Gorilla Cookies (above) featured photo  and all photos provided by Phases.

Phases Cannabis introduces their latest additions to their line. The Reverie series; Gorilla Cookies & the Dreamcatcher Series; Couchlock.

But First, how Phases categorizes their strains by type

Phases Cannabis is a unique brand of Cannabis flowers. The brand has a select number of strains that fall into categories that help describe the mood or feel of each strain. Just like the Sun and Moon, there are phases. The five levels of Phases flowers are; High Frequency- sativa for energy, Vibration- sativa for socializing, Reverie- hybrid for relaxation, Retrograde- indica for recovery, and Dreamcatcher- indica for rest. Phases offers something for each part of your day. Speaking of that their five pack of pre-rolls is what they call a pre-roll flight, enhance your mood. This is also another approach to trying all their different offerings in one convenient and beautiful package. We highly recommend reusing their sleek flip open tin once you’ve enjoyed all.

Phases Flight of pre rolls

Gorilla Cookies is a power punch hybrid

The strains Mandarin Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 are the parents of Gorilla Cookies. This is the perfect strain to gift someone you know or yourself that needs to take it down a notch, chill out, pump the brakes and take it easy. The flavor will have your voice saying yes and the effect will have your body begging for more leisure time with Gorilla Cookies. This is certainly an indica heavy hybrid with its ability to make the participant in the journey just sit and reflect or zone in on physical creative activities that don’t require a huge amount of work.

This strain along with its counterpart Couchlock are perfect for winter nights chilling and “maxin out” (HBO/ Max ) or “primin” (Amazon Prime movies).  Watch how the lingo will catch on in no time, I digress.  Whatever streaming service you choose, you’re set to focus on whatever makes you happy.  Gorilla Cookies has a wonderful citrus yet pungent quality when you take it in with your nose. The taste has a warm spectrum of flavors, sweet yet savory. The Caryophyllene terpene is certainly present in this strain, the bite of cinnamon and cloves certainly comes to mind. Interestingly enough, we learned recently that Caryophyllene is the only terpene known to act like a Cannabinoid, providing anti-inflammatory benefits. How amazing is that? Lastly, the heavy influence of Humulene is also very present with that woodsy and earthy aroma setting the stage for relaxation and reflection.

Buckle Up and Hold On!

Unlike the next level of relaxing strains that Phases has worked tirelessly to develop, the following strain under the dreamcatcher line is called “Couchlock”. Gorilla Cookies has a less sedating effect and will allow for activity within reasonable amount of energy. We wouldn’t recommend this strain if you have a lot of work to complete either mentally or physically, as it will slow you down a little. This is a great strain for parties and seshes that have a more relaxed environment. Discover this strain for yourself and find a retailer that carries this strain and the following strain that is sure to knock you out without you even knowing it happened!  Click here for a full directory of Phases full line of strains and where to get it.




Phases’ Couchlock will MAKE you relax and take your time

This was one of the most difficult strain reviews our team has had to do in awhile! Why you may ask? It’s a little embarrassing for us, but this strain is a straight knock out! Every time we got our reviewers together for a sesh with this strain, we were able to nail down some notes on looks, smell and taste and once smoked it was over. That’s how powerful this strain is! The term couch lock has been used a long time for strains that give the effect of relaxation that leaves the user “couch locked” but this one is serious! Our reviewers that are indica lovers were surprised by their reaction to this strain as well.  First, the smell; it has a very woodsy and earthy aroma followed by a loud surround sound of dankness. The taste is very close to the aroma of the strain, sometimes strains will taste variably different from their smell, but this one has that earthy, wood taste on the inhale and exhale. If you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep, this is your new best friend. There is no coffee on earth that can fight off the drowsy inducing effects of Couchlock. Our reviewers were completely couch locked every single time they loaded a bowl.

The deep dive into the Phases world of Couchlock

The flower itself (pictured above) is a beautiful frosty nug with hues of dark green and orange with a hint of purple. Another detail to know about Phase’s flowers, they’re always well dried and cured to perfection, they are never harsh or under cured. In fact, we took over a month’s time with this strain and it was equally as fresh from day one when we received it. Interesting as well, Phases is very very selective with what strains represents the Phases line, this is the first rotation of a strain under the Dreamcatcher variety since the brand’s inception. That’s how committed to consistency and care they take in every phase of Phases brand. We can testify that this one was certainly a great choice for consumers to reach for when they need something strong to help relax at the end of a stressful day or for those that struggle with sleep should find it a lot easier to drift off into the clouds with this strain.

Take the Couchlock challenge!

We challenge you to take the Phases Couchlock challenge and see how long you can stay awake after consuming this tasty yet seducing you to sleep strain. Got things to do? This certainly is not the strain for activity. Even for this Cannapolitan writer whom has plenty of experience with hundreds of strains and brands, this strain is no joke on the chill effect that it will have on you. I had a difficult time staying awake at any time of the day after smoking this strain. On that note, we call out to all those suffering from insomnia or heavy stress to try this strain, it will have you resting well.

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