Cannabis & Photos provided by THC Design
When two powerhouse strains get together to create a perfect union it’s a beautiful thing. This statement is true with XJ-13, a warrior strain that will have you feeling powerful and full of energy. THC Design’s cultivation team hit the nail squarely on the head with this cross strain of Jack Herer and G-13 Haze. G-13 is a strain of mythical proportions in its own right, according to legend G-13 was originally developed by the government, the US government to be specific. Aside from its legendary origins, the G-13 strain has been crossed over the years for its superior performance and disease resistant properties while growing. G-13 is considered a dominant Indica hybrid then Haze was crossed to create a more balanced, less couch lock effect. Fans of the Jack Herer sativa strain will love the combination of the classic Jack flavor, smell and effects combined with the G-13 Haze creating XJ-13. This XJ-13 will have you winning all day long as a pleasant sativa, providing energy and creative spirit. Did you know that Jack Herer is part Haze? In theory XJ-13 has a double dose of the Haze strain for extra fun. THC Design did right by this strain in total and they serve it up with style and grace. The buds look frosty and full of trichomes that have a variety clear, cloudy and amber heads for a balance head and body effect. The patient and/or consumer will enjoy the full harvest effects of the trichomes and the flavor that each bud produces. Top shelf is all we touch here at Cannapolitan and THC Design is hitting high marks with us on many levels. A feature that we find useful with their cannabis is how well it is trimmed, cured, packaged and labeled with useful details. On the bottom of each jar it has the total cannabinoid values along with a QR code that you can scan with your phone to read more about the strain as well as lab results, this is one of benefits of legalization regulations that everyone can appreciate. The aroma of this strain will be very familiar for a Jack Herer fan; pine, citrus and that strong bite that hits the nose distinctively like no other than Jack Herer. Rightly so that a strain this legendary be named after a great activist and true Cannapolitan. Our review team enjoyed the smooth smoke that was produced in a joint, the ash was nearly all white. When vaped the flavors come alive and tickle your tongue and lips on the inhale. Overall the only disappointment we had was when the jar was empty! XJ-13 by THC Design may have a new classic on their menu with this one. If you have things to do and want an extra enhancer during your day, XJ-13 is an excellent choice. For the sake of irony Cannapolitan is especially proud that this strain is a combination of a once US government experiment strain combined with an American Hemp and Cannabis activist’s namesake strain. What an outstanding way of giving the government the bird on prohibition don’t you think? Cannapolitans in Southern California, you can visit THC Design’s site to find a dispensary near you that carries THC Design cannabis. We found our THC Design products at Purelife Alternative in Chatsworth CA, and may we say an excellent Cannapolitan approved location!