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Ladies Night at the Grammy’s

Music’s biggest night happened and this year’s televised show of the Grammy’s was a breath of fresh air for women in music without doubt. The Grammy’s have been criticized in the past claiming there was not enough diversity in race and also more male dominated. This year’s show was far from typical on any level and this time the women dominated in awards and in performances throughout the night.

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A Prelude to the Emerald Cup 2018

You haven’t been to a Cannabis competition quite like this. Check out our preview of this year’s Emerald Cup and get ready to experience Northern California’s Cannabis hospitality. Emerald Cup is turning 15 this year. This has been a year full of change in California with the first year of adult use sales happening, there is much debate on how regulations will effect the climate of the community.

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Breasties Forever, Living the Breast Life!

No matter what month it is, be aware of your breasts with massage. Did you know that regular massage of the breasts could help possibly prevent health problems? Did you know that there is belief and proof for some that breast massage increases bust size? Perhaps you have not thought about it much, like many of us. Read on and discover why you should want to do it regularly, if you’re a woman of course. Men are also encouraged to read on as this is a perfect way to cop a feel with the lady you love.

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Got Ice? Frozen Dead Guy Days 2018

Prepare yourself, grab your mittens, coat and something to smoke on because I journeyed to a small Colorado town in the bitter frozen cold to experience the weirdest, kookiest, wildest, deadest- yet most entertaining festival this Cannabis queen has been to in years.

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Cannabis Infusions

Cannabis is being infused into just about anything these days: topical lotions and balms, edibles, cosmetics, and pet treats too. The list of products continues to grow and it can be difficult to decide upon just one type or brand.

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