Author: Wildflower

Fear & Smoking at SXSW

I headed to Austin, Texas for SXSW in 2016 to discover a lot more than one expected, but was ready for the adventure. Sit back, roll one and prepare to venture with me as I take you to Texas, where the weed is illegal on any level. Imagine if you will: traveling to a place beyond sight and sound in a state that in some parts will put you in jail for less than a gram of cannabis… you’ve entered the prohibition zone. Our story begins with this native Californian flying to Texas with a week supply of edibles...

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Cannabis Infusions

Infusing cannabis into products that can be consumed or applied topically are great ways to use cannabis for pain. The techniques and methods on how they are infused has vastly improved over the years with testing and packaging. Cannabis is being infused into just about anything these days: topical lotions and balms, edibles, cosmetics, and pet treats too. The list of products continues to grow and it can be difficult to decide upon just one type or brand. Most patients are interested in products that are tested for potency strength, purity, consistency, and effectiveness. Luckily, the industry has a...

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