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I took a ride on Cannasexual’s Sybian in front of dozens of women, yes I did! Thought that would get your attention! It’s true! I did a short, yet satisfying teaser of a ride on Ms. Cannasexual’s Sybian sex saddle! The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. More on that shortly, keep reading!

Down the Rabbit Hole – Elevated Intimacy Edition

Down the Rabbit Hole is an event company that specializes with women in mind. The night was put together by a woman entrepreneur; Patty Barnes whose event company is called Down the Rabbit Hole. Patty has a great talent for curating the right companies and products to go in front of Cannabis curious and enthusiasts. Patty had the assistance of another accomplished event fairy that evening; Yvonne, who also is the executive director of the Cannabis Travel Association and is a free lance event production consultant. @yvonne_lcatravel on Instagram. The entire evening was a buzz on sexual liberation and exploration along with some great Cannabis!

It was a wonderful and memorable event with plenty of like-minded women who were Cannapreneurs as well. These ladies were there to show off and sell their goods or services to the limited number of guests keeping the evening intimate yet full of personalities. There was something for every lady in the house that night.

Meeting the Cannasexual, Ashley Manta

The minute the Cannasexual (Cannabis sex goddess, aka Ashley Manta) took charge on the Cannabis scene a several years ago, I was intrigued and excited to meet such a spirited soul. Someone with my own interests at heart – Cannabis and sex! So, when I was invited to attend an all-women event in a swanky Malibu mansion, where she would be giving a talk, I got excited! Meeting this wonder woman and all the women involved with the experience of going down the rabbit hole events was beyond my sex-pectations!

Ashley Manta Cannasexual


Luckily this event was just prior to any news of what would be a very odd year or more to come. None of us would be able to imagine what was in store for us all at that time, which was just a few weeks away.


dab bar

The mood was set for a lovely and enticing evening!

DJ MoonflowerVibes was bringing the atmosphere in the beautiful backyard that faced the Pacific Ocean. Upon walking into the Tuscan themed mansion, we encountered a cool background for selfies. As we entered there were tables set up in the foyer of the home offering up dabs and flower hits! This is our kind of entrance! Adjacent to that table was a vendor called Puff Pixie (pictured below) that offered a curated smoke shop of wonderful smoking devices for purchase.

down the rabbit hole party


Once inside the kitchen area we discovered the most amazing spread that we’ve ever encountered at a Cannabis party! The most incredible charcuterie board we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing by @bon_appecheese was hands down the best munchies ever! Here’s the before and after. Before:


Let’s just say we all got the munchies throughout the evening!

The variety of vendors was well curated and thought out

The vendors were a perfect fit for the evening, each bringing their own unique products and services. There was the beauty and bath Cannabis products by De La Beuh which smell and work amazing. Her bath bombs are what dreamy bathtubs were made for! See photo below from her IG page.

 Sexy Time

There was a wonderful photographer named Brittney that runs @black.label.boudoir. She specializes in empowering women with sexy boudoir photos. She can make every woman who is willing to let go and willing to take it off and show their sexy side to the camera beautiful! Regardless of how you showed up that night, she had hair and make-up and outfits ready to make you your own bedroom star! She truly has a talent for making every woman she photographs look and feel beautiful, sexy and confident.

A Grape Unlike Any Other

Another unique vendor we met is Alana Burstein, her company Viv & Oak is a infused Cannabis wine that is non-alcoholic. We absolutely love her story of how she got in the Cannabis business. She chose to give up wine with alcohol and found a new way to enjoy wine with Cannabis. The infused wine concept is not only a great alternative to alcohol but also serves as a functional social drink. Viv & Oak offer a variety of red and blush options along with choices like a 1:1 THC & CBD infusion or a strictly THC or CBD only infused wine. This is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. We will be featuring a review of Viv & Oak’s wine soon, so stay tuned for our review team feature.

Above photo by @thejojosnaps

Another unique vendor that we met was Haf Lit Candles. The pun name with a dank idea was invented by woman cannapreneur Christina. Her line of smell good candles are designed for the Cannabis enthusiast that wants a great smelling home. Each candle has a purpose driven scent bouquet. With candles aptly named and intended to set the mood, you can’t go wrong. We love the idea that there is a signature and sultry side to these candles like “Cannasultra” and “get lit & chill” and “baked” are designed to lift your spirit and realign your mood.

