Betty’s Eddies are the best Cannabis edible in multiple states!

Betty’s Eddies chews are winning patients and consumers hearts with their outstanding product line every day. Their flavors are some of the best tasting edibles in the industry on a national scale. Yes, we said that! That’s why we had to include Betty’s Eddies in our top 20 for 4/20. Betty’s Eddies are the best multi-state Cannabis edible, hands down!

Welcome to Flavor Country

If only Guy Fieri got his hands on some Betty’s Eddies. What description would he have for his experience with Betty’s? We know what we say “Damn Betty’s done it again!”

We love Betty’s Eddies in every flavor that we have tried. The latest flavors we discovered include: Elderbetty, a wonderful immune boosting 5mg chew perfect for a pandemic and flu season. The Tango for a Peachy Mango really makes your mouth water, and this one will test your tolerance at either 20mg or 50mg per piece. Finally, Apple of my Pie, which really tastes like its namesake at a 5mg per piece, we can share with the confidence that our team members won’t tip over on one chew.

Betty's Eddies Elderbetty

Elderbetty to the Rescue!

We had a chance to discover the latest flavors during this past year during the pandemic. Leave it to the creative and thoughtful team at BE to develop a chew with immune boosting power of Elderberry. Aptly named the Elderbetty, this wonderful fruity chew also has added vitamins C and D3. Now that’s thinking like a Cannapolitan! We applaud that decision and thank the BE team for developing them.

She had us with the Peachy Mango

We also discovered our long-awaited opportunity to try the Peach-Mango chew and are now in love! Seriously this has to be one of our all-time favorite flavors. So juicy, tastes just like peaches and mangos.  If that wasn’t enough, we tried the Apple Pie flavor… and again our reviewers were blown away by the flavor and consistent results that makes Betty’s Eddies our favorite Cannabis chew.

Betty’s Eddies Got it All

The consistency and reliability of an edible is key to keeping customers coming back, especially when the flavors are out of this world. This is something Betty’s Eddies does well. The whole process starts just by chewing. The benefit of the chewing means that it’s in your mouth longer, thus allowing the Cannabis inside to have a sublingual effect giving you a faster onset of effects. The rest of the chew will travel down into your stomach and hopefully meet other foods to mingle with. This process also will have an impact on how quickly the edible affects you and for how long.

All Good Ingredients for Every One

Vegans and vegetarians will rejoice in delight to know there is no animal products inside! No gluten, no worries! Dairy also wasn’t invited to this party in your mouth either. In fact, Betty’s keeping it real with natural ingredients of real fruits and veggies and a limited ingredient list that you can pronounce.

Each flavor is really on point and has been really consistent in effects with our team. The review team examines and tries a lot of different Cannabis products from all over the country, but Betty’s Eddies have been the most consistent and are the tastiest. Another feature we love about Betty’s is that they are easy to take along for an adventure, unlike chocolate that can melt. The sublingual effect is also where it’s at.

Where Can You Get Your Own Betty’s Eddies

Betty’s Eddies are available in their home state of Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Nevada and growing. We’ll keep you posted on where Betty’s Eddies will be expanding to next. We’ll also be back to tell you about their other flavors such as “Lime a Good Person” and “Little Lemon Heaven.” Another of their latest flavors include the erotic fruit variety- Smashin Passion which involves passion fruit and possibly some other sexy ingredients. All of which we’re excited to try soon, so stay tuned here to Cannapolitan for more tasty treats to come.

Betty's Eddies Smashin Passion

In the meantime, if you live or travel into the above states, make sure to go to to find a friendly retailer. You can thank us later when you too learn how amazing Betty’s Eddies improve your way of life. Betty’s Eddies have a flavor for everyone’s tastes. Including Bedtime Betty’s which you can read about more here.

Some Words of Awareness with Edibles

Edibles are a great and healthy alternative to smoking Cannabis. Alone or in addition to, depending on your tolerance. One thing is for certain, it’s best to experience Cannabis for the first time either smoking or vaporizing, (hear us out) so that you can know about the experience. Edibles provide a greater and deeper experience from smoking alone. In other words, edibles are not for amateurs. Often times if a user has a bad experience on Cannabis edibles for the first time ever. Let’s just say it’s going to be difficult to convince them that there is a level of trial and experience needed before one dives deep into the edible world.