As the year draws to a close, we began reflecting on the year in our Cannapolitan world. We strive to feature the very best products, events, and Cannabis (where legally applicable) available.  We are professional grade Cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for quality and superior highs. With that in mind, please find something to vape or smoke on and get ready to discover what is missing in your life with Cannapolitan’s favorite things for 2019 and beyond into this new decade of decadent Cannabis.

Cannapolitan’s Favorite Beauty & Self Care Products 2019

Niru Beauty

Dedicated to bringing you natural and organic products, Niru Beauty has a full formulated skin care line that will have your face thanking you and us for bringing it to you! These products are designed to help you maintain healthy and naturally-glowing skin for all. Leena Roy developed the line and named the company after her mother, Nirmala, Niru for short; meaning “clean and pure” in Sanskrit.

She believes that each ingredient must add benefit to the skin without adding artificial fragrances, colors, or chemicals. Leena found that by using full spectrum CBD oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs it helps to improve the absorption rate and results of her products; along with the added benefits of CBD. CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits that visibly reduce breakouts, especially acne-related redness. Where she sources the CBD from is very important. Leena has taken the proper steps to ensure that the CBD she uses is organic and real CBD with lab results to certify legitimacy.

Antioxidants have properties that counteract free-radical damage to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Niru Beauty products are designed to be gentle, even on the most sensitive skin. One of the miracle ingredients in the skin care line is Turmeric, which has been used for generations in Indian beauty to combat acne, fade dark spots to keep skin healthy and radiant.

These two powerhouse ingredients along with plant oils and essential oils create a dynamic skincare regimen that is ideal to help boost collagen production, encourage cell turnover to improve skin elasticity and firmness, lighten dark spots, balance skin oils, eliminate and prevent acne, as well as promote even-toned skin for all skin types.

The Niru Beauty skincare line includes: Turmeric + CBD Face Masks, Turmeric + CBD Serum, Yuva Anti-Aging Oil and Tejas Glow Turmeric Oil.

 “Time is precious during the holiday season, so having a short and simple skincare routine can be a very effective way to start your morning or end your day on a positive note, which acknowledges the importance of you.” ~ Leena Roy | Founder of Niru Beauty – Beauty by Nature

Slow down the hands of time marching across your face and get Niru Beauty today! Just for Cannapolitans: Save $10 with all orders over $40! Enter CANNAPOLITAN in the promo code section of check out for your exclusive discount. Visit Niru Beauty for more

CBD Living Freeze Roll-on

In the world today when there are so many different CBD products to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? What brands are worthy of your trust? As reviewers, we ask these questions all the time too. Here at Cannapolitan, we test the products that we review thoroughly for an extensive period of time and with various patients so that we can let our readers know what our real-life experiences are with them so you can feel confident to try these products yourself.

We absolutely love CBD Living products, especially the CBD Living Freeze roll-on which is effective pain relief and super easy to self-apply. Most of us don’t want to get our hands covered in topicals, this method of delivery is a sure-fire win for everyone. Apply CBD Living Freeze on yourself or help a friend by applying in harder to reach areas. The roll-0n also lasts for many uses and got a few months out of one bottle.

We’re always a little skeptical about topicals and oftentimes topicals have ingredients in them that give the feeling like they’re working but over time will wear off and have little lasting effect. We experienced long lasting relief beyond the typical experience of a CBD topical with CBD Living’s Freeze.

Each bottle has 120mg of full spectrum nano-CBD. What does that mean, nano? In a nutshell, nano technology allows the CBD to enter the body faster and more efficiently by making it smaller and more soluble. Science is awesome! The folks at CBD Living are taking it next level. You can read more of our full detailed review by clicking here.

CBD Living products have been effective and consistent through our test and review process over the entire year, which is why it is one of our favorite things for health and wellness for 2019 and beyond. Get yours today by visiting CBD Living



Kiskanu is a luxury brand of Cannabis products that includes a line of skincare. We had an opportunity to discover the face oil with both THC & CBD and we’re blown away from the results. Kiskanu face oil is a formula that good for all skin types, including sensitive skin. We had an opportunity to talk with one of Kiskanu’s founders, Gretchen Miller developed the product line. We have been incredibly impressed with this face oil in particular, as it has helped clear skin problems as well as reduce the visibility of rosacea and other skin problems in a very short amount of time, thus why Kiskanu has become one of our favorite things for skin care with THC and CBD. Kiskanu also has a strictly hemp CBD line that has the same quality ingredients minus the THC. We have tried the California version that has THC in it for the record. The Kiskanu skin care line also has infused intimacy oil, suppositories, and a skin rub that is ideal for targeted relief.

