Photos below courtesy of Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers is back and ready to inspire an industry

Hall of Flowers Lifts Up California Cannabis brands unlike any other convention. After a long near two-year hiatus, the excitement of the California Cannabis community coming back together to make moves and relationships is back with Hall of Flowers. This is by far one of the best business to business Cannabis conventions to date and I’ve been to so many I can’t give a count. I’ve personally been covering the Cannabis world since 2009 and I’ve been to so many conventions both business and public events that I doubt anyone can top me. Experience counts in this community. Knowing the wonderful people that make this industry great is what drives us to share their story and the passion behind their products.

California is the center of the universe in the Cannabis industry…Yes, I said that!

We started it all here first with Prop 215, the compassionate use act of 1996. Then in 2004 the State of California enacted SB420, which put forth a series of rules and guidelines that allowed caregiver collectives and co-op grows for Cannabis patients. So, it’s been 25 years this year since California made Cannabis legal for patients under a doctor’s recommendation. I was actually gathering signatures for prop 215 prior to the vote, so when I experienced my first dispensary in 2006 in Los Angeles, let’s just say my mind was blown. Since then, it’s been a wild ride from medical Cannabis patient to professional press covering the Cannabis community and serving the “industry” and informing patients and consumers on all things Cannabis.Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler, former speaker at Hall of Flowers.

Enter The Hall of Flowers

Customers of dispensaries today all over this great country have in some way been touched by the culture that California created all these years. So it’s only fitting that a California company with roots, respect, and knowledge about the California Cannabis culture created Hall of Flowers. This convention has an un-conventional vibe that we love. They understand what drives the community and out of that create an outstanding setting for brands to expose their passion for their products with Cannabis dispensary owners/ buyers. This is the place for brands to shine all together.

Seth Rogen at the last Hall of Flowers in September of 2019

If you’re serious about your Cannabis brand, you better be at Hall of Flowers

The beauty behind this convention is more than an expo style floors, this year’s show has more outdoor activations and even more brands than ever before. Hall of Flowers is so big, it uses up a considerable amount of the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds. All the brands that you love here and abroad (multi-state brands) and exciting new brands that are just hitting the market will be showing off in their booths. Hall of Flowers takes the unconventional approach to educate and engage with the exclusive audience of professionals in the space to further and broaden minds with their speaker series that takes place throughout the two day experience.

There is no where else in the business to business space in Cannabis that compares to what Hall of Flowers is creating for the entire industry. It was announced about a month or so ago that Hall of Flowers has connected with MJBizCon, which is probably the largest Cannabis professional conventions in the country. There will be a special Hall of Flowers experience at the upcoming MJBizCon in Las Vegas in October, next month.

Here’s a look at the last Hall of Flowers in 2019.

hall of flowers convention floor

Sorry for the age restriction thing, just click on the link to watch.

This is the place for California Cannabis professionals

To come together and share their passions for bringing the best Cannabis products to the consumer. Stay tuned for our in depth follow up feature on our experience at Hall of Flowers this season. We’re certainly excited to bring you plenty of new Cannabis brands and products to discover. We’ve come so far in this industry and as a community that believes in and loves this plant that brings us all together. If you are a new Cannabis brand or store front, make sure to get involved with this outstanding event procurement that is Hall of Flowers.


Here I am reconnecting with my friend Redman at the last Hall of Flowers.Redman and Lisa Kaler

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