Cannapolitan’s Holidaze Gift Guide is intended to help make your life shopping for gifts for your Cannabis friends and family easier. We have done all the work testing and reviewing the following products with our team and feel these are perfect gifts from small to large, inexpensive to luxe- we got you covered on the greatest Cannapolitan gifts. Check it out!

Highrize Mini Pre-rolls are FIRE!

We’ve said it before and we’ll shout it again, we LOVE Highrize mini pre-rolls! There’s not very many pre-rolls that are worth mentioning.

It stands to reason that being in California, we would have more pre-rolls to rave about, but we just haven’t found a pre-roll that matches the quality that Highrize has. There are definitely some contenders and we’ve featured a few here in Cannapolitan thus far.

We know, we literally have boxes of pre-roll containers from dozens of California brands that don’t live up to the Highrize standard for us. We’ve had some good, some great, others not worth writing home about. But through it all, none of them compare to the smoothness and consistency that Highrize pre-rolls provide. That’s even regardless of the strains too! Highrize in our book, reigns supreme. Highrizes come in Indica, Sativa, CBD varieties, and hash infused. The hash infused is our favorite choice, 15% water hash inside on top of of grade A flower inside.

Their awesome packaging includes 12 mini pre-rolls that add up to a total of 4 grams in each tin. If you want the very best pre-rolls to give as gifts, your friends will really appreciate your effort to give them only the best! To find out where to find Highrize for yourself visit them here.


The Chillax Pak is a Perfect Smokers Companion

chillax pak

We came across these wonderful handmade sets while at a street fair one day in October and knew they would be a perfect holiday gift. The Chillax Pak is a stylish fabric pouch that has pockets on the outside to hold your lighter, papers, and all of the much needed tools that are included and attached by these beautiful beaded leashes. The pouch itself is large enough to hold a small film container for your flower and perhaps a small grinder. There is also included a beautiful hand blown glass Chillum pipe which is also attached and has a pocket designed to rest inside. The poker and packer and joint clip tools are also lovingly leashed onto the pouch so that everything stays together. The well thought out pouch even has a magnet sewen into the bottom so that the tools stay in place inside the front pocket.

This is Hippy technology at its finest! Sometimes all you need is a kit like this along with your favorite flower and you’re ready to go! We absolutely adore this Chillax Pak and the lovely woman that makes them. The artisan behind this beautiful little package of joy is truly an artist. Shelley Rogers Johnson is a artist of all sorts, she even is commissionable for painted pet portraits. Her work is truly magical. If you’re looking for a unique and special handmade gift for someone this season, look no further.  Check out her work and all products she offers for sale by visiting

Use code DEC20 to get 20% OFF your entire order, mention you found her here at Cannapolitan.



 GRAV Glass Water Pipes & Glass Joints

The Empress Grav

Nothing quite says I LOVE YOU better than a sexy water pipe! Looking to get yourself or your love something new to smoke out of? Then get ready for a class above the rest when considering GRAV glass pieces for your special someone. The GRAV team have designed hundreds of smoking devices to satisfy anyone’s preferences and desires. Take the pieces below as examples of the elegance and sophistication that the Empress offers, or maybe you prefer the easy to handle “sip series” of GRAV water pipes and bubblers that offer ease of use, cleaning and provide massive hits! Not to mention, the design and clean edges are beautiful. Either way, you’re sure to find a GRAV piece that speaks to you or reminds you of your special someone that would benefit from a work of art and has a considerable amount of R&D put into it.

Grav Labs Slush Cup

GRAV just also recently launched their latest product, the GRAV glass joint. This system is fantastic! We absolutely love these easy on the go set of glass cartridges with their own mouthpiece that changes the game on paper joints and provides fresh green hits throughout the experience. grav glass joint

Check out their site for all GRAV products available to order online and shipped directly to you or your gift recipient.

Get yours and don’t forget your gifts by clicking here.


Viv & Oak Cannabis Infused Beverages

Viv & Oak Cannabis wine

Viv & Oak Cannabis infused beverages are a unique find and an easy gift to give Cannabis users of all levels. This is especially a great infused beverage for low tolerances or new Cannabis users who enjoy wine and other alternative drinks. Viv & Oak options include high CBD and low THC and a moderately low THC only. Viv & Oak have crafted a completely unique beverage in the market that can’t be replicated. The flavors stand on their own, and provide an ease in kind of vibe and high. Our team enjoyed the flavor or the Shimmering Blush which is a 1:1 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD blend. There is also a 50mg THC Shimmering Blush for those interested in exploring further.

