Stundenglass is the party starter!

So, you re-upped on your Cannabis supplies, now you’re ready for a few friends to come over and celebrate 4/20, but how? Reality is we’re still in covid land territory, so how can you celebrate together while being safe? Stundenglass has your back! This contact-less device can smoke out the room and the people in it without having anyone put their mouth on anything! This and many other awesome reasons is why Stundenglass is in our top 20 for 4/20.

Welcome to your newest Cannabis experience with this genius smoking device. Stundenglass has taken the concept of a gravity bong and engineered a better way to deliver Cannabis or tobacco as a hookah. They flipped it and reversed it like a Missy Elliott song.

This awesome capsule is so much fun to use, and it’s even more fun to watch your friends trip out on it. There is a lot of engineering and well thought out functions that make this so much better than the old way… If you’re old enough and brave enough to admit that you hit it on a two-liter bottle and bucket method- that’s what most gen-Xer’s remember from the 90’s.

Stundenglass currently comes in three styles; the sexy black original Stundenglass, Cookie’s theme, and B-Real’s infamous Dr. Greenthumb design. We were lucky to get our hands on the Dr. Greenthumb version before 4/20, as well as the full G-Pen suite of devices that also are Greenthumb’d out. In this feature we’re going to focus on the Stundenglass and touch on the G-Pen Connect which complements this genius device. This is the perfect way to inhale dabs with the Stundenglass.

breal stundenglass

“I am always looking to put my weight behind new innovation that is driving the industry forward. My partnership with Stündenglass ensures that we can continue to enhance the experience for Dr. Greenthumb’s customers. We make a point to feature the top products the industry has to offer and any product that can improve the consumption of our quality brand is a win all around,” says B-Real of Dr Greenthumb’s.

B-Real is absolutely right! He doesn’t get involved with brands or products unless he himself enjoys them and feels they are quality enough to rep his namesake, as it should be. That said, you can feel better knowing the good Doctor Greenthumb approves and uses these products himself.

The Stundenglass is a game changer and is the smoking device that your livingroom has been waiting for!

Open the Stundenglass box and already you will be impressed with how it’s packaged and presented. The box is also something you will want to keep for safe transport of your new Stundenglass in the future, should you decide to grace your friends with its presence. Inside the box, every piece has a special and secured spot to fit in. It’s one of the best packaging of anything I’ve seen in a long time. Even stereo equipment isn’t this well thought out with packaging.

Assembly was easy, it might have felt complicated with the large book of instructions, but really that’s only because they have directions for how to put it together in multiple languages. This thing is extremely well thought out on so many levels.  So, let’s get to the experience of using this device.

Getting to know your Stundenglass

The Stundenglass is not for amateurs, this thing packs a punch, so don’t be intimidated at first use. It takes a little time to find the best method of use for your personal tastes and how much your lungs can handle. If you have the hose attachment on the device you can also plug the end with your thumb and the Stundenglass will slow the progression of water pouring into the bottom dome and filter the smoke again.

As demonstrated in the below video, we found the best method for smoking Cannabis bowls is to fill the bowl on a medium scale. Then when you flip the Stundenglass use hemp wick to light only one side of the bowl at a time. Don’t let this thing suck up so much smoke that it looks yellowish inside, that’s too much. The way to avoid that is to lift the bowl out and set it aside once you have one dome full of smoke. If you’re a bigger badass than our reviewers, then by all means go ahead and flip the unit again to fill the other dome, all while intaking the full dome that you just filled. See example of the method below:


Here’s an example of how to use the G-Pen Connect with the Stundenglass

That’s One Mutha of a Heavy Hitta!

Stundenglass has seriously changed the game for creating art and function with this genius gravity force device! Our team has been impressed with the volume this thing can produce. Get ready to hotbox your living room with a group of friends for 4/20 and every day for that matter with Stundenglass!

As you can see from the videos, you don’t have to put your mouth on the mouthpiece. Also, because the smoke or vapor is being drivin to your mouth as you inhale, your lungs don’t have to work as hard as they would having to pull from a typical water pipe. The thought, engineering and beauty of the Stundenglass is truly a work of art. We’re all in on the Stundenglass, keep it seen and clean, this thing beckons you to use it! And why not! It takes a little bit of practice using it just like all smoking or vaping devices, but it’s that challenge that makes this piece unique and fun for everyone.

Surprisingly Easy to Clean

The Stundenglass is easy to clean and get back into rotation quickly. We recommend taking your time removing the globes and screwing them off  and lifting them up and off the main body of the unit. The globes can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a cool feature, just keep them away from other objects inside. We also use Mile High Cleaner kit for the globes, so that we can get back into it quickly with another sesh.

Tips and Tricks

It’s best when using the Stundenglass with flower to always grind and fill the bowl versus putting a nug inside, it will burn more evenly being ground up. If you can’t inhale all the smoke in one flip and want another round of filtering the smoke, put your thumb on the mouthpiece and flip it once so that the unspent smoke passes through the water a second time. You can continue to keep rotating the device for remaining smoke to empty the chambers, or you can pull on the mouth piece to clear any residual smoke remaining. This would help reduce stale smoke lingering inside. What if you want to stop the flow of the smoke? Just tip the capsule to a neutral position with the glass globes facing horizontally and it will stop the flow of the smoke.

Lastly, have fun with your Stundenglass!

We love flipping it and watching the water bubble through to the dome below.

We also have a full feature on the Dr. Greenthumb version of the latest suite of vaping perfection from G-Pen as well for you to dive into here.

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