What makes great Cannabis? Is it the smell? The potency? The look? What makes top shelf Cannabis different from the middle or bottom shelf? We know what great Cannabis is… after all, we are Cannapolitan. But do you know? Do you really know why certain brands charge more for their flower over another?

We’re standing on the ground in California where only the finest and best Cannabis comes from. So, it seems to reason on that end that Californians would know what great Cannabis is. Sadly, not all Cannabis consumers are that experienced to know what makes great Cannabis. It’s a matter of opinion yes, but it’s more than that. As a lifelong Cannabis enthusiast and advocate I’ve smoked everything in between from brick weed to hundred-dollar grams and yes that was excessive.

Most experienced Cannapolitan folks would argue that what makes great Cannabis is a combination of sight, smell, taste, and potency. It’s not just what has the highest THC in the jar. Far from it in fact, most of the best highs and experiences come from a well-balanced strain that consists of a variety of terpenes, flavonoids and other Cannabinoids besides THC that have more impact on the experience than anything.

Cannabis and plumerias

I recently had the pleasure (marketing nerd I know) as press for an online conference focused on marketing Cannabis. Many of these well put together stats from Headset, which is the leading Cannabis data & market intelligence solution with a focus on consumer insights, purchasing behavior & retail trends. The conversation was discussing consumers requests for Cannabis products and unlike what you might think that most people want Cannabis flower above 30% THC that is not actually the case.

In fact, they took the data that they studied and found that new to Cannabis consumers prefer a lower THC percentage around 15%. There’s a lot of people out there that are just trying Cannabis for the first time. This makes sense in some cases. In the world we’re living in now in legal states that have concentrates as high as 90% THC, it does make one wonder by utilizing that high potency THC all the time, could it be blowing our endocannabinoid systems with too much?

Perhaps if you need to consume Cannabis at such a high level of THC, perhaps your CB1 or CB2 receptors are maxed out! Ya, that’s a real thing too. If you don’t know what your CB1 or CB2 receptor is, then we need to share this with you, so you can better understand your endocannabinoid system.

We ask again, what makes great Cannabis? Well, it’s not how it’s grown- although it’s going to be marketed to you that way through a series of shelves. Here’s the most important things to consider: If you’re able to smell it before you purchase it, that’s a sure-fire way to know what you do and don’t want. Because as we often say, the nose… knows! Secondly, does the grower indicate the various Cannabinoid percentages? Remember, you don’t have to have 30+% THC in order to enjoy it. The entourage effect of all the compounds in the plant are going to have an effect on you period, so sometimes you have to explore and discover what turns you on and what you consider to be great Cannabis for your needs.

We hope this has been educational and fairly enlightening for all Cannabis enthusiasts reading this.

Take the time to explore and enjoy the ride.


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