Cannabis weddings are now a thing!

This is truly a remarkable time in our history that we are now celebrating matrimonial bliss with Cannabis in a classy and educational manner. Guests have an opportunity to experience an alternative to the open bar that can lead to hang overs or worse (going to bed with one of the groomsmen!)

To all the ladies that are planning their BIG day or in the future, take note and head over to the Cannabis Wedding Expo. Now in it’s 4th season, the expo is expanding into more cities to help service all your bridal and Cannabis dreams and make them a reality.

We had an opportunity to experience the expo for ourselves recently in Los Angeles and it’s amazing. So many talented and beautiful people that have gone beyond outside the box in wedding details that you may not have thought was possible.

Organizers to handle all the Cannabis details

There are experienced organizers that specialize in bud bars, cannabis gift boxes for the wedding party members, edible bars, and much more. The possibilities are endless we discovered when we walked through the expo. First, we came across Elevated Engagements spread that looked tantalizing and exciting. There were jars of Cannabis, joints, grinders, and chocolate fountains that called my name. Elevated Engagements specializes in not only mobile bud tending, but serves as a wedding coordinator of sorts that can service a variety of needs. Interested in having part of your meal infused with Cannabis, these folks know how to arrange that. Want a joint and vape bar for your guests, that too can be arranged and can be as specific as you want it to be including the strains. This type of service is just incredible and could be a real blessing to your day of bliss. Check out their site and get a free consultation on what services are right for your event by visiting Elevated Engagements here.

Cannabis & Flowers

Flower daddyFor example, there are florists that can incorporate Cannabis within your floral arrangements that are stunning. We met Jamie, AKA The Flower Daddy and quickly fell in love with his work of arrangements and beautiful crowns of flowers he creates specially for each guest. One fun thing I noticed watching him interact with guests is that he’s a delight to talk with. He is definitely one of these individuals that can make your Cannabis wedding dreams a reality. Check out his website, his florist and design skills will have your guests gushing in awe. His work can be seen in the main photo of this feature with a designed table setting and here below.

Cannaflage Designs has you covered in Cannabis

Cannaflage designs umbrellas and founder

We had the pleasure of meeting our new friend Karen from Cannaflage Designs at the expo and learn about her beautiful apparel that she designs with the photos of her very own plants in her garden. She is able to play with the photos and create patterns within the Cannabis images. Those reimagined images are then turned into beautiful fabric that can be used in a variety of ways.

There seems to be no limits to what she can make for your special day, whether it is a table runner, a tie for your guy, or beautiful skirts for your wedding party. Her patterns are so vibrant and subtle to the eye for about a minute, then as you look closer you can see the Cannabis photos within the fabric. There are no limits to Karen’s imagination on what she can create with her Cannaflage! Be sure to visit her site here at

The Bud Diva

Perhaps you’re looking to have a bud bar or vape bar on your special day, then The Bud Diva may be able to help. The Bud Diva is a mobile bud bar and professional Cannabis expert that not only provides your guests with a unique Cannabis experience, but also can educate at the same time. This becomes a learning opportunity for guests that have wanted to try Cannabis and can decide which method and dosage is best for them. Some guests may surprise you, watching to see how Aunt Zelda reacts after that massive bong hit is priceless!

Here’s a toast!

If wine is on the menu and you want to try something new, check out Rebel Coast Winery wines. They have developed a line of white wines that is mildly infused with Cannabis, but has zero alcohol (because THC and alcohol are illegal together at this time.) We haven’t had a chance to try this wine, but we’re intrigued and it’s a great alternative for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, but can enjoy a 5mg of Cannabis glass with others and not feel out of place. This serving dose will also be light enough to enjoy without over doing it. Another plus, no hang overs! Check out Rebel Coast Winery here.

