There’s no question in our mind that the first smoking piece we would feature for our Top 20 for 420 this year would be our favorite daily driver, the Scientific Inhalations triple filter water pipe.

This is one of the most healthful smoking devices you will ever own.

Breaking it down by section:

The S.I. Pipes original McFinn’s triple filter has two options for the perc color and has two different size filter tubes to choose from. The bowl has a multi hole honeycomb style filter built in to eliminate less ash falling through to the filter below, all the while providing great airflow. The filter tube below the bowl has all-natural carbonized coconut shells that are designed to capture the ash, carcinogens and residue that the burning flower produces. The tiny pores of the small shell pieces absorb residues and toxins.

Next is the main body that holds water that the smoke then percolates through. The percolator is very sufficient, it’s not ordinarily fancy but it provides plenty of filtration and cooling of the smoke. Lastly, the smoke travels up the well jointed glass to another filter tube filled with organic cotton to catch the any other unwanted toxic particles, pesticides and much more. The joint on the main water pipe is angled perfectly for comfort for the user to simply light, pull the bowl when ready to release the smoke through. No uncomfortable angles to pull from and the pull and drag on each hit is with ease and no straining.

si pipes organic cotton

Scientific Inhalations makes smoking your Cannabis more pleasurable, flavorful, and healthier way to smoke.

The result is the smoothest smoking experience we’ve ever had. No choking for air. Yet with all the filtration, you don’t lose potency of your smoked Cannabis. In fact, because you’re not having to focus on not coughing, you’re able to really get all the flavors of the Cannabis. In our opinion smoking with the triple filter expresses more flavor than without the filtration. The triple filter is unlike anything you’ve smoked out of. Take the challenge and compare with a typical water pipe versus the S.I. Pipes triple filter and we think you’ll agree.  If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps seeing the levels of the organic cotton catching all the bad stuff within the first bowl will make you think.

Above is a perfect example of the stages of the organic cotton. Left is unused, the second is one bowl, the third is five bowls, and the last is about 7 bowls. After years of experience and to provide you with the tastiest hits, we recommend changing the cotton every 5 bowls. After that point the cotton becomes too inundated. It’s best to refresh your cotton often for maximum flavor and provide maximum potency of the herb you’re smoking. Separate the cotton ball so that it is stretched and provides air to pass through it with ease as well when loading.

Another thought when looking at the cotton is how all that tar and residue is not making it to your lungs or your teeth! Think about it, how much are regular Cannabis smokers’ teeth discolored from smoke? Saving you a trip to the dentist for whitening, thanks S.I. Pipes!

How many glass makers have their product tested for health? Only Scientific Inhalations!

This pipe is legit and better for you than no filtration! In fact, the proof from independent labs that this pipe can actually reduce or remove toxins, pesticides, and more from the smoke is evident that it works. Check out the lab results here on SI’s website.

SI Pipes Triple Filter pipe

Your health is your wealth, boy ain’t that the truth!

A lot of us appreciate this even more in the past year than any other time. Scientific Inhalations has been producing better ways to smoke your Cannabis and still enjoy every bit of flavor and potency for well over a decade now. They also produce double filtered pipes, filtered steamrollers, and really cool one hitters that all have the same great filtering solutions. We believe you will absolutely love this waterpipe!

Family-owned American glass makers based in Grass Valley, California.

Victor and Patty Gallicchio are the owners of Scientific Inhalations. They have made it their mission from the beginning to be more than just another bong making glass company. Victor, spent much of his early career in the glass business for commercial purposes. It was later in his career that he took his love for natural medicine to the next level with these filtered wonders. Patty is Victor’s right hand glassblower, together they are versatile in their skillsets. They also make beautiful wine aerators and wine glasses.  Only the finest materials including the carbonized coconut shells and organic cotton are used with S.I. Pipes products. The whole S.I. team is really awesome and knowledgable. Whether it be Cannabis or wine, they know how to make it taste so fine!

Many lives have benefitted from S.I.’s years of operation making these wonderful pipes. They certainly saved my lungs and everyone around me who has tried their products. The triple filter is more than a pro Cannabis device, it’s for everyone who wants to still smoke, but have a healthier method.  Their reputation for using the strongest glass is evident that the triple filter we started smoking with 10 years ago, is still in action today! Since then the pipes have improved in subtle but meaningful ways in design and function.

Get your own and discover how much better your Cannabis tastes and smokes with the Triple Filter from S.I. Pipes.

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