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This is B-Real & Cypress Hill’s Week!

Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX location opens on 4/16/2022 & Cypress Hill’s Documentary premieres on Showtime the evening of 4/20/2022.

Dr. Greenthumb’s is a Force!

The good doctor, B-Real AKA Dr. Greenthumb, is opening another shop!! This time near LAX. As soon as Hip-Hop fans land in LA, you can make your way to Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX for the hook-up. I saw pictures that they are posting of the store on Instagram, looks amazing! There’s a huge wall of beaded curtain that is printed on with an image of B-Real smoking, it’s freaking bad ass!

Finally, after years and years of being a Cannabis activist/ artist and promoting the use of Cannabis at every show for over 20 years, B-Real is dominating the dojo with his impressive chain of stores (now 6 stores in Cali and counting.) Good for him and his partners for keeping it real as true activists, not just a celebrity owned brand, they champion Cannabis. B-Real has well paid his dues as an activist and voice for the community, even the wall in the new LAX store holds his core values on the wall.


Dr Greenthumbs LAX

Above photo credit: @drgreenthumbs.lax

We’re excited to see how B-Real and his team will change the game once again.

The Grand opening of Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX is, April 16th. B-Real will be there from 12pm and on to meet and greet and be the bad ass Cannapolitan we know he is. Congrats to B-Real and his entire Dr. Greenthumb’s team! Here’s a link to the official Dr. Greenthumb’s stores.


Cypress Hill, the Southern California Kings of Hip-Hop & Our Champions of Cannabis Activism- Has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Above Photo Credit Lisa Kaler.

Stand Up For What You Believe In!

From the very beginning Cypress Hill was completely unapologetic about their love for Cannabis and promoted legalization before any other artists or bands were willing to put their careers on the line for it. B-Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs and Eric “Bobo” Correa never apologized and their fan base only grew that much stronger and bigger!

It makes this Cannapolitan very proud of all that they have achieved in 25+ years as artists and for how they took more than just one for the team when Cannabis was being frowned upon. Now that its legal in New York, will Cypress Hill ever be invited back to SNL? It feels kinda good to be banned though- hypocrites be damned.

It’s part of my generations’ history and appreciation for the plant that drove us all to be vocal about our Cannabis use. As a fan and fellow Cannabis activist, I’m  extremely happy to that see these guys are getting their flowers now (in this case BIG FAT BUDS) and being inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This was a big deal for Hip-Hop as Cypress Hill is really the first Hip-Hop band to be on the Walk of Fame that I know of. I encourage you to check out the film described below.

Staying in or throwing your own 4/20 celebration this year? Regardless Watch This!

Make sure to check out Showtime, they have a great documentary on everyone’s favorite Cannapolitan hip-hop masters, Cypress Hill. This documentary takes the viewer back in time to the humble beginnings of this legendary band that pioneered and blazed their own trail, all the while being completely unapologetic about their Cannabis use. When you hear Cypress, it’s like you HAVE TO LIGHT UP! (At least that’s how this Gen-X, Cannapolitan feels.)

When you hear those screeches and beat right at the beginning of  Insane in the Brain – it’s like a Cannabis call and anthem! The entire Black Sunday album has that vibe. The minute you start playing the record you feel inclined… NO, INSTRUCTED to light up! This is the magic that B-Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs, and Eric Bobo bring to your ears.

Their entire sound is steeped in smoke filled anthems.  If there was an adult ice cream truck that sold Cannabis and you heard even just the beginning of I Want to Get High bumping down the street… you would get it and find your wallet! Here’s a link to Showtime, get a trial subscription and accept the prescription from your GOOD doctor, Dr. Greenthumb… keep it Phuncky!

cypress hill cali roots

Above Photo credit: Lisa Kaler. This was taken at Cali Roots in 2019. DJ Mix Master Mike, Sen Dog, Eric “Bobo”, and B-Real.

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