Featured Photo above is the beautiful booth for Country Brand Pre-Rolls at this year’s Hall of Flowers, The lovely Chantelle sporting the look!


We’re not stoners, we’re Cannapolitans!

Are you tired of the same old cannabis culture? Tired of your non consuming friends calling you a “stoner”? Join the Cannapolitan movement and celebrate 4/20 with like-minded individuals! In 2024, it’s time to move past outdated stoner stereotypes and embrace a new era of cannabis acceptance. With 25 states legalizing cannabis and over 3/4 of the country decriminalizing or allowing medical cannabis, we’ve made great progress. However, there’s still work to be done. Some states have restrictive regulations, high taxes, and limited cultivation rights, hindering the growth of the industry. But don’t let that bum you out! As activists, our mission continues until every person unjustly imprisoned for cannabis crimes is freed. The failed war on drugs has done more harm than good, and it’s time for change. While this article focuses on the hottest gear and products for 4/20, it serves as a reminder that we still have battles to fight. So, keep it LIT this year on 4/20 and celebrate all the progress we the people have made. Then on next day, think about how you can be part of the solution to build more acceptance, destroy antiquated laws, and de-schedule Cannabis nationwide and worldwide. We need everyone’s support and like-minded efforts to go all the way.

What’s your plans for 4/20? What you smokin’ on?

Hopefully you’re planning to get with your nearest and dearest fellow Cannapolitans on 4/20. If you’re a serious Cannapolitan, you’re bringing your very best Cannabis to the party too!

Remember to be mindful of your consumption and driving, please don’t make the community look irresponsible- get a car service or find someone that doesn’t partake to drive you and your crew around. This allows you to be in control of your day and evening without having to worry about how you’re going to get from A to B. Perhaps you’re planning to sesh at home with your best buds, that’s fantastic! Gather up your favorite pieces (bongs, pipes) along with a selection of munchies and have some fun activities to do with your friends.

It only takes a few mishaps to have the government crackdown with harsh punishments and laws that aren’t needed. Let’s not be put into that category of drunk driving, it’s far from the same. We’ll skip the conversation and data that shows that Cannabis users are better drivers for another occasion. Because everyone wants to be part of 4/20, this also encourages those “only on the weekend or once a while” type users that don’t function like the pros. NOW, on to the checklist and our recommendations for this year’s 4/20.

Whether you’re planning to hit the streets and go to 4/20 seshes or just staying home with your crew, there is no right or wrong way to do 4/20. Hopefully you have access to some great Cannabis where you are. If you need to travel, consider taking a car service or convincing a non-consuming friend to do the driving this 4/20. Get your food delivered or plan a munchie menu for your squad that will keep you all safe in one place versus having to drive and spoil the vibe. Live today responsibly, so that you can enjoy tomorrow. That said, let’s get into it, here is our list of WINNERS for 4/20 that will lift your experience even more.

Here’s our list of TOP pre-roll brands of Cannabis for 4/20 in 2024.

California’s TOP Pre-rolls

We’re extremely picky and discerning when it comes to an excellent pre-roll. We’ve coined the term “don’t trust the pre-roll” and for good reason. That said, brands and cultivators in a competitive market (like California, where the best Cannabis is grown and developed) have also come to terms that they can’t bring to market just any kind of shwag and grind it and pack it into a cone and expect you to come back for more. Cannapolitan professionals know the difference. This is our list of best pre-rolls because we’ve tasted and experienced these products with strong conviction that these are the finest in the land.

Lift Tickets Live Resin Infused Cannabis pre-rolls are outrageously potent and tasty!

Lift Tickets brand of flower and pre-rolls are definitely what we would consider a “Pro Cannabis and Pro pre-rolls”. This company started off many years ago in 2014 with their infused rolling papers during the medical Cannabis years in California. Over the years they have gradually increased their product offerings from terpene and THC infused rolling papers and now they offer their own pre-rolls with boutique indoor flower that is infused with strain specific concentrate. These are some of the best infused, high THC and flavorful pre-rolls you will experience. Visit their site here.


Highrize Pre-rolls


A California native brand that started during the medical years in California. Highrize has made it through the wilderness of legalization. These are the smoothest, potent and tastiest 1/3 of a gram pre-rolls you can experience. We have featured this brand in the past and it continues to shine and show no sign of slowing down. Their flower, water hash infused, or CBD pre-rolls come in either 4 pack in a roll or 12 beauties perfectly set inside a small tin that is super convenient for transport. We highly recommend this brand, their hash pre-rolls will surprise and delight your senses. Cannapolitan approved. Check out one of our past full features on Highrize here.


Claybourne Company Flyers- Frosted, liquid diamond infused pre-rolls

claybourne co pre rolls

We have had the lemon lime and strawberry cough versions of these diamond dust covered wonders and we’re impressed. Most of our reviewers are convinced that Claybourne’s pre-rolls are better than some on California’s market that also have flavored pre-rolls, but not all are created equal. The buds that they use for these pre-rolls are top shelf.  If these don’t give you a head and body change quickly, you better have your tolerance checked. These are perfect to share on 4/20 on 4:20.  The flyers come in a variety of flavors including: Water Melon, blue dream, sour apple, grape and banana OG.


Country brand pre-rolls

This brand of pre-rolls are special in so many ways. First off, they’re not sky high THC, instead they’re created by the type of Cannabis they put inside. Country brings unique strains together and creates experiences with their pre-rolls. For example, they have pre-rolls that are half CBD and half THC which creates a more focused experience. Got writing to do or need to get some work to accomplish? These are just the motivation you need to get the job done. Each pack of six are wrapped up in environmentally friendly recyclable materials. The plastic tray that holds the pre-rolls has a peel back to dispense and then you can seal them back up for freshness. The Lemon zest Pre-rolls are Sativa and rich in THC-V aka diet weed giving you plenty of creativity, energy and focus. Their full strength line is called “The Picnic Series” these pre-rolls re-imagine the timeless pantry staples like Strawberry Lemonade, PB&J and Banana Cream Pie to bring you rich flavors and unforgettable moments. Where as the light Cannabis pre-rolls are set to allow you to enjoy them throughout the day without the high THC, they’re more balanced with CBD as well as other Cannabinoids that are meant to keep you on your feet.

Each set of County pre-rolls have their own effects. Check them out here at countryranch.com


El Blunto Pre-rolls

These infused hard hitting wrapped wonders are sure to set off your 4/20 with style and plenty of flavor. These are big enough to share with your crew and everyone can be blazin! Check out the stats:

Full-flower blends, hand-broken & hand-rolled. 1.75 grams of top shelf cannabis, available in 2 gram infused variations which contain 14.5% premium extracts (Melty Ice-Water Hash or THCa Diamonds), Broken down by hand and hand-rolled!! Each have a custom glass filter tip, 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap, cured for 72-hours, available in full-flower Indica, Hybrid, Sativa varieties. This is a PRO Blunt! When you’re looking for something beyond the normal, these are the ones to reach for. This brand also has glass tipped infused pre-rolls that come in a package of 6 that we’ll get into further with a review in the near future, as those two are great for celebrations and those “extra special” times when you want a little more lux in your roll. Check out El Blunto here.