Cannapolitans are generally social people. We’re now living in a world where “social distance” has become a thing. It goes against our nature as many of us want to get together and share Cannabis. Since the Corona virus situation has created madness on levels of hoarding toilet paper and goods that don’t make any sense… common sense is still safe and sane.


Here are a few tips for surviving this crisis as a Cannabis consumer. Number one essential is make sure you have a healthy supply of Cannabis on hand. This will help make this crisis less stressful and more enjoyable, life is better with Cannabis.

Now is the time to “bogart that joint!”

Highrize mini pre-rolls are a great way to be able to share your Cannabis with a friend without having to actually pass the joint and allow each friend to have their own to enjoy. Mini joints are the future and we prefer this on any occasion. This also allows everyone to smoke on their terms too. No one enjoys waiting for that one friend who passes slow or HOLDS the joint too long while they talk. Puff puff pass isn’t just a phrase, but I digress from this becoming a weed ediquette discussion. Everyone having their own joint gives us the ability to be generous with ourselves and friends without risking transmission of a cold, flu, or virus. Cannapolitans who are gathering to sesh with friends, whether you choose to smoke joints, blunts, bongs, pipes, or apples- be mindful, share safely if you must and most importantly wash your hands often!

Here are some helpful tips to keeping it clean:

If you smoke a bong, it’s best to change the water often. We recommend at least every other day and make sure to clean mouthpieces with alcohol wipes regularly, especially between users. Since supply chains for sanitizing products and alcohol has become scarce in the space of a week, hopefully you have some supply to work with in the home.

Because of limitations of supply right now, changing your bong water more often will also help with less deep cleaning as you might normally clean your bongs and pipes. We have a supply of products that are designed to clean bongs and pipes that we’re always testing here at Cannapolitan, so we’re using these to clean smoking apparatuses over alcohol. Did you know that using alcohol and pouring it down the drain is bad for the environment? Did you know that the fumes from isopropyl alcohol is also bad for you? It is, and we found out it is a huge problem for the cannabis community thanks to Jim from Weed Wipes/ Mile High Cleaner. 

Currently our favorite and effective cleaner removes the need to use alcohol for everyday cleaning. Mile High Cleaner is also very environmentally friendly. Save your alcohol for wiping down mouthpieces between use.

Professional joint rolling tips

When rolling your own and for friends, do everyone a favor and keep it clean. Get a clean q-tip with water and squeeze off half of the water off so not to get the paper too wet. Use the damp tip to glide along the adhesive of the paper when sealing your joints. Most papers like Raw rolling papers use a natural adhesive that doesn’t require much moisture to seal your masterpiece. Don’t forget the tip!

Keeping it Cannapolitan is the name of the game! Keep it classy with these sexy glass tips from Phuncky Feel Tips from our friend Breal of Cypress Hill.  These tips will step up your joint game considerably. They’re also sustainable and easy to clean.

Right now, it is crucial that we all just chill and allow this beast virus to die off on its own with time, cleaning and good hygiene.

As much as we enjoy the ceremonial experience of sharing a joint, no one will be offended if you choose to smoke your own joint for a while. Let’s get this virus killed off with no more transmissions so we can go back to all the concerts, festivals, gatherings, theaters, and more that we’re all avoiding right now in order for this Corona virus to die off. While it exists in the world now, we need to all do our part to take care of each other and stay level headed. Be the calm in the storm of fear and focus on common sense practices that will keep you, family and friends healthy. Stay Cannapolitan friends!