sophistication for the cannabis enthusiast and lifestyle. We celebrate activists and advocates in the community, industry and throughout the globe. We feature Cannapolitans that are breaking stigmas, finding therapies, changing laws, creating amazing products all in the benefit of Cannabis and its loyalists. Every issue of Cannapolitan has something for every adult of any age, sex, or origin. The landscape is rapidly changing and we aim to keep our readers educated and inspired to share what they learn. We are living in an amazing time, thanks to decades of activism and perseverance in bringing forth the truths about Cannabis and its use. The “typical stoner” mentality is slowing burning into dust. The demographic of Cannabis consumers is constantly evolving because of medical and adult use legalization throughout the globe.

Our diverse group of contributors offer our Cannapolitan readers all the best in exclusive interviews, featured brands and products, cannabis reviews, fashion, health, family, fitness, growing your own, science, music, entertainment features and more. We recognize activists and Cannapolitans that are unafraid to stand up for their belief in the Cannabis plant and how it can better enhance the world and the lives of the people that use it, with an additional emphasis of highlighting women advocates. We are dedicated to making change and breaking limitations on the future of the Cannabis community.

Cannapolitan demands a higher standard of content that educates and inspires. Our readers are smart, sophisticated and whether they are experienced with Cannabis or not- they don’t want to be stereotyped because of their use of Cannabis.  We serve to end the stigmas, empower our readers and offer solutions to make their lives better. We’re taking the high road, educating, keeping it classy and fun.

Finally, a place to relax and get lost in the world of Cannabis without the stereotypes. Join us for the new era of cannabis. We embrace the enthusiasts and entrepreneurs that are revolutionizing the world for the future of freedom and truth about this amazing plant.

Cannapolitan Magazine’s visionary editor and contributing writer is a female Cannabis activist with years of experience from an insider’s perspective. A journalist from the Cannabis community devoted to spreading the truth and beauty of a well balanced Cannabis lifestyle.

“As a woman in the Cannabis community I feel responsible to have our editorial balanced, but at the same time providing women advocates and entrepreneurs the proper platform for their voices to be seen and heard. For decades women activists have been an integral part of the cannabis community and the growing industry, I think they deserve to be highlighted for their contributions and actions.” – Lisa Kaler, Editor-in-Chieftess

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