Music Medicine for the Soul

In times like these that we’re currently in, we need positive vibes daily. We’re all looking for a reassuring voice that reinforces that we’ll be ok during difficult times. A message of being in the present is what we need now to focus on what matters most to us in our lives. We’re living in unprecedented times. It’s a perfect and fitting time that Iration is releasing their seventh full album called Coastin’ at a time when the world could use fresh perspective and positivity.

Iration have been consistently evolving as a band and with their music for just over 15 years. It shows and pays off with their latest release. This album highlights Iration’s evolution with a solid supply of talent and vision. Coastin’ will be out this Friday, July 10th, 2020 and will be another break out album that will please long-time fans and gain new ones. We added a few of our favorite early released tracks on our Spotify playlist that you can access right here at

“Yeah, We’re Coastin!”

Coastin’ will take you through a world of positive vibes with themes of mindfulness, self-exploration, love, relationships, and happiness. The album is addicting from beginning to end! It takes you on a journey and gives you a “Contact High” and will have you wanting to play it again for the feeling it gives you. Coastin’ is music therapy for us all.

Getting to know Iration

I had the pleasure of meeting Iration in person back in 2013 during a tour they were on with another talented band called The Expendables. It was my first exposure to the band’s music and the band itself. Backstage in their tour bus at the legendary Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles I felt like Cameron Crowe’s character in Almost Famous going from one band interview to another. The last interview of the night was with Iration’s Micah Pueschel, (lead vocals/guitar) and Cayson Peterson (keyboard/synth). That meeting and interview lead me to become a fan of their sound and music. Since then, Iration has toured the country and world stages and back again to their home in California.

Iration is made up of a group of friends that originally met as teenagers in Hawaii and then later spent years together in college in Santa Barbara, Ca. Iration’s band members are Micah Pueschel handling the lead vocals/guitar, Adam Taylor on bass, Joe Dickens on drums, Cayson Peterson  on keyboard/synth, and Micah Brown on guitar/vocals. Their bond and connection with each other are steeped in friendship, music, and some Cannabis as well.

The bi-coastal vibe that Iration exudes in their sound is part of a new generation of Reggae. If you listen to their catalog of music, they are redefining the genre again with Coastin’. A genre of music- that can only be felt and not named. Iration has stepped it up again with Coastin’ and has added several more genres of music and fused them together into something uniquely special. Listening to this album you will hear Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Pop and R&B tones and sounds that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Coastin’ is a beautiful collection of songs that are guaranteed to get you in a good place to take a step back and just “Chill Out”- which happens to be one of my favorite tracks on this album. Every song is geared with a message of good living guidelines for a happier and better world that you want to live in.

Every Song Speaks to the Listener

The album jumps right into the water with its first track “Coastin” and it sets the tone for the rest of the album. We had a chance to speak with Adam Taylor, the band’s bass player to discuss the album’s release and learn more about what inspired the collection of songs on Coastin’ and why it is another mountain peak on the band’s discography. He explained to me that Coastin’s production team was exceptionally thick with talented engineers and producer that helped them stretch their talents together. They also have some amazing guests on this album that enhances the vibe. He also stated that the band as a whole collaborated together even more than ever before on the writing of this album. This was a brave and dedicated move on the band’s part and it pays off.

Album Production Teamwork Made this Dream Work!

Coastin’ features guest appearances from Common Kings and Hawaiian-based female reggae vocalist Eli-Mac. Several singles have been released ahead of the album’s release, one of the singles “Right Here Right Now” also features Eric Rachmany of Rebelution and the band Stick Figure steps in to complete this masterfully mindful message song.

Check out the just-released official music video for Right Here Right Now which celebrates the essential frontline workers, first responders, and everyday people helping throughout the COVID-19 pandemic via a wide selection of fan-submitted photos – PRESS HERE to watch.

Coastin’ was produced and co-written by David Manzoor (Lupe Fiasco, Cam, Method Man) and engineered by Will Brierre (Imagine Dragons, Chris Isaak), who were both behind the boards for the band’s previous albums Iration and Hotting Up.  The album is loaded with talented song and mix engineers. Definitely some of the finest and most diverse career enhancers including: Jimmy Douglass who worked with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Jay-Z.  Mark Needham is known for his work with Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, and Saint Motel. Niko Marzouca & Rob Marks are famous for their work with Eminem, Usher, Rebelution and Lars Stalfors has worked with creative outside of the box artists like Cold War Kids, Foster The People, and Massive Attack. Each helping make each song unique and fresh.

It took a sizable village to produce this game changer for Iration and I’m betting that it’s going to be the album of the summer to listen to and beyond.- Cannapolitan Magazine.

We asked Micah Pueschel to tell us what the band imagined Coastin to feel like when listened to. He answered, “When we think about the vibe of this record, one of the images that kept coming up was driving down PCH in a Cadillac convertible, top down, on a crispy, sunny day, and you just put the album on and drive,” describes Pueschel. “That’s the kind of feel that we want to bring – that feeling like there’s no worries, you’re not stressing about anything, you’re just putting on the music and going down the coast, enjoying the ride.”


Iration is 100% Cannapolitan

They may not be blatant about their Cannabis use in their music lyrics, but since I met the guys back in 2013, they have always been open about their love of Cannabis, which I have always appreciated. Iration is an independent band with their own label, so they have never felt hushed or pressured into hiding their love for the herb. What kind of Reggae band would they be if they didn’t love Cannabis right? This past week I asked Adam if anything significant had changed for them since legalization in California. He said to me “We never had a problem obtaining it before and we certainly don’t have a shortage of gifted Cannabis from fans and friends now.”

Remembering back to my interview with Micah Pueschel in 2013, we had discussed Cannabis use. Micah told me “We play Reggae music…I mean yeah it’s not like we’re going to hide it, it kind of goes hand and hand.” He told me about a strain called White Widow that grows heavily in Hawaii’s big island. “We call it the chicken poops…because it smells like chicken poop, it is very pungent smelling, but when I smell that it brings me back to the days of high school, like the first time I smelled it. It’s a great quality strain and one of the few that grows really well on the big island.” 

Get Your Sunglasses- The Future is Brighter than Ever for Iration

One thing that stands out to me about why this album is so great is that it sounds like a freshman album with all the experience of a 15-year-old band behind it. That thought really rang through when I read what Micah had to say about it: “15 years in, we’re still a band that’s ascending,” Pueschel leaves off. “I feel like we’re still evolving and musically, people are still figuring out who we are in the grander world of music. Outside of just the reggae world, we’re still a band that’s up and coming and I think that’s a good mentality to keep in this business, so we stay hungry as an artist, motivated to make interesting, new music, and push ourselves.”

Well said Micah!! Stay hungry and eager to learn and grow and you’ll always be on the top of your game!

Covid-19 may be slowing us all down from attending a live concert. Not to fret, the guys have started creating work-arounds for the situation and giving hope and inspiration to their fans. Their latest online endeavor involves a weekly podcast called appropriately “The Uplifter” every Thursday since they began. The podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, click here to check it out.


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Coastin’ Track Listing

Featured photo credit: Dane Hodgson

All other artwork and photos provided by Iration.