Rebel Coast Cannabis infused drinks

Have a glass of Cannabis vapor

Another interesting find walking through the expo was a booth with a device called Bello. A circular cylinder-shaped device that dispenses vaporized Cannabis into a glass for consumption. That’s right! Add the vape cartridge that you want to dispense inside the unit. Then simply press the specially designed glass over the center mouthpiece to fill the glass with Cannabis vapor. We’re told the unit accepts Cannabis cartridges that have a 510 thread are compatible with the unit. The Bello is your solution for a classy and sophisticated method of sharing a vape pen, with out having to touch the mouthpiece. Check out the Bello by visiting their site here.

It’s YOUR DAY, don’t hide in shame

Cannabis has come a long way socially and is now more accepted in states that have either legal or medical Cannabis available to achieve the ideal Cannabis incorporated wedding possibility. This reporter remembers ducking into a bathroom across the road from my outdoor wedding venue in order to smoke. While the rest of my new family members where drinking wine and beer, me and my Cannabis friends were hiding from certain guests and family members that were not privy of my Cannabis expertise at the time. I’m ashamed of that because of all things, I’m pretty loud about my Cannabis use, it’s what makes me Cannapolitan… but on that day I kept it on the down low for grandma and other family members that may have frowned on my choice to not drink and only use Cannabis. Don’t let this happen to you! Our time has arrived and it’s now a dream that can be achieved.

Upcoming Cannabis Wedding Expos

On Sunday February 17th, the Cannabis Wedding Expo takes place in San Francisco right in the heart of one of the busiest shopping centers in the world! There will be over 50 premium vendors that can handle all your wedding, event, or party needs with Cannabis in the center of it all. Both traditional and Cannabis wedding industries will be on display in the middle of the Westfield San Francisco Centre’s Dome.  For tickets visit

It doesn’t end there! The Cannabis Wedding expo is coming to Denver, CO on March 3rd and will be in fabulous Las Vegas on March 31st.  Plenty of opportunities to experience the expo for yourself and even if you’re not engaged yet, it can’t hurt to be prepared and know what you want!

Like they used to say in Sex and the City “We can have it all!”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Established in 2016, the Cannabis Wedding Expo will become the first cannabis event to convene in the middle of one of the busiest shopping centers in the world on February 17th, 2019. Over 50 premium exhibitors, both from traditional and cannabis wedding industries, will be on full display in the middle of the Westfield San Francisco Centre’s Dome. Upon arrival Sunday morning shoppers and diners will be able to observe the happenings of the cannabis focused show from the upper floors and surrounding areas of the mall’s expansive Dome event space. Ticket holders will be able to discover, meet with and book their cannabis and traditional wedding day services right from the center of the mall.

The Dome in particular was originally built for a restaurant and bandstand, but now sees a plethora of corporate & private events, exhibitions, and galas overseen by Bespoke. The Westfield San Francisco Centre is a nine-story shopping destination that offers San Francisco’s ultimate style collection which includes over 175 stores, fine dining restaurants and multiple event spaces. The center’s centralized location also serves as the Powell Station for both multiple Bay Area public transportation systems as well as a branch of the San Francisco Police Department. CWE raises the question, why can’t cannabis be on the shopping list for the mall as dresses, suits, decorations and other luxury goods are?

Now in its fourth season, the Cannabis Wedding Expo

Continues to forge new paths and set the standard for both traditional and cannabis event industries by presenting four unforgettable locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV for 2019’s season.

Philip Wolf, CEO of the Cannabis Wedding goes on to state:

“Hosting the Cannabis Wedding Expo in the middle of one of the most prestigious malls in the world on a Sunday afternoon is another step forward in the acceptance of cannabis. This truly shows how far our industry has come in the de-stigmatization of this plant. Although it’s a ticketed event, people can purchase at the entrance and to my knowledge this is the first time that the public will be able to view and observe a cannabis event from the outside in such a public venue as the iconic Westfield Centre. 10 years ago, when I started in this industry this was unimaginable. I couldn’t be happier with how far our society has come in progressing the social acceptance of cannabis within our daily lifestyle. A big thank you to the team at Westfield and Bespoke, as well as our sponsors for being forward thinking and supporting this big step in cannabis culture.”