Finally, a Waffle Maker for the Rest of Us! The term “wake and bake” brings on a whole new meaning now that the Waffleye (wä-ful-eye) is here. This beautiful waffle maker makes perfect meals anytime of the day, any day. Every time the Waffleye comes out on to the counter, the household cheers! Not only does it cook waffles perfectly each time we’ve used it, it also sparks conversation on what else we can cook inside of it. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination or munchie mind.  Why the name Waffleye? The name refers to what most of our eyes look like after consuming Cannabis.

What’s inside and how it works

The Waffleye comes with humorous and easy to read instructions.  A creative recipe section is also included for those that could use extra inspiration on how to get creative with waffles, not to mention some handy tips. Once plugged in, it will begin to warm up to perfect operating temperature and let you know with a green light it’s ready for action. We thought that perhaps with the intricate design of the iron that the waffles would be difficult to remove and keep intact, not the case. Each batch we have made including more tricky recipes that included chocolate chips and other messy concoctions have come out free and clear. The non-stick Teflon finish allows for easy clean up in minutes once the unit has cooled. Then it’s ready to go for the next waffle adventure!

It’s a personal journey beyond breakfast.

Waffleye’s founder, Billy was inspired with the idea while medicating with cannabis after being diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time in his life this past year. When Billy was a teenager, he was diagnosed with cancer. Billy’s father actually introduced him to the plant and hoped it would help before and after the cancer treatments his son was going to have to endure.  It did help him overcome the side effects of the chemotherapies and gave him an appetite to eat and feel less fatigued.

During this past year, Billy took off time from his usual full-time job and business and focused on getting well and developing the Waffleye with his girlfriend and partner Alex. Together with the support of friends and family, the Waffleye is a reality today. The result is this incredibly fun and functional waffle iron that will spark conversation with your family and houseguests for years to come. Billy and Alex want to support the patients and the hospital that made it possible for him to win his fight against cancer this past year. When you purchase a Waffleye, a portion of your purchase is donated to the City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center in Los Angeles. Making a difference in the community is just one of the many things that Waffleye is all about. 

Why We Love the Waffleye! Watch the Video Below to Witness Awesome Waffle Technique

Firstly, it’s got Cannapolitan appeal all over it, the beautiful leaf design is unique and classy. There’s no other kitchen appliance that encourages Cannabis conversation and creative cooking, soooo Cannapolitan! No Mess, no fuss; it’s super easy to clean and store and it doesn’t take up much counter or cupboard space. It’s easy to add medicated butter to your mix for a full batch of Cannabis waffles or make the waffles un-medicated and add medicated butter for only those that want it.  Attention Cannabis enthusiasts, you need the Waffleye in your life! It’s a great value and at an affordable price, it is the gift that keeps giving all year long. We’re convinced and you’re going to love the Waffleye waffle wonder like we do. They also have some awesome recipes for various diets and tastes on their site as well as inside the instruction/ recipe book.

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Top Photo & Gallery photos by Jenna Peffley others provided by Waffleye.