We discovered this wonderment at California Roots Music & Art Festival in May this past year. Backstage in the artist area there was a booth for La Republica Coffee where we met one of the founders, Mark Merthe who just happened to be serving samples of his creation. Seeing a sign that read mushroom coffee had me intrigued and a bit skeptical all at the same time as to what this concoction was about. The seven magical mushrooms (not those kind) inside La Republica coffee are intended to bring huge health benefits and it just so happens to get better absorption with coffee as well. Coffee with benefits, we’re down!

I was game for the free samples considering that I woke up that morning with an annoying headache that just wasn’t going away with the typical latte and cannabis combo. I was ready for any kind of relief that would help rid me of this irritation so that I could enjoy the day ahead. What a lifesaver! Less than an hour later after several sample cups (its so tasty) of mushroom coffee my headache was gone! I was beginning to become a believer. The flavor is outstanding!

I’m almost as much of a coffee snob as I am a Cannabis snob, definitely more on the latter. But let me just say I can easily replace my typical home brewed espresso latte for La Republica mushroom coffee any day! In fact, since our meeting and that initial taste I’ve become an addict for this stuff, seriously! We ran out once… it wasn’t pretty.

This Coffee Means Business!

Once you notice how much better you feel after drinking this delicious coffee, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. My focus on tasks and writing improves after every cup along with a great amount of energy to get things accomplished. It was a must to get others involved and feeling better so I later ordered a few jars of this coffee for our office and review team to test out for several weeks, that later ended up being months of use to see what the benefits of this concoction could really do outside our normal espresso routine.

Cannapolitan Survey

Our team of reviewers also noticed all the things I had, along with a greater amount of energy throughout the day with stamina and focus versus without the coffee. In fact, the office team was a bit slow and dismissive of tasks on the week they went without La Republica! So needless to say, it’s now in the kitchen daily and has become our savior on deadlines! For us, most of the team prefers a measured teaspoon for every 6oz of hot water and half and half creamer and that’s it.

Oh yes, we forgot to mention this whole time that it’s instant!

The best instant coffee any of us has ever had, hands down. If you’re wondering- does it taste like mushrooms? NO! That’s what shocked me at the first sample cup I drank. It just tastes like a well-balanced rich delectable cup of coffee.

What’s Inside?

Mark explains best how it works. “We provide an upgrade to your current habit. The specific mushrooms we use have the unique ability to enhance the flavor of coffee while reducing its harsh acidic nature and the negative impact regular coffee has on our nervous system and adrenal glands. Mushroom coffee also contributes to focus, energy, neural protection, and digestive support, while supporting the immune system and helping us adapt quicker to stressors.” He continues, “We use whole fruiting bodies (not mushrooms grown on grains and ground together) for their maximum nutritional value and flavor profile. Our mushrooms are wild harvested and wild cultivated from the best organic growers around the world.”

Here are the seven mushrooms inside that make this coffee the most healthful coffee on the market:

  • Chaga — fights the common cold, helps skin glow and hair grow thicker, reduces inflammation
  • Maitake — improved digestion, weight control, stabilize blood sugar
  • Cordyceps — better sports performance, increased energy, allergy support
  • Shiitake — supports liver function, skin issues, cholesterol-lowering
  • Lion’s Mane — boosts concentration and focus, helps the nervous system
  • Reishi — better sleep, help with seasonal allergies, stress support
  • Turkey Tail — antioxidants and balances gut bacteria

There are probably benefits that our team hasn’t noticed but are benefiting from everyday when a cup is consumed. We can’t make claims outside our own experiences, but we certainly know this is the feel good, kick ass and get stuff done without the jitters coffee that tastes fantastic! At .63 cents per 6oz of awesome, YES please!

La Republica is available now at various online retailers including the giant Amazon and Walmart.

We got incredible service and faster shipping when we went direct to La Republica to buy, please visit and order their coffee directly here.