Défoncé (French for Higher)

Get ready to get higher on all levels, including expectations for great tasting, yet potent edibles. Great things come in great packaging these days and we’re so excited to see and experience this new era in edibles. Introducing Défoncé Chocolate, the ultimate indulgence in cannabis infused gourmet treats. First off, we have to call attention to the exceptionally well designed packaging and labeling, which really sets it off. Opening the package requires removing a clear seal over the secured closure. Finally, the unique shape of the bar gives the user the options to dose accordingly; each triangle is roughly 10mg, with a total of 18 doses in each bar for a total of 180mg of THC in each bar. Each bar is roughly 6.75”X3.5” in size, so you get to enjoy more of the bar as far as dosing goes. We had the pleasure of tasting the hazelnut bar and it is truly an experience in flavors that complement each other. The Hazelnut bar is a dark bittersweet chocolate folded with caramelized cacao nibs, organic hazelnuts, and toasted sweet baguette.  Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? This is a very well thought out plan in flavors! Another benefit of the Défoncé Chocolate line is that their cannabis extract is sourced from one source and made from a pure sativa-hybrid strain through CO2 extraction. The cannabis extract is made using clean and sustainable practices, which is double lab tested. Our reviewers’ expectations were exceeded in every way through our initial test tasting and experience; we have more flavors to discover, stay tuned. Check out www.DefonceChocolatier.com for a collective near you. If your collective doesn’t carry them, request Défoncé, you won’t be disappointed.