Muri Lelu is one of the latest brands of Cannabis based beauty products to hit the market. What differentiates Muri Lelu from the pack is most definitely in the details of this luxury skincare line. This brand’s approach and unique product line are far from ordinary. Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of meeting the brand founders by phone. Founders; Muri (a pseudonym for whom the brand is named) & Evie Lelu (sisters) and their life-long friend Sarah Girgis. The three ladies complete the Muri Lelu team and are first-generation American women of French, Egyptian and Belizean heritage. That heritage is quite evident in the spirit of the product, full of culture and couture.

We had the opportunity to test the first of their two facial oil products. The night oil was the first to be launched over the summer. We took our time with our select review team and applied nightly for months. We took so much time testing and reviewing the “mauvaise herbe indica oil” that we’ve had the summer and into the Santa Ana wind season (it’s a Southern California thing) to examine how the product would work based on environmental and weather impacts. Our team was comprised of different skin types and preferences. After months of testing the indica oil, our team came back with their feedback and also tips on how to apply this luxurious Cannabis experience. Here’s what you want to know.

The Results are in, Luxury Skin Care is for Everyone!

Muri Lelu’s la mauvaise herbe (French for weed) indica oil, is certainly well balanced and formulated to help all skin types survive all seasons. Our reviewers as a whole loved the Muri Lelu experience. This is certainly a luxury face oil for a number of reasons, here’s why. This is a craft cannabis beauty product; made in small batches and full of age fighting, antioxidant, cannabis smelling wonderments. Yes, we delayed in telling you that this oil has the aroma of Cannabis, but only because that’s the sexy mystery part of the experience of Muri Lelu. It’s not exactly the same as the live flowering plant that I grew over the summer that you could smell within 25 feet of, but this oil has a subtle and pleasant accents of Cannabis terpenes.

This sensory experience enhances the vibe that you get when you use it. The scent is a powerful thing; we are really impressed with the Muri Lelu team for having the guts to have their product smell like its namesake. The fragrant oil is not overwhelming and has a warmth to it that is soothing. This oil is very hydrating and leaves your skin feeling supple. The 100 mg of CBD helps reduce inflammation, redness and more. The oil is presented in a sharp and substantial sized frosted glass bottle with a very precise glass dropper for precision dose of awesome. It feels like you just went to a luxury spa in your own bathroom after applying. All said, every member of our review team gives Muri Lelu the green light to our skin in the future with glowing faces. Our team members noticed a reduction in fine lines and overall complexion has improved. We’re excited to review the next product in Muri Lelu’s line that is designed for daytime skin salvation, so stay tuned for the Muri Lelu sativa review next.

Our Team’s Tips and Tricks

The oil is best applied after you thoroughly wash your face and remove the day away. One of our reviewers mentioned that they prefer to apply the oil while her face is still damp as it helps to spread and massage in evenly without feeling too oily. Always start with a small amount, like 3-4 drops for your entire face and see how that feels. A little goes a long way with Muri Lelu. In fact, we managed to share a bottle among our team and it lasted months. Another pro tip: massage always in an upward motion and use your ring fingers around the delicate parts of your eyes.

To learn more about Muri Lelu and how you can get your own extraordinary Cannabis skin care regimine going, visit Muri Lelu here.

Let’s Get into What’s Inside

Great stuff inside! Muri Lelu’s clean beauty formula starts with all-natural ingredients that have purpose and are intended to give the user great results. Every ingredient inside is easy to pronounce, so that’s always a plus. It’s also worth mentioning that Muri Lelu’s plans to have a THC version of their formulas will be available in the new year of 2021 in California and then into other states to follow.

Squalane is the first ingredient and is a plant-based oil that helps balance oil for all skin types, it’s been shown to help with acne as well. Squalane is a hydrogenated version of Squalene, a compound produced naturally by our sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are responsible for producing sebum, which is a cocktail of wax esters, triglycerides, and squalene. Together, these things create a protective coating on top of the stratum corneum, (the protective outer layer of skin.) Sebum helps moisturize the outer layer of skin and keep that barrier intact. Who knew? We didn’t.

The very next ingredient is Cannabis sativa extract from hemp-derived full spectrum CBD in coconut oil (MCT.) Concentrated with Phyto-cannabinoids, rich in antioxidants, and a natural source of vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids, the cannabis extract immediately increases hydration and moisture, promoting healthy, radiant skin. Rosehip seed oil is high in antioxidants, helps to reverse hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scarring and visible signs of aging. Pomegranate extract is a concentrated source of omega-5 that encourages new cell regeneration and helps reduce the signs of aging. Tomato seed oil lycopene has been shown to improve elasticity and tone, neutralizes free radicals all the while encouraging skin cells to regenerate, for a fresher, more youthful look.

Jojoba seed oil balances excessive oil production, cleans pores, and deeply hydrates for every skin type. Watermelon seed oil dissolves impurities while restoring skin’s elasticity, for a healthy, invigorated look. Sunflower seed oil floods the skin with nutrients, antioxidants and Vitamin E. Lastly, you won’t feel like one, but the Prickly Pear extract is cold-pressed from seeds of the Prickly Pear cactus, this intensely moisturizing ingredient contains skin‐soothing vitamins E and K and nourishing fatty acids to protect skin from the visible signs of aging. The terpenes used for the aroma are also all natural. This is one serious luxury skincare line designed to keep you looking youthful and healthy. Just what we feel Cannabis is made for, wellness!

Humble Roots with Great Intention

Muri Lelu’s founders didn’t get into the Cannabis space because it is trendy, they all love Cannabis firstly. One of founder’s Sarah, grew up in Mendocino County and she mentioned when we spoke that her father grew the plant and used it for back pain long before the medical movement. Muri is a self-proclaimed Cannabis connoisseur and so is Evie. Together they have put several years into their creation to formulate their products. Not only that, but they launched their brand and product in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. If that wasn’t enough, they will be launching a THC version of their beautiful oil in the new year we are told. Lastly, they are going into the Cannabis biz with great intention by donating to outstanding organizations like the Last Prisoner Project (we encourage you to join forces.) Passion for the plant, activism with great intentions to make change, that’s what we like to celebrate. Well done and bravo ladies, hands down you’re all Cannapolitan to us!

Find out for yourself what makes Muri Lelu the new “get it” Cannabis beauty product by getting your yours today! They offer free shipping and the bottle comes packaged beautifully in this lux box shown above. As they have so thoughtfully printed inside it reads; Fait par la Fleur translation: Made by Flower.

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