I am thrilled to share this amazing strain, as it has to be one of the best combo’s I’ve discovered in my 20+ years as a patient.  Two strains; blue dream and Maui waui, crossed to create a whole new strain of its own. Let’s start with the family background. Blue dream is a hybrid; it is a cross of blueberry and haze. The blueberry is an indica, and the haze is sativa, it’s a wonderful combination. Maui waui is the tropical sativa that is wonderfully energetic and inspiring, which is a lot like blue dream on the creative level. We were able to get this sample batch from the patient that cultivated it. These girls are completely organically grown; they get pampered with individual care throughout the life cycle. The female master cultivator not only hand waters and treats each plant with love and respect, but they also are listening to classical music and get some regular positive chanting.  Pampered plants- produce the best possible results. Getting into these buds, you can see the beautiful frostiness of the blue dream genetics; you will also notice the bright orange and light greens.  There are clear distinctions of both strains coming through by sight, smell and taste. The flavor is truly amazing; it is a full bodied smooth smoke with the sweet taste of tropical fruits, pineapple, and hints of blueberry. I also sense a pine note in there as well.  Blue Maui is definitely the best of both families, creating a perfect sativa lover’s dream!  The result is a very creative, inspiring, productive, and motivating effect. The conversations we were getting into after smoking it were deep and profound, really! I got the giggles, and that rarely happens.  It also does show its blueberry roots, as it is relaxing and is friendly to the body. If anything, you’ll forget you were in pain and be more focused on more appealing activities. This strain has renewed my faith in getting properly medicated with the right strain; Blue Maui is now a solid favorite. Look out blue dream- there’s a new girl in town!