When we first spotted this vixen gliding down the rows of booths at a recent cannabis business convention, we just had to stop her. Get excited about this fabulous apparel line affectionately named, Mary Jane Runway.  MJR is introducing a whole new sexy and sophistication to cannabis themed apparel like no other brand we’ve come across. This line of apparel continues to grow and flourish.

The brains and talents behind MJR is a woman founder that started from the ground up and developed her own patterns and designs that speak to women and men because she offers a variety of different apparel choices. Cannabis enthusiasts from across the globe are going to want to Mary Jane Runway in their wardrobe.

The line includes these beautiful and luxurious kimonos that have the exclusive MJR pattern, which can also be found on their hoodies.

Mary Jane Runway is made in the USA and is constantly changing and evolving. Very similar to the Cannabis plant and the community that embraces it.  Consider the couture factor and limited runs that will keep MJR always on the cutting edge and make you wanting more. Get your Mary Jane Runway on now for yourself or for your own mary jane lover by visiting their site MaryJaneRunway.com