No matter what month of the year it is, breast cancer awareness and prevention should be year round. Did you know that regular massage of the breasts could help possibly prevent health problems? Did you know that there is belief and proof for some that breast massage increases bust size? Massage also can help detect problems early. Perhaps you have not thought about breast massage much, like many of us. Read on and discover why you should want to do it regularly, if you’re a woman of course. Men are also encouraged to read on as this is a perfect way to cop a feel with the lady you love.

The female breast has its own stigmas. A woman can be arrested for walking topless in public for indecent exposure. Try to post a picture on social media with the nipple exposed without it being taken down or offending someone. The history of breasts and the sexualization of the female breasts goes back for hundreds of years along with the shaming of keeping them under wraps at the same time. Breasts have a hard life, so they deserve some R&R!

Yes, breasts can provide sexual stimulation and visual stimulation. We must also respect what they can do such as provide food for babies and how they function as a body part as well. Just like a back massage is therapeutic, healing and restorative- so is breast massage.

About a year ago we discovered a company and product that is creating more awareness beyond the pink ribbon and elevating the practice of breast massage and why it is vital for women’s health, Bosm (pronounced Bosom.) Bosm’s founder, developer and breast expert Raea, has first-hand boob experience (go ahead and giggle) and she’s going to help break it down for us.

First things first, How important is breast massage and what are the benefits?

Raea explains “Regular breast massage is an essential self-care practice for breast wellness. The benefits of breast massage are “busty.” Breast massage stimulates the lymphatic system in the breast tissue to remove harmful toxins and renew the breast with fresh lymph fluids containing nutrients for the cells. It also boosts circulation which brings oxygenated blood to the breasts. One of the ‘breast’ things about it is that it releases oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates libido and feelings of pleasure and may play a significant role in reducing breast cancer. And last but not least, is also a wonderful way to be intimate with your breasts and possibly detect any physiological changes such as pain that may indicate the presence of cancer or other unwanted conditions.”

How often should one do massage and for how long ideally?

“Adding breast massage to your self-care practice a few times a week will definitely have positive results. There was a study of 5000 women who practiced breast self-massage and nipple stimulation on both breasts at least twice a week for no more than 2 to 3 minutes per session saw that the incidence of new breast cancer cases immediately dropped to and stayed at zero for the duration of the study, which lasted 3 years.”

How do I do it? Should I lay down, stand up?

“Many women do breast massage in the shower or bath because it is a regular and easy opportunity. You can find breast massage specialists who do a lymphatic drainage breast massage professionally.” A basic breast massage is as follows; repeat these steps 20 times each side:

  1. Starting at the armpit, holding the arm up, use the fingertips to gently stroke the armpit downward and inward.
  2. Starting at the sternum on the bottom inner quadrant of each breast, stroke outward across the bottom of the breast and then up the sides of the breast toward the armpit
  3. Starting with the fingertips on the center of the breast bone on the chest above the breasts, stroke fingers outward across the chest and then up toward the armpit.

What if I find something? What should I do? Is a mammogram the first and only choice of detection for screening?  Is there a safer screening method?

“If you feel something, follow up screening with your doctor is the next step. There are 5 screening options available; mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, physical, and the lesser known thermogram. The mammogram is the option most widely used and is covered by insurance. The ultrasound is usually used as a secondary screening after a mammogram or a thermogram has detected increased risk. Thermograms are used around the world as the primary form of breast screening, however in the US mammograms remain the primary. Thermograms are not harmful and pose no health risks for nursing or pregnant mothers, post-mastectomy screening, those with fibrocystic breasts or anyone who cannot have a mammogram.”

What products are good for breast massage?

“I love using Kanga wands and jade rollers on my breasts. I also promote the use of crystal breast massagers that are similar to guashi, like little paddles that you use to stroke the tissue. And we can’t forget about dry skin brushing. This is simply a natural bristle brush that you use to gently brush the skin of the breast, chest, arms and under arms. All of these practices all produce the same effect of enhancing the functioning of the lymphatic system.”

Do any supplements help to increase good breast health?

Raea explains “There are many supplements for breast health and products specifically formulated for breasts heath. Women can consult with their health practitioners to ascertain which supplements and nutrients they especially need. Vitamin D, selenium, and iodine from sea minerals are essential and often forgotten nutrients for breasts.”

What other things can I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer? (diet, exercise, etc.)

6 tips for reducing the risk of breast cancer:

  1. Decrease stress
  2. Massage breasts
  3. Reduce bra time
  4. Process emotions
  5. Limit alcohol, sugar & caffeine intake
  6. Have fun – do something creative that you love

What makes Bosm above the standard oil for breast massage?

“Bosm Wellness was the first brand to combine cannabis with a highly specialized breast health formula that is one of a kind. Our serum will leave your bodice glowing and you feeling like a goddess.”

How can I get Bosm and learn more?

“Because of the new California regulations with prop 64, we’ve had to stop production in 2018 in order to seek out a licensed manufacturing partner. There are very few approved licensed manufacturing facilities to work with in California, which creates very challenging barriers to entry for companies like Bosm.”

Raea explains further “I am excited to announce that we have found our manufacturing partners and we anticipate resuming production beginning in 2019. We will be announcing our retail locations on the website  and on our social media platforms @bosmwellness.”

You can also learn more about Thermography by visiting

Thank you Raea for your contributions to this article!  We look forward to sharing more health and wellness features with her in the future.

Cannapolitan ladies, it’s time to get more intimate with your breasts. You can always have a friend or lover massage your breasts for health, there is no better excuse to get a breast massage is there? Not to mention putting one in a better mood too! You see whether you are a man or woman, everyone wins with breast massage.