As the year draws to a close, we began reflecting on the year in our Cannapolitan world. We strive to feature the very best products, events, and Cannabis (where legally applicable) available.  We are professional grade Cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for quality and superior highs. With that in mind, please find something to vape or smoke on and get ready to discover what is missing in your life with Cannapolitan’s favorite things for 2019 and beyond into this new decade of decadent Cannabis.

Cannaflage Designs

Featured in our feature photo above is the lovely and beautiful Kescily Fairbanks on the shores of Maui wearing the delicious looking Cannaflage Designs maxi/ hippy skirt. Cannaflage Designs was born from the imagination and creative force of a multi-talented woman named Karen Averill. She has been growing her own medical Cannabis for many years and enjoyed taking photos of her prized plants.

Over the years, technology improved and she found a computer program that allowed her to be creative with her photos and incorporate the designs onto fabrics. It wasn’t long after that when she developed her own incredibly sexy and sophisticated line of fashion that stands completely on its own. We absolutely adore this woman and her line of everything Cannabis!

Cannaflage is Real!

Our editor of Cannapolitan Magazine wore this maxi skirt from Cannaflage Designs to every music festival this past summer as well as several Cannabis business expos and events and its incredible how people completely miss the fact that the skirt is all Cannabis printed on the wonderful rayon fabric. Once you point it out to people who glance, they smile and love the whole look. The maxi skirt flows and drapes beautifully on any figure and is easy to care for. This fabric along with the vibrant patterns that Karen has crafted into each clothing item is truly a joy to wear. Her latest hit (pun intended) is her beautiful sarongs. They are super versatile and easy to wear a number of ways as seen here.

It doesn’t end there, Cannaflage designs will blend right into the environment and in some cases your guests at home will have to take some time figuring it out when they see your pillow cases or bed duvet in Cannaflage! Karen has a wide range of apparel and home and gifts that are perfect for the special Canna-lover in your life, perhaps it’s you!

Thinking of incorporating a touch of Cannabis to your wardrobe or perhaps for a wedding? Karen has you covered there as well with her custom design service for special custom requests and wedding/ event accessories. Be sure to stop by and discover the piece that is right for you and show your Cannapolitan pride with Cannaflage Designs!

The photo below is Karen with a wide array of her gorgeous designs printed on umbrellas, the perfect sunny or rainy-day companion to show off your love for Cannabis but only to those that see with their third eye. They are big hit sized too! Get them while you can!

Photo credits:  Model, Kescily Fairbanks.  IG: @KESCILYANN

Photographer, Zack Davis. Instagram: IG: @DUNHYDEN 


Dunhyden Glass 

Who says joy comes in big packages? Sometimes they come extra tiny! Introducing one of our favorite glass jewelry makers, Dunhyden Glass. Straight outta Maui we found these adorable and detailed mini pipes thanks to the above artist, Cannaflage Designs. As soon as we saw what she had found, we had to have one. Zack Davis is the glass artist and photographer behind Dunhyden Glass and he certainly has an eye for beauty and photography.

His lovely (and gorgeous) girlfriend and business partner, Kescily Fairbanks is also an experienced model and artist in her own right. Together they promote their Dunhyden Glass business as well as help other companies with beautiful photography and model services as a business as well. When you live in such a beautiful place like Maui, the landscapes are endless, so their business is booming with opportunities. Zack and Kescily have quite the collection of mini pipes and full-size pipes that are intended for full enjoyment as well.

These adorable and yet still functional pendants and earrings are the perfect conversation starter when worn. Everyone will ask you where you found it and where can they get one. The mini pipes are also a perfect symbol of your devotion to the Cannabis plant and your Cannapolitan ways. Embrace this love by choosing one for yourself to show off. Dunhyden makes a variety of colors to choose from and some also have charms attached to enhance the fun. Guaranteed to make you the talk of the party when people see these.

Get your very own Dunhyden mini pipe by visiting their online store here 

Also check out even more by following and discovering their Instagram page under the handle: @DUNHYDENGLASS 

Photos provided by Zack Davis on Instagram @DUNHYDEN

Kescily on Instagram @KESCILYANN

La Republica Coffee

We discovered this wonderment at California Roots Music & Art Festival in May this year. Backstage in the artist area there was a booth for La Republica Coffee where we met one of the founders, Mark Merthe who just happened to be serving samples of his creation. Seeing a sign that read mushroom coffee had me intrigued and a bit skeptical all at the same time as to what this concoction was about. The seven magical mushrooms (not those kind) inside La Republica coffee are intended to bring huge health benefits and it just so happens to get better absorption with coffee as well. Coffee with benefits, we’re down!

I was game for what he was proposing considering that I woke up that morning with an annoying headache that just wasn’t going away with the typical latte and cannabis combo, so I was ready for any kind of relief that would help rid me of this irritation so that I could enjoy the day ahead. What a lifesaver! Less than an hour later after several sample cups (its so tasty) of mushroom coffee my headache was gone! I was beginning to become a believer. The flavor is outstanding! I’m almost as much of a coffee snob as I am a Cannabis snob, definitely more on the latter. But let me just say I can easily replace my typical home brewed espresso latte for La Republica mushroom coffee anyday! In fact, since our meeting and that initial taste I’ve become an addict for this stuff, seriously! We ran out once… it wasn’t pretty.

