Stop everything you’re doing and focus on what we’re about to share with you which should change the way you think about how you smoke Cannabis regularly. The occasional joint is not a problem for most but for daily smoking you should consider how that use affects your lungs and throat over time. Taking better care of yourself today and every day and protecting your lungs now will have your much older self thanking you later! If you’re already older, then need we say more why you should care. This review feature will demonstrate how SI Pipes work to improve how you smoke Cannabis. We are confident that once you read this review alongside the photos and videos, you too will want to have one of these genius pipes in your collection.  We set out to convert several of our review team members minds about hand pipes and we were successful in no time, here’s why.

Meet your new best friend

Introducing Scientific Inhalations (SI Pipes) double-filter hand pipe. In the photos here you will see two different sizes. The full-size hand pipe is 7 inches long and 2-inch-wide bowl. The smaller “little buddy” is just under 6 inches long with a 1.5-inch-wide bowl. The bowl features a honey comb screen that allows maximum airflow and keeps your flower from being pulled through. That screen continues between the bowl and the filter chamber portion of the pipe for perfect air flow and adequate filtration.

The first stage of the dual filter is carbonized coconut shells that have been through a process of steam and purification. The coconut shells have micro sized holes that capture the tar and other particulates. The second stage is the organic cotton ball. The cotton should always be organic so not to introduce any pesticides or other contaminants that non organic cotton is grown and processed with. We recommend a 50/50 split of each within the filter chamber. The cotton will need to be sized accordingly to the size pipe you choose and should be light and fluffy inside but not packed tight as this will limit the draw.

Designed with your health in mind

These pipes will not only filter out the bad stuff, but will allow you to enjoy the flavor and the potency of the Cannabis you’re about to enjoy. Imagine not having to contend with harsh smoke and be able to focus on the flavor and pleasure instead. SI Pipes hired a well-respected lab and had the filtered system tested against no filtration and the results are astonishing on the levels of pesticides, carcinogens, and toxins that the filter system reduced, click here to review. Finally, a method of smoking cannabis that is a healthier option without losing any benefits of the medicine. This is what SI pipe does the best!

The durability of Si pipes scientific glass is outstanding and will last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. Cleaning these pipes is actually quite simple and not as daunting as it might seem. Soaking the pipe in 91% or greater alcohol for a few minutes in a sealed bag will quickly loosen up and wash clean. We used this method and a small bristle pipe cleaner easily did the rest in no time. The carb hole is adequate to allow pipe cleaners inside easily and was a breeze to clean.

The photo below represents the components of the SI Pipe double filter hand pipe. Each pipe comes with a small amount of carbon and cotton and we recommend picking up an additional bag of each filter component for lasting use and ensuring regular filter changes.  Once you see how quickly the cotton changes from white to yellow and further golden, you’ll really appreciate that residue not being in your lungs. The photo below also demonstrates the various levels of how the pipe gets dirty with use. We suggest to clean the pipe somewhere between the two dirty ones shown here.

Welcome to Cannabis flavor country!

Our review team members were initially concerned about loss in potency but were delighted to discover there was no difference in effects with or without filtration. SI Pipes actually have had lab tests produced to prove this point and the loss in THC was not applicable to notice in the results. The filtration system enhances the flavor of your Cannabis and because you’re not focused on the harshness and the potential coughing, you get to enjoy the flavor and the smoothness that the pipe provides.

Tips and recommendations on how to get the most of your SI Pipe

Our team members all agree that our flowers just got better for a number of reasons when using these hand pipes. One being the cough factor is reduced or eliminated, secondly the flavor is better with the filters in the pipe versus without them! Packing a fresh organic cotton filter inside allows all the flavor to come through. We recommend changing out the cotton somewhere between 5 and 8 bowls depending on the size hand pipe you choose and preference.  You will notice the stickiness and the color of the cotton and what your preference is to keeping each bowl tasting as fresh as possible with use. The coconut shell will also begin to look noticeably gooey after 15 bowls and that is a good time to swap out for fresh coconut carbon so that your hits continue to taste great and the draw is smooth and effortless.

Above is the different levels of use of the cotton filter. The first is no use, the second is one bowl, the third is 5 bowls and the last is roughly 10 bowls filtered.

Five stars! All the features and benefits of better smoking

In conclusion, our goal with this review and the video below is to demystify any perception of complication of use or function. SI Pipes products are easy to maintain and use. There is no loss of potency and the flavor is enhanced with the dual filter process. Owning an SI Pipe creates an awareness of how much better you’ll feel breathing in less tars, carcinogens, and toxins. Also, you’ll pay more attention to enjoying what you smoke. By seeing the images below showing the different stages of the cotton, you can see how much tar and residue isn’t going into your lungs. Just the good stuff coming through with flavor from start to finish. This is a great way to keep your lungs from feeling the full force of combustion as well. If you’re going to smoke, this product will have you believing that there is a better and healthier way, that product is SI Pipes filtered pipes.

Now is your opportunity to try SI Pipes for yourself, because you’re Cannapolitan you’re going to save some green while smoking some green with us!

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