Forget the roses, give your lover something they really want on Valentine’s Day.

There are many products designed to hold your stash, but if you’re looking for something a bit more grown up and sophisticated, then Hakuna Supply has your tastes and needs handled with their beautiful stash boxes and more. Hakuna (as you may know means “no more worries”) and we certainly no longer worry about having a place to stash our cannabis and accessories now that we found Hakuna Supply.  We like these boxes for many reasons starting with the quality of the materials and the thoughtful design that provides versatile functionality.









Whatever your tastes call for, Hakuna has you covered with a variety of choices on how to stash your cannabis and accessories. The Hakuna engraved boxes make great gifts for all your connoisseur friends. Each size offers a different feature, the small engraved box has a rolling tray on top and each includes the most adorable and functional four-piece grinder and jar to get you started. There is still room for papers and other tools. The larger engraved boxes (shown here) have three sections, the longest and widest section has a removable rolling sleeve that can help hold your paper and cannabis in place while you get ready to roll. They also come with a matching grinder and bamboo top jar that has the same image as on the top of the box, absolutely the best gift set.     

The Hakuna black boxes draw in a more modern and sleek design and come in a variety of designs on top; silk screened, engraved, or decorative decal. Each option is flawless and sharp looking. There are dividers inside that allow you to have either 4 sections, 2 sections, or one large section. The customization for your stash is complete with the hinged opening and magnet closure that keeps it all sealed when closed.  These black boxes can also be customized with logos for companies to step up on presentation or again makes a great statement gift.

Look no further for a cleaver hiding place to hide your valuables or cannabis stash than the magnetic closure books that Hakuna Supply has worked into their collection. These books are beautifully wrapped in a synthetic leather and lined inside with plush felt. Each book comes with a full size 4-piece grinder and metal storage tin. We really love how these look on a bookshelf and again, no one will know (unless you share with them) what the book is about.

Get creative with your gift, if you are in a legal sale state, add some green for those extra brownie points from your lover, it doesn’t get more Cannapolitan than that.

Overall, we are impressed with the Hakuna Supply collections of boxes. These boxes will last a lifetime, so don’t hesitate to gift yourself one of these while you’re in the shopping spirit. Get you and yours Hakuna Supply boxes and accessories at

You can save some green by entering the code CANNAPOLITAN during checkout for a 15% discount!