We have a new everyday smoke thanks to an innovative Cannabis company delivering dank and saving you bank!

Things have changed since California started regulating adult use sales of Cannabis. Prior to “legalization” your herb was sold in much larger quantities than 1/8ths. Medical patients could pick up a half ounce of this, and an ounce of that and pay a fair (not always so reasonable we know) price for it. Today most Cannabis is sold an eighth of an ounce at a time.

Now, just imagine for a moment and think back to when you could buy a big, beautiful, dank, delicious sack of weed at a reasonable price??… it’s ok, take your time…We’ll wait…. Go ahead, really…. We thought so! Well it’s time to rest your pretty head because behold; we have discovered a Cannabis company who has a whole new mission for all your big bag needs.

Union Electric Cannabis

We Are Thrilled to Introduce You to the Union Electric Cannabis Company!

Union Electric understands our desire for great quality Cannabis in bulk! Because serious Cannapolitans don’t always want to buy an eighth at a time – not that variety isn’t the spice of life, but we want something to smoke on often that works for us. As you may already know, once you find something that works for you, you stick with it. Tokers that smoke on the daily, finding that special bud at a reasonable price… This is something you’d be interested in, right? That’s what we wanted!

Union Electric are Cannabis lovers that have developed an excellent business model that Cannabis lovers will appreciate. They offer their exclusive brand of Cannabis grown in select farms within the heart of the state. Patients and consumers in California now have the opportunity to buy your buds by the ounce and half-ounce options at a fair and reasonable price with quality and quantity in mind.

We had the pleasure of reviewing their Fatso OG this past month and we’re excited to share. This stuff is fire!

Union Electric Logo

“Farm Direct Ounces with Next Day Delivery”

How Much Can I buy?

As medical patients in California, you can purchase up to 8 ounces of Cannabis at a time! That’s a lot of flower! Thank goodness there are still benefits of being a patient in California. Recreational (over 21 years old) customers can purchase up to an ounce at a time.  Uncle Snoop needs variety too in bulk, you know he’s a patient!

Where Do They Deliver?

Union Electric has a network of delivery/ distribution services that deliver specifically for Union Electric throughout California. The best way to see if they service your home or office is to click here and plug in your zip code to where you will be receiving your order. At this time cash is required upon delivery.

The service is exceptionally efficient. We placed our order on Thursday morning and scheduled it for the following day between 12-2pm. A text was sent notifying that the order was on its way and gave an exceptionally accurate estimate of arrival. Sure enough within two minutes a final txt came in describing our delivery driver, car color, make and be prepared with your ID/ driver’s license and exact cash.

I didn’t see anything wrong with tipping the driver, not sure if that is allowed, but it’s LA! You got to support the hard-working Covid world heroes, especially delivery drivers with your Cannabis!

Fatso OG Union Electric POSSIBL project

Fatso OG is Dank and Will Spank You Good with 30% THC!

These nugs are Fat indeed! Fat with aroma, taste and potency, these dense buds are heavy hitters. The minute you open the bag the room fills with fresh trees and spicy punches to your nose. The smell is truly a pleasure to be around. The well-manicured yet, less molested surfaces of the buds are in their natural beauty and shapes. The baby of Garlic Cookies and Legend OG, this Fatso OG is definitely not for amateurs. This is exactly the strain that we needed in our lives all this year! This is the perfect stay at home safe strain and might be the cure for Covid land (think Zombie Land only this is real) woes.

Taste and Effects

The smoke is a full-bodied smoke with that OG bite and gassiness. There is something very distinct about the OG variety of Cannabis that grabs the palate differently from the others. It’s difficult to explain, it’s something best experienced. The heavy cerebral effects will be felt in the eyes and will carry you into your own world. Your body will feel the relaxing invitation to take a load off. You’re not completely stuck, yet you’re not ready for heavy tasks after smoking this one. This strain is best enjoyed when you can just sit and relax and enjoy the ride.

Not to say that physical activity is off the table, it’s a matter of your own motivation and the time of day will also have an impact on how Fatso OG gets you. Yes, it will get you good and plenty happy and hungry as well, so be prepared with some food options.

High Expectations

Our team was a bit taken aback by the quality of the buds and the generous size of the buds throughout the ounce bag, just a few small bowl size buds, but mostly the buds are 1-1.5 grams! I expected to see a lot of small buds (bottom of the plant buds) for the money spent, so Union Electric really has impressed myself and my team of Cannabis lovers.

The full glorious bag of stinky good Fatso OG will keep you in the green for a much longer stretch than the eighth at a time game. Sure, you can spend more and get less, but with Union Electric you can spend a little more up front, but save BIG in the long run and you don’t have to compromise quality, taste, smell and most importantly the experience that only you can describe on your own.

Union Electric is Cannapolitan, they care about the environment, the farmer, the culture and they too are Cannabis enthusiasts that want to bring great Cannabis to the people.

Union Electric is making it even easier to stock up at an amazing price point by offering up half-ounces of each of their strains. We did happen to pick up some of their Magic Melon which tastes just like melons and has a great motivating sativa energy and also their Wonka Bars which also is a great on the daily daytime smoke. We’ll get into those more in our next review with Union Electric because we’re certainly not done enjoying making it rain with plenty of buds to go around with these ounce deals!

And what a deal they are, right now their half-ounce bags start at $75! That’s an ounce of great quality flower for only $150! Prices can vary depending on the strain, but most of their strains available at time of press were this price point, which is outstanding. Most customers know that they can easily spend $40-$65 for an eighth plus taxes, so a half-ounce at $75 plus taxes has considerably greater value for the money and once again you’re not compromising on quality or potency. Give Union Electric a try today, we truly believe you will not be disappointed.

From Farm to Bag to Bowl

These buds are grown from Union Electric’s first farm in their flower express program is a farm called the Posibl Farm. You can read more about this unique and repurposed landscape that once grew flowers, now grows another kind of flower. Click here POSIBL Project to learn more about the farm and why knowing where your Cannabis comes from is important.


Union electric fatso og

Getting great quality Cannabis in bulk at a great price is what makes Union Electric a leader in their class.

Everything about 2020 has been challenging for every being on the planet in one way or another. Getting great quality Cannabis at a great price has always been a challenge, especially since legalization here in California – Yeah, we said it! You can’t completely blame your dispensary or the grower, it’s the abundance of taxes and fees that are now required to get the product to the consumer that is now stifling the market for everyone involved.

All that being said, Union Electric is a Cannabis company and brand that is determined to fill the market the best way they can, one ounce at a time! Union Electric is certainly raising the bar for great greenhouse grown Cannabis at an affordable price that everyone can appreciate. Order your own half or full ounce today and have it delivered the next day or when it fits your schedule.

To find out more about Union Electric, where they deliver, and their current menu of strains available; visit them at UnionElectric.co


Sign up for their informative and fun email newsletter, they’re truly Cannapolitan in their effort to educate their customers and save them money! Follow them on Instagram @joinunionelectric



Group photo of Union Electric bags was provided by Union Electric and is photographed by Mari Juliano (marijuliano.com)

Fatso OG Cannapolitan

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