Light up your life in a new colorful way to satisfy your Cannabis desires. Introducing Nuvata, this elegantly designed vape that will have you feeling great whatever your mood or activity. The Cannapolitan team had a great experience with Nuvata vapes, these fun and tasty cloud busters are one of a kind. Nuvata is a new way to enjoy Cannabis that should be experienced, regardless of your level of tenure with the plant. We feel this vape will surprise and delight the senses. Choose your own adventure with Nuvata’s colors and flavors to best suit your palate and desired effects.

The Nuvata team designed these vapes to enhance your Cannabis experience based on the variety of formulations that they have so carefully crafted into six delicious choices. Inside each disposable Nuvata vape is lab tested Cannabis distillate oil alongside a specific recipe of terpenes and natural fruit flavors that help paint the experience.  Our review team spent well over a month of time with Nuvata vapes, using each for different situations or team member’s needs. We found each Nuvata vape to be a finely tuned delivery system that can be repeated consistently every time.

This line of Cannabis vapes are a great advantage for any consumer. Whether you are looking for a more medicinal effect or more of a functional enhancement that can help improve and increase: creativity, focus, relaxation, or reduce anxiety- Nuvata has a formulation for you. Each vape has .5ml of oil inside which provides roughly 200 average 3-second draws. We also have to mention that every attempt to draw was successful (this is sometimes a fail halfway through our reviews when cartridges start failing or stop working.) We are really pleased to report back that each Nuvata vape was functional until the last drop of oil appeared in the window. Nuvata’s window allows you to see the beautiful oil until you run out, which we appreciate.  Here is our experience with the flavors we tested.

Nuvata’s rainbow of choices are also in order of effect from stronger head high on through more of a full body calming effects. The flavors do tend to flow nicely with the desired effects down the line. These vapes are super discrete and won’t leave the user or the environment around you smelling like typical Cannabis, instead you only smell fruit flavors. The soft touch of the vape feels nice in the hand and the texture provides greater grip. The vape is light and compact in size at just slightly over 3” tall. This is the perfect brand and product for anyone who wants a consistent product each and every time along with stealthy looks and no odor makes this a great choice for the professional that can’t express their Cannapolitan ways at the office.

Each Nuvata vape we tested had an average of 69-72% THC Content with a healthy dose of CBD ranging between 8.5-10%. This ratio combined with the natural terpene profiles that vary in each different blend of vape explain why we noticed a well-balanced experience with each flavor we tried and tested for over a month under different environments and review team members. Most of our reviewers came to this review challenge with an open mind about flavored vapes minus one who “I prefer Cannabis flavored Cannabis!” The consensus in the end was that we ALL enjoyed a change of pace from the typical cannabis strain specific vapes that are flooded in the marketplace. Here’s the full line-up of Nuvata vape flavors:

Nuvata Full Mind Strawberry Flavor (Red)

Inspires creativity and perspective along with motivation to keep your day going. This vape also has a small amount of myrcene and linalool which produces a calm and relaxed feeling that should help reduce anxiety in those that are sensitive to THC.  This is the perfect choice for active people that enjoy creative mindfullness with a strong motivating experience.

Nuvata Mind Dominant Tangerine Flavor (Orange) Cannapolitan Tested

This uplifting formula sits just below the top of the Nuvata spectrum with a heady edge and a touch of body that is well balanced and kept us going throughout the day.  The fresh taste of tangerines tantalizes the senses and says good morning! This blend will have your mind in a more meditative place with a slightly uplifted spirit to boot. The CBD percentage is 10% and it balances the head high just right without any fog or hazy feeling, yet the THC is clearly in charge at 71%.

Nuvata Mind Body Balance Tropical Flavor (Yellow) Cannapolitan Tested

One of our team favorites! The tropical flavor is divine and well balanced in both mind and body with spot on effects. The outstanding level headed focused mindset is there. This formula won’t drag your activity level, but at the same time you’re willing to take things in stride with patience. That’s the best way we can describe this experience, it’s truly like being on vacation at the beach.

Nuvata Mind Body Balance Lime Flavored (Green)

This blend is intended to provide an energetic, uplifted, creative, and focused mindset. Meanwhile the linalool and myrcene produce a relaxed and calming effect on the body without the couch lock. The lime flavor is expressed with each draw and has a light and refreshing aroma and taste.

Nuvata Body Dominant Blueberry Flavored (Blue) Cannapolitan tested

Here’s where the Nuvata spectrum gets deep into calm and creative. Blueberry is heavy in Limonene and Myrcene which provides this effect.  The strong Caryophyllene terpenes provide an uplifting mindset. Linalool and Humulene finish this blend providing a balance of overall calm that washes over you without a heavy drag.

Nuvata Full Body Wild Grape Flavored (Purple) Cannapolitan tested

Get your full body experience with this Nuvata vape. The wild grape reminds us of our favorite childhood candies or drinks. The full body Nuvata vape provided relief, relaxation, and helps you forget about the pain. In this case we gave our review team member who just had hernia surgery on the task of testing this Nuvata and she could not be happier! After surgery she didn’t want the narcotics that the doctor offered instead used the Nuvata vape to help relax the body as well as reduce the pain associated with the surgery. Anytime after a hernia surgery, laughing too hard or coughing is extremely painful and lasting, this vape provided a smooth draw with no cough and lasting pain relief. We’re happy to report she is recovering well thanks to helping us test this wonderful product.

 In Conclusion

Overall, we’re really impressed with the full experience that Nuvata vapes provide. The stealthy flavors and aroma that is left behind allow us to be Cannapolitan in a lot more places too! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this rainbow of flavors at the most ideal timing with Pride month in full swing! Nuvata is certainly Cannapolitan recommended. We look forward to sharing more about Nuvata and the science that goes into their products. They are experts in their field for formulating a product line that speaks to every patient and consumer that is looking for next level Cannabis innovation. To learn more about Nuvata visit their site at

When in California find a location to purchase Nuvata by clicking here

What was the inspiration behind the brand name and motivation to create Nuvata?

Andy Singh, Founder and CEO of Nuvata explains:

“Nuvata was initially coined by combining two separate terms, “nu” and “vata”.  Nu stood for the new way or bringing something new to life, re-envisioning of art. Vata is one of the 3 Doshas in Ayurvedic culture. Vata refers to Space and Air. The Mind Body Series enables the regulating of your internal body mechanisms (space), opening up channels of wellness and mindfulness unlocking space within. Nuvata brings convenience to life by unlocking space within and gliding through life as if you are on a cloud of air through the use of this spiritual healing plant. I am Thai-Indian-American and wanted Eastern values to coincide with Western culture through cannabis.”

“Nuvata was born out of our passion to  increase awareness of the cannabis plant chemistry by moving beyond the traditional indica and sativa classifications. We get right down to the molecular structure—because that’s where the magic happens.”