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noun/ verb/ adjective.  Cannabis enthusiast and activist.
A Cannapolitan citizen is educated about Cannabis, experienced, metacultural, unprejudiced, inclusive, cultured, sophisticated, open minded, hospitable, worldly and above all loves Cannabis.


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Anthony Bourdain legendary man of travel, food and cannabis.

The unfortunate passing of such an inspiring soul has once again struck us all with a question of why? The news of Anthony Bourdain’s death hit in the morning that he had committed suicide confirmed by his own employer, CNN. Anthony’s show Parts Unknown was in the process of filming an episode in France. His close friend Eric Ripert found him unresponsive from an apparent suicide, Bourdain was 61.




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Foo Fighters Invade Hollywood for Free Fan Show promoting CalJam 18

We got word that there was going to be a free show with Chevy Metal and a band called The Holy Shits playing at the Hollywood Palladium with a pop-up merch booth for CalJam 18 ticket sales available without those pesky fees for the true fans of the Foo Fighters. Surprise, what we got was a fan driven Foo Fighters show.

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How to Make the Perfect Cone Joint with OTTO by Banana bros

Our review team had so much fun with the OTTO that we literally ran out of flowers to grind because we had so much fun grinding (it became slightly addictive) with the touch of a button and in seconds produced a well procured joint, minds were blown.

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XJ-13 Featured Strain Review

California Cannabis company THC Design grows dozens of top shelf cannabis strains. This week we explore their XJ-13, a cross of G-13 Haze with Jack Herer strains for a lifted sativa experience. Read on…

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