Cannaflage Designs is Cannabis couture at it’s finest!

Have you ever wanted to wear clothing that had a Cannabis print, but didn’t want to appear like a stereo-typical stoner? We have found your perfect balance of beauty, function, and fashion – it’s called Cannaflage. This is the idea behind the genius Cannabis lover and entrepreneur and founder of Cannaflage, Karen Averill.  I met Karen a few years ago at the Cannabis Wedding Expo in Los Angeles where she was showing off her latest designs aimed at the wedding industry. Cannaflage Designs is a diverse design company for one of a kind apparel, home decor, and event accessories that will have your friends and guests second guessing what they are seeing.

The Cannaflage story

Cannaflage Designs was born when Karen created a “gag” gift for her nephew who saw a photograph she had taken and said “that would make cool wallpaper.” When the panel arrived, they experienced the enjoyment of seeing hidden images in the design (hence the name Cannaflage Designs). The patterns were so mesmerizing and beautiful she realized this was a design that would finally weed out the stamped “leaf” pattern from our homes and closets.

Cannaflage Designs is a full circle, family operated business.

Karen’s husband and nephew are the growers. Karen photographs the plants and designs her fabric patterns. The gardens are a part of the family and, like family, are loved and nurtured until fully grown and ready to provide health and wellness to others.

Karen explains “As living beings, our girls deserve the right to create their own life without undue influence on my part. As a result, all photographs are taken on an automatic setting with natural lighting. The only image manipulation is in the creation of the fractal or geometric mix.”

Karen’s designs showcase flowers, buds, and hanging gardens from her own Southern Oregon farm. Images are fashioned into living art and fractal illuminations that are dripping with crystals and color. Hidden images appear and disappear with distance, angle and lighting which create a shape shifting effect.

“It is my belief that this plant in both forms (cannabis and hemp) can heal our bodies and our planet. With the relaxing, meditative effect of Cannaflage Designs we can now heal our minds. I am honored to have the opportunity to help others create the perfect ambiance for their body, home, and business. I love knowing that my customers and their guests will experience years of enjoyment as they watch Cannaflage Designs come to life.” Karen is 100% Cannapolitan!

We absolutely love the function, easy wear and beautifully integrated patterns of Cannabis with Cannaflage. The soft fabric drapes the body in comfort and style so well.

The photo above and below on the beach is the beautiful and bewitching Kescily @Kescilyann Photo by @dunhyden

She is wearing the signature Cannaflage sarong that can be worn in a multitude of ways and comes in a variety of Cannaflage patterns.

The material that is used in the skirts, pants and sarongs are made from a soft 100% recycled rayon mixed with natural wood waste. You only feel this wonderful cool, smooth and flowy fabric against your skin when you wear them. Each piece is designed with the intention of freeing your inhibitions, allowing creative dressing and expressing your passion for Cannabis.

There are a variety of Cannaflage patterns to choose from, depending on the garment. Patterns like Purple Nepal, Blue Widow, Blueberry, Amnesia Kush- you’re sure to fall in love with them all. We didn’t call Cannaflage Designs a Cannabis couture company for nothing, you can consult with Karen to have a custom piece made specifically for you, your home, or your event! The possibilities do not end with apparel here. Karen is a canna-creative to the max!

If you really want your guests to talk, why not bring Cannabis to the table?

Cannaflage was featured at the Cannabis Wedding Expo. She can create the perfect accessories that will take your event higher!

table runner Cannabis style Cannaflage designs
Here Comes the Bride!

Get ready for a whole new look down the aisle with this stunning set up! Your dream day possibilities are endless when you have Karen’s imagination working for you. Cannaflage brings all the beauty of Cannabis in a new and classy way.

Dreamy Decor!

Like I said, the limits are not just to apparel, you can Cannaflage your home, office, and of course your bedroom!

Talk about Cannabis Dreaming!

Here’s another dreamy room!

cannaflage designs bedroom

 There’s nothing that can’t be covered in Cannaflage!


This is Karen’s personal boudoir below, she lives in Cannaflage!

There is something for everyone at Cannaflage Designs!

Ready to get Cannaflage masked? That’s right! During these crazy Covid times, Karen hasn’t stopped creatively and started making masks from her various fabric scraps. Now you can go to the grocery store with something to say without having to speak a word. Just wait to see people’s reactions when you show off your Cannapolitan ways with these stunning and beautiful masks.

Cannaflage masksCannaflage masks 2

Now is a great time to add Cannaflage into your own wardrobe!

Valentines day is coming up, share this story with your sweetheart or just simply buy something that makes you feel great. You’re bound to find something that will inspire you to show off your Cannapolitan pride and share your love for Cannabis with the world by wearing it.

Be sure to check out Cannaflage Designs online by going to

Also follow on instagram here @Cannaflagedesigns

Cannaflage designs umbrellas and founder

This is Karen with her designs printed on these beautiful umbrellas in a variety of Cannaflage patterns.

Cannaflage designs skirt

I absolutely love what Karen has created in Cannaflage Designs! Her style, imagination, and her generous spirit is infectious.  Her free spirit and brave can do attitude is admirable. Step into a world of color and possibilities that stands out only to those who can see it. I love how her designs are loud in color and vibrancy, the Cannabis is there. People often walk by me at Cannabis events or festivals and totally miss that there’s Cannabis all over the skirt. It’s obvious, but not so in this strange way. I’ve been wearing this skirt at various events for over two years – it’s still a hit and well made! It’s still looks today like it did from day one, after numerous cold delicate washes. Support this woman owned business, she’s a force and I promise you will feel amazing in her apparel and want more Cannaflage in your world. -Lisa Kaler, Editor of Cannapolitan.