Well it’s still anyone’s guess who will be our next president…anytime now. One thing’s for sure, Cannabis is the clear winner across the board this election. Finally, the country is coming together on a topic that we can all agree with! This year has been insane! The hard-core division of the country with the presidential race. Then there’s the madness and uncertainty of a global pandemic that has killed millions worldwide that has also shut down our economies and communities. Add in the civil unrest that is causing destruction of communities due to bad police and systemic racial injustices that continue to happen in the United States. It’s a year of wreckening in a lot of ways. And we’re not done yet with 2020.

Cannabis to the rescue!

If there is any light at the end of the tunnel as far as the vote is concerned, Cannabis won the election nationwide! The prohibitionists must be quaking in their boots right about now. Four states voted for full adult use legalization and we added Mississippi to the list of medical Cannabis states. South Dakota hit it out of the park by voting to legalize adult use and medical use! This is serious progress on our fight to take back our freedom to use and grow our own Cannabis and help create a retail and medical market for everyone.  This brings our current tally to 15 Legal states, 36 Medical states (if you include Texas’ pathetic attempt at only legalizing CBD and calling it medical.)

This action tells the feds that we’re done messing around with arresting Cannabis people. Cannabis overwhelmingly won across the board on Tuesday night without a recount or a stop the count issue. It’s exciting to realize that if anything has been accomplished this year for Cannabis law reform it’s the voters that came together and said enough! Mississippi voted for medical Cannabis, need we say more? That in itself says a message to the rest of the south and other stubborn states that if they can change their minds about Cannabis, everyone else can too. The numbers and figures of positive change that occurs with legalization and medical Cannabis are evident.

There is still plenty of work to do; we need to free the rest of the states and our Cannabis prisoners, remove Cannabis from the controlled substances list, and reduce taxes in many of these states (we’re not being represented for these taxes.) The industry needs better structure, fair and reasonable regulation that is sustainable for all involved. That old saying, no taxation without representation? Or to quote Bob Marley, “Legalize it and I will advertise it.”

We’re not done yet so let’s grind it up, roll it up, inhale, exhale – and let’s keep this momentum going!

Presidents come and go, but Cannabis is forever! We charge forward and continue to speak up and defend our precious plant and people until every single human has the freedom to use Cannabis however they want. Let’s celebrate this huge victory for freedom and start releasing our Cannabis brothers and sisters from their cages in these private, state, and local prisons nationwide. By doing so this will engage the rest of the world to end the hypocrisy and prejudiced prohibition and prosecution of this miracle plant. They know it’s not harmful and the feds would love to make money on Cannabis after they destroyed lives and held millions in prison for decades, we can’t allow that.

Cannabis is for the people, animals and the planet; it does not have an agenda other than to make you feel better. In the words of the great Jack Herer “Hemp can save the planet.”

Thank you to the voters who voted YES to Cannabis this election.

Let’s get America HIGH AGAIN!

Now light that joint in the name of freedom!