Diamonds are everyone’s best friend, especially if we’re talking about Cannabis diamonds!

We’re thrilled to introduce our readers to this brand as one of our top 20 for 4/20 this year. Over the last few months this brand has been THE talked about brand and is a hot seller at the most stellar shops in SoCal. 5 Carats Live Resin Diamonds & Batters will have you shining bright like a diamond!

“5 Carats is the latest THC diamond brand you should know about in California.” – Cannapolitan reviewer.

In the World of Diamonds, Not All are Created Equal.

In case you’re wondering- 5 Carats is equal weight of 1 gram, thus the namesake. We like it, it sounds sexy! Bling bling! We don’t know any gal or guy who doesn’t like diamonds, do you? These are especially shiny and smell incredible! OMG! Once these terps hit your nose, you’re already feeling the power of what you’re about to melt and inhale.

We had the pleasure of trying out all five flavors of the brand’s initial product offerings. Initially the first five are actually a mixture of concentrates, two diamond flavors and three batters. Each one of these concentrates vaped clean, smooth, and incredibly tasty.

We used the latest products from G-Pen that we’ve been reviewing, for the review of these concentrates that we’re also featuring in our 20 for 4/20, the G-Pen Roam and G-Pen Connect.

THC Diamonds 5 Carats

Let’s Get into the Flavors.

5 Carats has a different color for each flavor.

THC Baguette Diamonds

These diamonds ranked high in the top favorites of our review team. This fruity and luscious jar is packed with good vibes. After a small taste your surroundings are brighter and more colorful! Well, maybe that’s just because of the clear headed, creative energy that this strain produces. It had us feeling extremely happy and motivated. The flavor is sweet, subtle hints of plums and exotic fruits. Outstanding balance of different size diamonds that are holding the terpenes on their own, not swimming in an over abundance of terps, which is what you want- balance. This allows you to enjoy the flavors, the purest THC diamonds and with zero cough. This is a perfect morning or daytime concentrate.

Do Si Dos Diamonds

5 Carats diamondsThere’s a distinct flavor profile of these Do Si Dos Diamonds that will have you sit up and take notice. Although it may not have a strong overbearing smell that emanates from the jar once opened, it’s certainly one of a kind. Definitely a walk through a forest of lemon trees and pines would describe the aroma. Once again, these diamonds are coated with just the right amount of terpenes. The size of these rocks are stunners! There looks like there truly is a one carat rock along with others that nearly match in size inside the jar, fantastic quality, nice variety.

Papaya Mango Badder

After 2020, we’re ready for a tropical vacation! Luckily for us, we don’t have to go far to get a taste of the tropics with this sparkly, fluffy badder. Papaya Mango tastes just like it’s namesake, it’s terpy and uplifting when vaped. This is a perfect extract for exploring or tackling some creative endeavors. It did bring on the munchies fairly well on an empty stomach. This one comes in nearly at 68% THC, giving you a wonderful flavor and a feeling of well-being. This one also ranked high with our team.  475F melted this beautifully and screamed flavor along with a nice experience.

Watermelon Zkittlez Badderwatermelon zkittlez 5 Carats

Candy dabs is more like it! This was a surprising flavor as it smells one way, and yet it has a sweeter taste. The Limonene and Pinene terpenes are especially clear upon first nose. The consistency is sugary and easy to dab. It was unanimous across the team that this one definitely tastes like Zkittlez. If you can find true Zkittlez flower, this extract tastes on point. The Limonene is dominant smell and effect. The team reported feeling extremely happy, talkative, giggly and euphoric. Most of us found that this one was better for the evening, when you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. We found 500F to be an ideal temp for flavor and smoothness.

 Birthday Cake Badderbirthday cake badder 5 carats

Who doesn’t love a birthday cake? Especially when it can take you to the moon and back. That’s what this strain did. This badder is very gooey and more viscous versus the other two badders that had a fluffy texture that is easy to dispense. This one needs a sightly hotter setting for taste and effect, we set the G-Pen Roam at 550F. The aroma is also unique in itself as it has a more pungent sour smell. This is a pro level concentrate coming in at 66% THC, it may not be 83-87% like the diamonds, but it has a unique body and head high that will knock you back. This may be a good movie and chill dab of a time.

“5 Carats of magnificence!”– Cannapolitan review team.

5 Carats Cannabis concentrates

(Do Si Dos Diamonds magnified above)

Overall, we’re highly impressed with the 5 Carats brand. Being the new kid on the block, this company has a strong future ahead and we suspect they’re going to compete well with other top shelf brands.

This is a superior brand of concentrates and we’ve just learned that the line will eventually become all diamonds with a maximum of 5 flavors dropped at a time. Make sure to ask for 5 Carats at your favorite dispensary throughout California. If your store doesn’t have them, ask them to carry this quality line of Cannabis bliss!

Finding a brand that can deliver the goods by sight, smell, potency, and taste is what sets great concentrates apart from the rest. 5 Carats has proved to us to be one of the best on the market today.

One of our favorite shops that carries 5 Carats:

Purelife Alternative Wellness Center

20751 Marilla St, Chatsworth, CA 91311