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Cannapolitan’s Top 20 for 4/20 Celebrates the Whole Plant

CBD is everywhere these days and when we say everywhere, we mean even at the grocery store! We have seen locked up stands of CBD products that are buried in the very front of the grocery store. Which begs the question, if CBD is so mainstream, why is it being hidden and locked up to begin with? We also live in a world where you can go to any smoke shop in the US and find CBD products galore, including questionable edible CBD products. So, which one is truly infused with CBD and if so, what is the quality of it and where is it from? These and many other questions start plaguing the mind when it comes to CBD products that can be purchased anywhere and without any oversight.

We saw one CBD product in a popular bedroom bathroom chain store selling CBD in a diffuser! WTF? We highly doubt there is any benefit to infusing your air with scented CBD oils. It seems everyone and their brother has a CBD brand or product these days, so it’s really difficult to decide what is a legitimate product and does it work. Because let’s face it, a lot of these products have a price and generally they’re expensive with no guarantees. If the price point is too low, expect even less results. The best you can hope for is to find an honest review of a product that you might take a chance on. Perhaps try something that a friend or family member recommends. Whatever you decide, do your research and take a look at the following products that we have tested with our review team as we found these to be some of the best available today.

The following brands made our top 20 for 4/20 this year based on months and years of use with our review team members.

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One Love CBD

This brand of CBD tinctures is truly what they say they are. One Love CBD’s story started when the founder, Vincenzo Amato spiral fractured his right femur in 2006 in a wakeboarding accident and decided to try CBD instead of his Doctor’s prescribed Vicodin, Oxycodone, and Norco to manage the pain without the “loopy” and highly addictive side effects of opioids. He had great relief and rehabilitation using CBD for that accident.

Being that Vincenzo was already involved in the early days of the medical Cannabis business in Los Angeles, he already understood the power of this miracle plant. After the dispensary that he helped start was sold years later he still wanted to help people find relief like he did. vinnie and Mollie Amato

Vin and his wife, Mollie discovered a company in Colorado that specializes in developing CBD products that are organic, authentic, and tested with real third-party testing. In 2018 they worked with this company to establish their own tinctures and topical with the name One Love CBD. Since then they have branched their products into dozens of retailers throughout the country and also with dispensaries in Nevada. This is truly a bootstrap success story, Vincenzo and Mollie have started with a strong investment in their dreams of helping others find the relief that Vincenzo found years ago, all the while creating a successful love cbd

One Love CBD offers both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD tinctures that are made of pure CBD from Hemp and also a 500mg topical. Their 1500mg full spectrum tincture is surely the most impressive tincture our team has taken and it’s one of the more easily affordable on the market today. The tinctures come in both unflavored and peppermint flavors. The unflavored tincture is also ideal for animals big and small, human and non-human critters with endocannabinoid systems qualify. Fido can rest easy now too!

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Meli Botanicals CBD Topical Cream

We can’t get enough of Meli Botanical’s CBD Topical. It gives you the ability to bring powerful whole plant CBD and Herbs directly into achy muscles, inflamed areas and arthritic joints. If you have pain in a specific area of the body, this can be a great solution and worth trying. We just discovered this in the last few months and we’re loving it. It feels great on the skin, very moisturizing as well as a pain reliever.

We also love that it has one of the highest amounts of CBD in a topical, which is 1,000mg of CBD. This cream comes with the added benefits of Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Lavender which are really pleasant and not overwhelming to the senses. We have been putting this cream on stiff and sore joints and muscles and it seems to really give relief. CBD topicals often require time for healing, so give it time to get into the area effected.

You can order directly from Meli Botanicals and check out their other CBD products by visiting their site

CBD Living Freeze 300, 750, and 1500mg strengths

This is one of our favorite quick and immediate relief products. CBD Living has been dominating the CBD world for years with their outstanding and diverse line of products that are nano CBD infused. This roll on relief is one-of-a-kind and we haven’t found anything that compares to the long lasting relief you get from their Freeze product. We tried the 300mg, the 750mg, and the 1500mg Freeze on tired necks and backs and our review team was grateful too.

Never have our review team ever discovered a topical that provided such relief and for a good period of time as well. This roll-on is for everyone with a body.

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