Once you notice how much better you feel after drinking this delishious coffee, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. My focus on tasks and writing improves after every cup along with a great amount of energy to get things accomplished. It was a must to get others involved and feeling better so I later ordered a few jars of this coffee for our office and review team to test out for several weeks, that later ended up being months of use to see what the benefits of this concoction could really do outside our normal espresso routine.

Our team of reviewers also noticed all the things I had, along with a greater amount of energy throughout the day with stamina and focus versus without the coffee. In fact, the office team was a bit slow and dismissive of tasks on the week they went without La Republica! So needless to say, it’s now in the kitchen daily and has become our savior on deadlines! For us, most of the team prefers a measured teaspoon for every 6oz of hot water and half and half creamer and that’s it.

Oh yes, we forgot to mention this whole time that it’s instant! The best instant coffee any of us has ever had, hands down. If you’re wondering- does it taste like mushrooms? NO! That’s what shocked me at the first sample cup I drank. It just tastes like a well balanced rich delectible cup of coffee.

What’s inside?

Mark explains best how it works. “We provide an upgrade to your current habit. The specific mushrooms we use have the unique ability to enhance the flavor of coffee while reducing its harsh acidic nature and the negative impact regular coffee has on our nervous system and adrenal glands. Mushroom coffee also contributes to focus, energy, neural protection, and digestive support, while supporting the immune system and helping us adapt quicker to stressors.” He continues, “We use whole fruiting bodies (not mushrooms grown on grains and ground together) for their maximum nutritional value and flavor profile. Our mushrooms are wild harvested and wild cultivated from the best organic growers around the world.”

Here are the seven mushrooms inside that make this coffee the most healthful coffee on the market as far as we are concerned.

  • Chaga — fights the common cold, helps skin glow and hair grow thicker, reduces inflammation
  • Maitake — improved digestion, weight control, stabilize blood sugar
  • Cordyceps — better sports performance, increased energy, allergy support
  • Shiitake — supports liver function, skin issues, cholesterol-lowering
  • Lion’s Mane — boosts concentration and focus, helps the nervous system
  • Reishi — better sleep, help with seasonal allergies, stress support
  • Turkey Tail — antioxidants and balances gut bacteria

There are probably benefits that our team hasn’t noticed but are benefiting from everyday when a cup is consumed. We can’t make claims outside our own experiences, but we certainly know this is the feel good, kick ass and get stuff done without the jitters coffee that tastes fantastic! At .63 cents per 6oz of awesome, YES please! La Republica is available now at various online retailers including the giant Amazon and Walmart, but if you would like to get personal and direct like we do please visit and order their coffee directly here.

Spray 420

This is a MUST have item for every Cannabis user on the planet. The one and only Spray 420 is the be all- end all to eliminating odors of all kinds quickly and effectively. We don’t leave home without this mighty little can of whoop ass! Spray 420 is the number one recommended odor eliminator amoung those that are in the know. Only a small second of pushing the spray nozzle will completely eliminate the smell of smoke in a car. We spray it towards the floor of the car and then let it sift up into the air of the car and it’s like the smoke box never happened.

In fact we recommend all Cannabis users to keep this within hands reach in your car for emergency air freshening, preferrably in your door pocket for easy access. This is where we store ours. I can’t tell you how many occasions this spray has saved our asses! When traveling and staying in hotels, this spray can make a difference of smelling like you might have smoked in your room to what smoke? That’s the power of Spray 420! Spray 420 replaces all other air fresheners. In fact, that is why Spray 420 is called the worlds greatest odor eliminator because it doesn’t mask or cover odors, it eliminates them. We can’t break down the science for you, we just know it works everytime.

Spray 420 comes in three awesome scents, the original green can smells just like fresh laundry, the pink is a sweet vanilla, and the blue is a fresh new car smell. Each can lasts a great amount of time depending on use, but on average it lasts because you only need to hold down the sprayer for just a second to get a powerful effect. Spray 420 is also a dry aerosol spray so it’s safe to apply on fabrics and surfaces and not worry about any damaging stains. This is an all-in-one solution to all your stinky situations. Keep a can in every possible place that its needed.

This stray works in a pinch too! For example, you’re cruisin down the road and you smell like the sesh you were at earlier in the day and you’re about to get pulled over, spray a little, open your windows for a little circulation and you’re gonna feel more confident questions won’t be asked… and if  you are questioned, learn what to say! We recommend highly you follow the Pot Brothers at Law to learn the script! A little spray goes a long way and you’ll be glad you have your Spray 420 with you always!

Get your own by visiting your local smoke shop or order online. To learn more about Spray 420 visit their site and Instagram page here.