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Iration Takes Us Coastin’ With Their New Album

We’re living in unprecedented times, so it’s fitting that Iration is releasing their seventh full album called Coastin’ at time the world could use some fresh perspective. Coastin’ will take you through a world of positive vibes with themes of mindfulness, self-exploration, messages of love, and relaxing grooves. Cannapolitan sits down with Iration to share their latest release Coastin’, that comes out this Friday, July 10, 2020.

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R.I.P. DR. Lester Grinspoon (1928-2020)

Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Associate Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and the godfather of the medical marijuana movement, has died. He passed away peacefully on the morning of June 25, at his home in the suburbs of Boston with his wife of 66 years Betsy at his side, after just having celebrated his 92nd birthday the previous day.

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Cannapolitan Reviews- Betty’s Eddies

What makes a great Cannabis edible? Is it dosage level? Is the flavor and variety important to you? What about dietary options for vegans? Gluten free as well? How about all-natural fruits and veggies? It’s fair to say we all want something that is consistently reliable and tastes AMAZING! Here at Cannapolitan we believe we have found that edible that is worth your chew-sing, introducing Betty’s Eddies.

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Your Body’s Work From Home Survival Guide

In this self-isolation world we’re living in, it has us all rethinking how we operate our lives day to day while staying at home…ALL THE TIME! Many of us are working from home. It’s either you don’t have at home work station or your’re working at home set-up is not supporting your body for proper posture. As another component of our health and wellness series, we reached out to Dr. Nimira Alibhoy to help us sort out best practices to stay upright and in less pain during these times.

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Cannthropology- Assassins of Truth

Step back in time and learn about the history of Cannabis prohibition. In this month’s Cannthropology feature presented by World of Cannabis Museum, contributor Bobby Black shares with us his research and knowledge of how the spread of misinformation about Cannabis and hemp lead the plant to become illegal in the US and throughout the globe through propaganda and racism, not science.

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