Photo by Wildflower. Cannabis provided by RDC in Reseda, CA.

What would a Velvet Diablo would look like? Perhaps a handsome looking devil wearing a velvet suit? We soon discovered what makes this strain a thrill to review. This Diablo comes at you fast and hard, especially by the second bowl or vape basket. The velvet in the title must refer to its velvety appearance and smooth smoke with no choke. We passed it around the team for inspection and for thorough testing via various methods, mainly smoking and vaping. When vaping this smooth devil, the aroma comes through with a bold saturation of dark fruits and spices; red wine comes to mind. Often times Cannabis can smell a certain way but taste different, however this strain tastes as good as it smells. This Velvet Diablo took no time to settle in behind the eyes and relax its willing victims. Phrases from the review team when describing this strain were: relaxed, energetic feeling with the ability to think clearly, fell deeper in tasks or conversations. Smoke-ability factor is superb, this is the perfect example of what a good cured bud should taste and smoke like.

Don’t be afraid of the purple flowers, they are slightly more exotic than the greener variety of Cannabis, but like all good Cannapolitans we have to try them all.  The Velvet Diablo is a unique and rare strain that we have only found once at RDC in Reseda, CA. At the time of this review they grew it for their patients and customers. They carry many strains that you won’t find elsewhere, when in Southern California, make sure to check them out.  RDC Collective