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Breasties Forever, Living the Breast Life!

No matter what month it is, be aware of your breasts with massage. Did you know that regular massage of the breasts could help possibly prevent health problems? Did you know that there is belief and proof for some that breast massage increases bust size? Perhaps you have not thought about it much, like many of us. Read on and discover why you should want to do it regularly, if you’re a woman of course. Men are also encouraged to read on as this is a perfect way to cop a feel with the lady you love.

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An Unlikely Trio for Healing

If you had told teenage me that one day, I would practice yoga, enjoy running, and write about cannabis for a living, I would’ve wanted to believe you, but frankly, I would’ve thought you smoked a bad batch. It turns out that as an adult, those three things healed me in ways that no doctor or modern medicine could.

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Cannabis has been incorporated with fitness for a long time, it's only now that it is reaching new levels of acceptance and new levels of appreciation. Cannabis infused yoga classes are spreading all over the country.

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