This woman owned company started when the founder, Alana Burstein had gotten tired of drinking wine and dealing with the side effects of alcohol and wanted a better and healthier alternative. The result is Viv & Oak. Her company’s drive to become one of the leading non-alcoholic cannabis wine beverages on the market today. Based in California and available at dispensaries. To learn more on where to find Viv & Oak, visit the website here.

Support women owned Cannabis businesses all the while sip-sippin’ your way through your day, afternoon, or evening.

Viv and Oak owner

 Garden Society Chocolates California

Garden Society Cannabis Chocolates

No better gift than chocolate! Especially gourmet chocolate with Cannabis inside! These are some of the most delicious mouth-watering melty indulgences to hit your tongue. Garden Society is based in Sonoma County (wine country) in Northern California. This woman founded and owned brand of Cannabis delights has been at it since 2016.

This brands’ of Cannabis edibles and pre-rolls (called rosettes) are incredibly well thought out, beautifully packaged, and potent!

Each of the three different options are sure to take you to your happy place, just be mindful of your dosing as we always caution less experienced Cannabis edible users to take it low and slow. Garden Society makes it easy to dose accordingly to your mood and level of activity.  Check out our full review feature on Garden Society products here.

Dark Chocolate with a Bite!

We had brighter days with every square of the spiced dark chocolate bar, wow what a punch in the taste buds! The brighter day sativa themed bar is vegan. All bars are gluten free and made with fair trade chocolate. These squares are spicy enough to call your attention, but the heat is balanced by the dark chocolate. The flavor is intriguing and will have you on holiday in no time. This bar reminds us of a spicy Mexican hot cocoa with a complexity of flavors. Each bar contains 100mg of THC, each square conveniently set at 10mg. These are certainly edibles to have in your stash for 4/20.

Milk Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt

The blissful rest bar is a luscious milk chocolate with a light sprinkle of sea salt. Get ready to enjoy your day or evening with this bar. Each of Garden Society’s chocolates have a rich truffle like consistency that will have you at the first taste. This bar has 10mg of THC and 1mg of CBD in each square. It has a well-balanced effect and is ideal for Cannabis lovers that suffer from anxiety with too much THC strictly. We absolutely adore this bar and feel it’s a great example of what makes Garden Society stand out.

Have Some CBD in Your Life

Once again, GS is blowing our minds with their unique recipes and combinations. The calm & focus bar features a very complex and flavorful milk chocolate with the Zen of chai spices. This is a delightfully tasty bar and unlike anything you’ve had before. Each square is packed with 10mg of full spectrum CBD and a 1 mg hint of THC.  This is a great first timer edible that won’t have you buggin out! Safe enough to chill grandma out without having to worry about her tripping balls. YA! We did share some of this bar with a 90-year-old grandma who LOVED this experience. It is just enough to help ease your body’s aches and pains all the while taking the edge of everyday stress off your mind. If we trust Garden Society’s products enough to share with someone’s grandma, that should eliminate any hesitation.

Check out their full product line and where to find their products in California dispensaries and delivery services statewide. Visit their site here. Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @grdnsociety



Stundenglass Gravity Water Pipe / Hookah

Stundenglass dr greenthumb


Are you really ready to impress your friend or family member with a gift that everyone can gather around and enjoy? Well then look no further to Stundenglass! Their gravity water pipe system is state of the art and will have everyone in the house high and happy. This device is perfect for contact less seshes that will blast beautiful smoke or vapor into your mouth by the pressure of the water funneling down into the bottom dome. This wonder of a gravity bong goes far beyond the typical “gravity bong” that’s for sure. Not only can you use it for power flower bowls but also for vaping concentrates.

stundenglass livingroom

G-Pen Connect shown above attached to Stundenglass.

The G-Pen Connect is the perfect companion for vaping concentrates either a dab at a time or in a continuous party move by filling the ceramic bowl with plenty to go around the room. They really thought of everything with this! Adjustable temps, ceramic bowl, fast heating, easy cleaning, and the important auto shut-off is ultimate for forgetful moments. These two devices together are going to have your entire household flipping for hits! Check out more about Stundenglass and the G-Pen Connect here.

Check out B-Real demonstrating how it works: