This highly potent sativa is a power player for that clear head, yet enhanced mindset that will lead you into a productive day. We blinded our review team from any knowledge of the brand or the strain name, so that they could not be swayed by hype or impression of flavor for the most unbiased review possible.  In the end, our team loved the super spirited feeling that they experienced with this strain. It has a very clear headed yet creative component that made the day and afternoon breeze by with productivity. The aroma is light with a sweet citrus and pine predominant notes followed by a faint hint of vanilla that is very subtle. The buds are very meticulously trimmed by hand as our review team could tell by sight and scope. They have been well handled and most of the outside surfaces of all the buds have intact trichomes with a combination of clear and cloudy heads. We would prefer to see at least 80% or greater in cloudy trichomes, however this batch was more in the 50/50 range of clear and cloudy trichomes, which will have an outcome on the effect that the buds produce. According to THC Design’s website, lemon meringue is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies & Cream. This batch was tested through Cannalysis Labs and came in at 28.4% total THC and a total cannabinoid count of 29%. The two most dominant terpenes in lemon meringue are Myrcene followed by Ocimene. There are other terpenes that also help round out the experience one has with this strain. Interestingly enough Ocimene is higher and more dominant in this cross of genetics than most strains today, it is known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which have great benefits for patients all around.  The high levels of Myrcene in this strain would also improve stress relief and promotes muscle relaxation, so this is not the ideal sativa for sports or heavy activity. This sativa is excellent for working on a computer or creative activity that doesn’t require a lot of physical requirements. Overall our team was very pleased with the effects, timing, smell and taste of the buds. Once we revealed the packaging and brand to the team they were impressed with the jar design and ease of use to open the jar. We also really appreciate the label on the bottom that has a QR code that leads to the THC Design’s site as well as to the test results through Cannalysis labs website. The added bonus and finishing touch was the addition of the super cute small Boveda brand humidor pack that regulates the level of humidity of the buds inside the jar. We really found this to be a great move on THC Design’s part in preserving their product and keeping it at the optimum freshness. If the consumer/ patient has to contend with prepackaged cannabis sold in this fashion, we appreciate these types of efforts to make it worthy of the new experience that most Californians are experiencing since July 1st regulations took effect. Lemon meringue from THC Design will have you feeling relaxed yet energized and inspired. You can find locations that carry THC Design’s products by visiting their website at