What’s inside counts!

Gretchen was kind enough to break it down for us, “We use only the finest cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils including sunflower, argan, coconut, and jojoba to deeply moisturize. We feature Rose Geranium, known for its wound-healing properties and ability to soothe irritated skin, blemishes, inflammation, as well as anxiety. The antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties in our face oil also fight acne and other skin irritations. The cannabis we use has both THC and CBD, providing pain relief, reducing inflammation and relaxing muscle spasms. Cannabis and Calendula both are anti-spasmodic and can help with facial tension, headaches, achy jaws and more. Lavender is a known pain reliever, antifungal, antibacterial, antispasmodic and aids in wound and blemish healing. Wild Carrot is a gentle cell rejuvenator and excellent first line of defense for supporting aging or environmentally stressed skin, while supporting overall skin health. High in Vitamins A and E, our oil promotes radiant and youthful skin by promoting collagen formation leaving skin looking lustrous and radiant.”

Our reviewers have experienced visible improvement in their skin’s appearance and overall skin health. In fact, we wanted to know what would happen if we stopped using it for a week and let’s just say there was a good difference in how your face felt and reacted to being without the nourishment of the Kiskanu face oil. We’re hooked and convinced that the future of great skin care is here.

Discover Kiskanu skin care products with THC & CBD by visiting Kiskanu’s California Cannabis line here.

For everyone outside of California or would prefer to have CBD only, please visit Kiskanu CBD site here.

The Sacred Kiskanu Tree

In ancient Sumeria there was a sacred tree, the Kiskanu Tree, whose branches were used in ritual sprinklings. It is believed to have been the Biblical “Tree of Life” in the Garden of Eden. The name of the tree, “Kiskanu”, serves as our connection between the Tree of Life and Cannabis. The Kiskanu tree was the central point of various rites. A holy grove in the temple is mentioned.

The second part of the name of this notable tree, “kanu” has phonetic similarities with the early names for Cannabis, through the linguistic root “an”, which is found in various cannabis related words; such as the ancient Sanskrit name for hemp “kana”, or “kene”, Persian “canna”, and the original Assyro-Babylonia name for hemp “kannab”, later becoming “qunubu”.


Kush Queen Bath Bombs

These bath bombs got us feeling like queens and kings now that we have luxury bath time with Kush Queen bath bombs! This brand of awesome has been dominating the dojo with their award-winning nourishing bath bombs and topicals for a years. Kush Queen didn’t happen by accident, it took years in the making. The brain behind Kush Queen is woman entrepreneur, Olivia Alexander. Olivia has built her kingdom from the ground up and has persevered to build a multi-million dollar brand by keeping it real and never compromising. She has paid her dues on a number of levels including social media and built the brand and product lines during a very turbulent time in the Cannabis space and came out winning big. We like her style!

We have been a fan of bath bombs, they’re a ton of fun watching the colors fizz around in the bathtub and they smell pretty and feel nice, but Kush Queen has taken the bath bomb and completely revolutionized the experience with their nourishing CBD bath bombs. At first one would be a little skeptical on how well it might work, but after putting these to the test with our review team we’re convinced they really do work and boy do they! One of our reviewers fell asleep in the tub (we promised we wouldn’t share that) but seriously they work wonders after a long day.

Kush Queen has a large variety of bath bombs for every taste and treatment for everyone. Baths aren’t just a lady thing; we know a number of dudes that LOVE these bombs and we had to watch our supply around these guys. As shown here there is even a beautiful pride bath bomb if you’re feeling extra magical or need to feel the magic of a rainbow of color. There’s matcha green tea, relief, relax, love, earl grey, café latte, citrus, and awaken. Each bath bomb has an option of strength of CBD to choose from; 25mg, 100mg, 200mg for each scent. There’s also an Alice +Olivia collaboration bath bomb that has 200mg of CBD! We have tried other bath bombs with CBD, but nothing ever felt nearly as satisfying and noticeably relief inducing like the Kush Queen bath bombs. Outstanding products, company and people that operate with integrity and stand behind their quality products, that’s Cannapolitan approved!

You can get your own Kush Queen products with THC & CBD at California Dispensaries. You can order their famous strictly CBD bath bombs on their website by clicking here and have them directly shipped to your door.