 Activities included!

Another cool feature of the event was getting in touch with your creative side and learning how to wire-wrap jewelry with a wonderful Cannabis patient advocate named Marlo, who not only teaches jewelry making but is also a patient who suffers from Lupus. She found solace and healing her own pain through Cannabis. She makes really beautiful jewelry and has developed her own unique line of bath bombs and creams designed to keep pain at bay. Marlo taught us all about how to wire wrap crystals and make pendants with patience and grace. Her business is appropriately named Chronically Wired. Check out her stuff here on Instagram @chronically_wired and her site.

No Ordinary Vase or Bong for that matter

Another favorite vendor was the famous My Bud Vase. This woman founded company specializes in creating water pipes that look like ordinary vases. What’s this trickery you say? Yes, it’ a bong, that looks like nothing you would find in the average smoke shop! Doreen Sullivan is the founder of MyBudVase.com This genius concept has spread into over a dozen looks and designs, each with a topper that you can place on the top and turn the bowl towards the wall and no one will suspect a thing, so long as it’s clean!

my bud vase

The Main Event with Cannasexual Ashley Manta

Ashley is an absolute joy to talk with! She not only spent over an hour with her talk about Cannabis and sex in the group, but she also put herself into the party. She is so Cannasexual! She’s completely unembarrassed, free, and candid, openly discussing her experiences and tips for successful bliss, whether you have a partner or not. Her approach in teaching is wonderful and her attitude about sex is delightfully refreshing. Everything we were told to hide or deny ourselves of, she dives deep into the stigmas of sex and Cannabis. Her philosophy of taking charge of one’s own pleasure is empowering and exciting.

She brought her Vagina puppet with her and explained all the different parts of the vulva, things you kinda wish you would have learned before you ever had sex kind of stuff! She has figured out what makes for the best practices whether you’re intending to pleasure yourself or another. She also discussed her experience learning from a true sex expert, Betty Dodson, who recently passed at the age of 91 in late 2020. Betty was a force of nature, a feminist, an educator and therapist. Her work is truly groundbreaking for women everywhere.

So, when she introduced her Sybian vibrator to the room of several dozen women and asked if anyone was willing to come up and try the device, the room went silent! Everyone just kind of looked at each other waiting for someone to step up. Seconds went by and since no one raised their hand, I decided I would. This was some serious reporter work at hand! You won’t find Oprah straddling the most powerful vibrator in front of dozens of other women. Here’s a photo of Cannasexual’s Sybian vibrator in her home next to her singing bowls:

Somebody had to do it, might as well be the liberated Cannapolitan editor in chieftess to take a test drive.

I tucked my skirt around my underside so not to expose myself and provide a little more material between myself and the device. Then Ashley began explaining about the Sybian and how it’s like riding a motorcycle. I picked up my que once she turned the device on and it started off slow and she gradually started turning up the intensity and speed. I put my hands up like I was holding on to a motorcycle handlebar and began humming as she increased the speed! I could have easily come to climax had I allowed myself but I was not that brave!

After a good couple seconds and maxing out on the speed Ashley had set, I lifted myself off the device and the whole room applauded! That was one for the books! Yes, I can say that is one hella awesome sex toy! Hands down the most powerful thing I’ve ever sat on! And I can’t think of another time where I had an audience witness me having some sort of sexual pleasure. Let’s just say I bucket listed that one!

Ashley is your guru to all things sex and Cannabis! Here’s more on her and how you can take part in her services:

Instagram: @CannaSexual 

Podcast: elevatedintimacypodcast.com

Online courses: www.elevatedintimacy.com

Website: www.cannasexual.com

Overall, it was a magical and high-spirited event that I will remember fondly and cannot be forgotten!

Down the Rabbit Hole is more than just an event, it’s an experience that lasts!


Don’t Miss this! The next Down the Rabbit Hole is this Saturday, August 14th!

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