If there were a pre-roll Olympics, Highrize would have a gold medal!

It’s 4/20 and it’s mandatory that we feature the one MUST have item you need for the day- a joint or pre-roll! After all, we think the Waldos that created the 4:20 tradition 50 years ago this year, probably rolled and smoked joints on the occasion. Highrize’s pre-rolls win gold everyday with us. We’re once again proud to share with you another top 20 for 4/20, Highrize.

Rolling a joint has a certain ceremony associated with the process. A lot of love goes into a quality joint, no matter how well you roll, it’s what’s inside that counts. Perhaps your ceremony involves one friend grinds the buds, while another friend rolls the joint, either way there’s plenty of sifting to do. It’s important to remove as much stem as you can, keeping the joint to strictly just the flower fluff.  No baby stems, no trim, especially no seeds!

We’ve come a long way from those days of seeds in Cannabis, especially in legal and medical Cannabis states. Either way, it’s a process to roll your own. We take joints and pre-rolls seriously here at Cannapolitan. There’s a saying we used to say often “don’t trust the pre-roll” because what was inside was always questionable (made of trim leaves), harsh or just didn’t live up to expectation or the hype.

It stands to reason that being in California, we would have more pre-rolls to rave about, but we just haven’t found a pre-roll that matches the quality that Highrize has. There are definitely some contenders and we’ve featured a few here in Cannapolitan thus far.

Honestly, we have several shoeboxes full of empty pre-roll tubes from dozens of brands throughout California… some good, some great, others not worth writing home about. But through it all, none of them compare to the smoothness and consistency that Highrize pre-rolls provide. That’s even regardless of the strains too! Highrize in our book, reigns supreme.

highrize pre-roll

When you’re not rolling your own, you should be smoking Highrize.

Highrize’s unique system of producing only the bud meat (zero stems or trim) in all their pre-rolls is top secret, but we can say they have a process unlike any other in the space of pre-rolls. The other major factor of success is Highrize’s flower and hash curation choices are top shelf and well researched. How we would love to be on the R&D team for Highrize. They are particular with their choice of farms and flowers for their one of a kind mini pre-rolls and it’s appreciated.

Every strain and strain and hash combination they create is curated for flavor and potency.

We had the pleasure of smoking all three of the varieties below and found them to be the trifecta of Highrize perfection. You can taste the flavor well in a dry unlit pull off the tip.

Flower Power with Every Puff – Premium Flower Highrize

The Sour OG flower Highrizes smell out of this world! Upon opening the sealed tight bag that your Highrize tin comes in, you get a small taste of the smell. Once opened the fresh and well cured bud says loudly HIGH! You just want to live in this tin and stay there. The forest of pines and sweet earthy gassy notes will welcome you in. These full flower Highrizes burn amazingly slow for their size and are perfect individual size.  Sour OG comes in just over 22% THC, but they do hit the head well. For being roughly 1/3rd of a gram each, they are satisfying even for the heaviest of hitters.

CBD Pre-rolls That Change the Game, Really!

CBD pre-rolls have taken on a whole new meaning for us thanks to Highrize again! This was a surprise to us all that we would feel the calming effects of these CBD dominant Highrizes. Our reviewers were floored with how well these worked for reducing anxiety, calming our attitude in the moment, and being more focused. The flavor we had was called Raspberry CBD which came in roughly at 12% CBD and just under 10% THC. A perfect 1:1 ratio. This sweet and subtle flower really shocked even our biggest heavy hitters feeling the effects. Although Highrizes are small, they certainly pack a punch for their size.

Hash Me Please, Hash Infused Highrize

Highrize Hash Infused

One thing that we’ve discovered especially with the hash infused Highrize, is the perfect mixture of flower to hash ratio that allows them to burn so evenly and incredibly smooth. It’s almost like the hash takes off any harshness from smoking straight flower. Not that we know anything about harsh with Highrise, no matter which version you choose, they are smooth from beginning to end, and we mean all the way to the tip. Hash infused Highrizes are made up of 15% water hash and 85% flower. The lip-smacking flavor of our hash infused are filled with Peanut Butter Breath flower and Iced Lemonade water hash. The combo brings the total THC to 31%! That’s what we’re talkin about! Like a picnic on a summer day, these little but mighty Highrizes will inspire you.

(We are serious about being able to smoke a Highrize all the way till the tip, without choking… it’s truly magical.)

We’ve Said it Before and We’ll Say it Again, We LOVE Highrize!

Highrizes are definitely the perfect pre-roll for the professional Cannapolitan smoker. Get ready for a great time when you discover Highrize for yourself. While you’re at it, make sure you share your Highrizes with a friend. It’s 4/20 and it’s one of our founding values to share your Cannabis with a friend. One thing is for sure, you are certainly going to make friends with these and you’re going to leave a great impression!

Each pack of Highrize has 12 mini pre-rolls weighing in at 4 grams in total and comes in a pocket-sized tin for easy and discreet transport. Once again, another product with reusable packaging that begs to be reused. Highrize is Cannapolitan approved and highly recommended!

Pick up your own Highrize pack at your nearest dispensary location that carries Highrizes and make sure to follow them on Instagram at @highrizeca

Visit their site at Highrizeca.com

For locations and delivery services that carry Highrize, click here.