Cannapolitan Reviews Betty’s Eddies

What makes a great Cannabis edible?

Is it dosage level? Is the flavor and variety important to you? What about dietary options for vegans? Gluten free as well? How about all-natural fruits and veggies? It’s fair to say we all want something that is consistently reliable and tastes AMAZING!

Thus why here at Cannapolitan, our reviews come from our experienced team members. We have a group of Cannapolitans dedicated to edibles expertise, flower, concentrates, etc. We take the responsibility very seriously and we truly are Cannabis nerds. We’re committed to staying true and as blunt as possible, if we don’t write about something, let’s just say we did that product a favor for another chance to impress us.

So when we learned about this edible company Betty’s Eddies, that is taking the Eastern and mid western states by storm, we had to experience them for ourselves.

We believe we have found an edible that is worth your chew-sing, introducing Betty’s Eddies.

An edible that fits the needs of so many is incredibly juicy, delicious and potent! Our team recently had the opportunity to discover the Betty’s Eddies Multi-pack and the Bedtime Betty’s.  Each pack comes with five Betty’s Eddies chews. The dosage of each Betty’s Eddies piece will vary from state to state, our pack had 20mg of THC in each piece. This is a respectable dosage for an edible and not for amateurs. Newer patients can cut their chew in size to adjust to a smaller dose starting out. Experienced patients that are using edibles for pain especially will appreciate the higher dose per piece.

Vegans and vegetarians will rejoice in delight to know there is no animal products inside! No gluten, no worries! Dairy also wasn’t invited to this party in your mouth.

In fact, Betty’s keeping it real with natural ingredients of real fruits and veggies and a limited ingredient list that you can pronounce. Flavors inside the multi-pack is a nice introduction to Betty’s most popular flavors that not only taste good, but they have empowering names that make you smile. Flavors like: little lemon heaven, orange you beautiful, berry good things, lime a good person and O my grapeness. In times like these, it’s literally the little things that make life great! We’re so glad that we found these little mouth-watering wonders!

Let’s talk about taste! Your mouth may never want to go back after it experiences the juiciest chew its ever had. Seriously, these chews wake your mouth up! Several team members described their taste experience as orgasmic (they have dirty minds… but don’t we all?) The flavors are outstanding and on point across the board on each of the six flavors we tested. Cannapolitan Pro tip: enjoy the chew slowly, don’t swallow it quickly! Reason we suggest this is the longer you chew it and allow it to dissolve naturally in your mouth, the greater the bio-viability of the THC’s effects and faster onset will occur. It could be compared to a sublingual effect.

Bedtime Betty’s are dreamy divine and will have you on cloud 420!

In all our team’s experience combined, we have never seen or experienced an edible with a dose of melatonin inside before. For those that have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, this may be the answer to your sleepless nights. Let Betty’s slowly lull you into a relaxing mood for a night of restful sleep naturally. We couldn’t believe how well these delicious chews tasted and how well they work! We put the Bedtime Betty’s to work with a wearable watch that monitors sleep and were surprised to see the difference in how quickly deep sleep and REM occurred early in the sleep cycle and we noticed less periods of waking up throughout the night. Another measurement with the watch indicated longer deep sleep than on the nights without the Bedtime Betty. Team members felt more rested the next day after without any edible hangover as well.

Cannapolitan pro tips for edibles

Just like all Cannabis edibles we always recommend you know your dose. Start small and you can always increase your edible portion as you go. We noticed the average time for Betty’s Eddies to start feeling effects was about 30-45 minutes for our experienced reviewers. Everyone is different and metabolizes THC differently, so we recommend waiting at least an hour before eating a larger dose. It’s best to have a wonderful and pleasant edible experience versus a “oh shit” one.  Learn more about infused Cannabis edibles here.

Now, you might be wondering where can we find Betty’s Eddies?

You can find Betty’s Eddies currently in five states and growing. You are a fortunate Cannapolitan reader and can find Betty’s Eddies near you if you live in: Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, Nevada and Betty’s original home state of Massachusetts.  Here is a link to see all locations.  Betty’s Eddies can be enjoyed in more states to come soon. In our opinion, their success so far is encouraging to witness and shows how far the Cannabis movement has come. A lot of products come our way for review, but not everyone gets featured. So, when we bring you a product for your consideration, just know we’re picky and will always keep it Cannapolitan.

History in the Making

Betty’s Eddies (Eddies refers to the word edibles) was started by a group of Cannapolitan friends that understood the need for better tasting edibles that were full of flavor, but didn’t taste weedy. Also, the idea behind the chew is part of the genius behind the delivery system that provides the incredible effects that come from ingesting an edible on a partial sublingual level. Another brilliant decision in the design process was to include full spectrum Cannabis oil infused in each chew. Having all the benefits of the whole plant within the edible leads to a greater entourage effect. THC alongside with other naturally occurring Cannabinoids and Terpenes improves the experience of the edible. Betty’s Eddies are on the right track for long term success and consumer satisfaction.

You can find out more information about Betty’s Eddies by visiting

Flavors we want to try in the future are the Tango for the Peachy Mango and the Apple of My Pie which sound incredibly tasty.

Here’s a link to that feature here in Cannapolitan.