There are somethings in life that you should not have to settle for less: love, lifestyle, career, and Cannabis. These are the staples of a happy life! So, why settle for less when it comes to a pre-roll? It should wow you, entice you, inspire you!

In the past decade of covering the medical and legal cannabis marketplace, we have tested hundreds of different brands and pre-rolls that were far from extraordinary. Our review team had almost given up hope on ever trusting a pre-roll that would at the least live up to something you roll yourself.

That is until we discovered Highrize, these little wonders have changed our minds on what a quality pre-roll is supposed to be! Introducing Highrize, California’s Friend Maker.

We discovered this wonderment through a “friend of Cannabis” while at Northern Nights Music Festival this past July. Our chance meeting resulted in our new friend gifting a package of Highrize joints. A friend with weed is a friend indeed! In the midst of the beautiful night sky and the laser show that beams from the stage I look at the small, sleek tin that reads Highrize, California grown Cannabis, hash infused! I was definitely attracted to the small and discreet packaging that wasn’t plastic! I opened the tin to discover 12 mini joints that equal four grams inside. So charming and sexy these little j’s are! Highrize has dubbed their pre-rolls as “California’s friend maker” and that is 100% true! Thank you, friend of Cannabis, you have no idea how many friends were created with those initial 12 Highrizes!

Personal size pre-roll joints with ice water hash, now we’re talking!

As I lit the first hash infused Highrize, I was immediately impressed with the packing of the cone and how it lights evenly and burns slow on average 8 minutes long! Anyone who has rolled their own hash joints, knows that it’s not easy to get the ratio of bud to water hash just right for the joint to burn well and evenly. That was just the beginning of a new love affair. Each and every Highrize burned perfectly and smoothly from end to tip from the pack. We shared them with friends and review team members alike. The wow factor is at an all-time high with Highrize. Each mini pre-roll fits perfectly in its placement inside each tin. These small but certainly mighty joy makers have a wonderful uplifting feeling and the flavor of the Cannabis inside comes through brilliantly and without any harshness.

Be prepared to be impressed from end to tip!

Highrize mini pre-rolls are not harsh in any way and that has a lot to do with how they are made. The genius behind Highrize is their proprietary separating system that allows them to only use the meat of the buds and nothing else. You won’t find any evidence of any stems or mini stems inside, just straight bud. The hash infused Highrizes are 15% ice water hash and 85% bud for a perfect ratio. The hash is blended together with the bud to create the perfect pre-roll.

There are three kinds of Highrize mini pre-rolls: There is the strictly flower variety, the hybrid hash-infused and high CBD flower options. Highrize mini pre-rolls are available in a 4-pack tube or the impressive 12 pack tin. The main ingredient in Highrize’s success is the selection of the flowers that are chosen and selected from the finest growers in California. Every detail and what’s inside counts when it comes to creating a perfect pre-roll.

We had the pleasure of tasting their Sunset Sherbet flower with Cherry Pie ice water hash, which was incredible for flavor, smoothness, effects, very uplifting and inspiring. The blue tin of Highrizes we tried was a wonderful WIFI OG that was relaxing without feeling knocked out or couch locked. We are told that a variety of strains will be introduced throughout the year. Again, smooth from beginning to the tip. After several tins and over a dozen experienced Cannapolitan reviewers tried and tested the Highrize mini pre-rolls, it’s official – We can proudly and confidently say that Highrize has achieved the perfect pre-roll!

Good luck to all the other pre-rolls out there – Highrize just set the bar extremely high!

Made to be enjoyed everywhere

As you can see from these breathtaking shots above, Highrize’s founders have a great time exploring the beauty of California while enjoying their own pre-rolls. Let Highrize help inspire you to live your best life and enhance the experience of your own adventures. There is a Highrize that is perfect for you.

Although we will recommend that the hash infused be enjoyed by more experienced Cannapolitans. These little cones of awesome are powerful. I have shocked and stunted a few “professional smokers” with the hash infused Highrize, names I will omit here, but let’s just say real OG’s have bowed down to the power of the hash infused Highrize. The strictly flower Highrize options are perfect for all occasions and tolerances, know your limit and enjoy the ride.

It’s time for you to discover for yourself why Highrize is one of our favorite things for 2019 and moving forward into 2020! Check out their site and find a California licensed retailer near you to discover California’s friend maker, Highrize.