The Netflix show about weed has been cancelled and will not be returning for another season, most of us would be sad about this, but instead many are rejoicing. Will the show be missed or dissed by the community that it seems to mock and make fun of? The census on social media today has been mixed depending on who you talk to. Much of the core medical Cannabis community is most likely happy about the show’s cancellation due to the fact that much of the show made fun of Cannabis activists and the industry as a whole. No one was left including Cannabis patients and consumers who were dumbed down for laughs.

Much of what was shown on Disjointed was fictional in most patients and activists minds. For example, no legal dispensary in Los Angeles allows consumers to consume on site (it’s the rule of the land, but we will admit it would be nice.) Another falsehood on the show is the grow room, no respectable grower would allow so much foot traffic into their sterile grow room… it is a recipe for disaster. There are dozens of things that we could point out that paints consumers and patients as uneducated or in a very stereotypical way that we are trying to move away from.

As cannabis consumers, most of us have a great sense of humor and can make fun of silly stoner stuff. The jokes might have only been funny to those folks that don’t partake because of misconceptions and stereotypes.  Making a mockery of legendary Cannabis activists is not funny. That’s generally when we take offense.  By the way, did anyone get annoyed with the laugh track or audience in the background as well? I did, and I had to watch the first season strictly for research purposes as to how bad it portrayed the community.

The cast of actors and actresses that made up Disjointed are actually really good at their acting and they were only doing their jobs, so we won’t blame them. The production had an actual Cannabis activist and dispensary operator as their consultant for the show, so she knows better that most of these fictional things that we saw on the show were in fact false. Is Dr. Dina to blame? So that leads us to the creator and producer Chuck Lorre, who you would imagine is a cannabis supporter (he does have some funny shows.) Instead it seems poking fun at the culture and the people is funnier.

What were they thinking would happen if they portrayed real life Cannabis activists, changed their names, but kept their likeness and then basically stripped them from any kind of dignity? Jack Herer had a role in the Cannabis movement and community and it was unfair and disgusting that they portrayed him as they did… sure they changed the characters name on the show, but for anyone that knows of Jack Herer they would know this was tasteless and fictional.

According to Steve DeAngelo’s tweets on twitter (Harborside Health Center) he wasn’t happy that his persona was being used on the show as “Angelo DeStevens.”  Steve posted on his twitter feed today: @stevedeangelo “The real problem with Disjointed was being mean, laughing at us instead of with us. We have already endured more than our share of meanness.” We couldn’t have said it any better Steve!

There are a lot of politics that come with Cannabis and the industry itself has its quarrels or cliques, but one thing is for certain- we will defend our dignity and our Cannabis!