The road to the Emerald Cup is paved with history and pride. A majority of that pride comes from generations of Northern California Cannabis farmers. Outdoor Cannabis farming is a way of life in many parts of Nor Cal, it’s a community and culture unlike any other in the world.  There is only one Northern California and although the south half of the state grows (majority indoors), the north has an unparalleled history and reputation for genetics and exceptional varieties. California pride is evident and loudly displayed for all to see within the contest entry display cases that seem to only grow larger each year.

A Competition Unlike Any Other

This year marks Emerald Cup in its 15th year running and has only increased in size, scope and experience. Tim Blake started this yearly tradition that began as a gathering in his backyard and over the years has gradually grown to a full fairground venue. The Sonoma County Fairgrounds are located in the city of Santa Rosa, where the cup is held. Tim alongside with his daughter Taylor Blake produce the Emerald Cup. The Blake’s are from the community of small Cannabis farmers that respect the culture and share a common belief about the plant.  Putting on an event of this magnitude is quite the achievement, especially one that has respect from the community. There are few events on a large scale that gives the experience to the audience as well as the Emerald Cup. The only way to know is to attend and understand the difference over many other commercial “cups” that tour the legal states. Only then will most understand why the Emerald Cup is truly one of the best Cannabis events of the year.

The Emerald Cup is Cannapolitan

I have attended the past two cups and each year has been incredible experience. That is a big deal considering that I have attended hundreds of events and shows in the Cannabis space for the past decade.  The Emerald Cup is on another level of class, sophistication, education, competition, and reputation.  Dare I say that the Emerald Cup is Cannapolitan? I do dare indeed.

Prepare Your Lungs and Wear Comfortable Shoes

Emerald Cup is a full weekend celebration that celebrates Cannabis, music, art, education, and community. This year’s line-up of artists below, along with the glass artists featured, activist speakers, and awards. The legendary Willie Nelson will make an appearance to accept a lifetime achievement award that is named after himself. Which we assume is for his activism and ability to out-smoke Snoop Dogg.

What are you waiting for?

With just a little over a week away, there is still time to experience this one of a kind Cannabis festival. You can purchase your tickets online here: Emerald Cup Tickets

We will have a full report on this year’s Emerald Cup experience along with the winners featured and much more after the cup, so stay tuned to Cannapolitan for the results. We will also be streaming and posting from our Instagram account @cannapolitan throughout the event weekend.