The Emerald Cup is one of the most unique and worthy Cannabis competitions on the globe!

The best Cannabis comes from California and Northern California is where the stage is set.  One of the major prerequisites of entering Cannabis into the competition is that it must be outdoor organic grown Cannabis. There are hurdles to growing great Cannabis whether it be indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse mixed light. The world-famous emerald triangle of Northern California has been breeding and growing most of the world’s best Cannabis for decades. So, it makes sense that a competition like this is right where it started (well close, the Emerald Cup originally started 15 years ago in Mendocino near Laytonville).  Come witness the oooohs and ahhhhs that comes with the smelling of the Cannabis, come taste the terpenes and finally come for the music and education that get packed into two days at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California.

Let’s Dig in on the Education

One of the more truly Cannapolitan aspects of The Emerald Cup is the incredible work that goes into creating amazing talks and sessions that take place in the span of the two days. The panels of speakers range from social justice, growing your own, sustainable and regenerative farming practices, policy change, cannabis and sex, to activism- there is something for everyone. This year’s line-up of speakers, panels and topics of discussion are another reason why we love the Emerald Cup.  Check out the line-up here. We’re excited about many of these talks, so we’ll be sure to share with our readers what we gathered while experiencing all there is to see, smell, and smoke at this year’s Emerald Cup. Check out last year’s Emerald Cup feature here.

Cannabis & Music a Match Made for a Festival

The Emerald Cup has become one of the best festivals that has married Cannabis and world-class musicians together for quite a few years. Each year the EC has surprised us with a diverse line-up of artists and bands. From new artists to big headliners that draws fans to the Emerald Cup, it’s an inclusive experience to be free to enjoy your Cannabis and then some amazing music. What also makes it special is the various genres of music at the EC, which goes to show that the Cannabis community enjoys diverse tastes and appreciates for a variety of music.  We’re especially excited to see Steel Pulse, Santigold, The Movement and our friends The Expendables perform. There is a new addition to the EC this year and that is the new redwood stage that is hosted by our new friends from the Northern Nights Festival, which will be hosting some incredible electronic music talent and more, see the line-up poster below. If you don’t know what Northern Nights is, please enjoy our feature on the experience here.

Did we mention Cannabis Sales and Consumption? YES PLEASE!

All the booths will have you in serious Cannabis paradise! If you’ve never been to the Emerald Cup, be prepared to have your mind blown and your endocannabinoid system prepared for awesome. Over 500 Entries in the competition alone to drool over, you won’t be bored by any means. The consumption areas also have dozens of booths with every notable California Cannabis brand showing off their best and dankiest of the dank buds for smelling and for sale. This event is not for amateur Cannabis folks, generally speaking we have yet to run into a first time Cannabis experience person at the EC, but if there was a place to have one- this could the place and time. All we ask is that you take it easy and enjoy the ride.  

The Reason for the Season, Cannabis!

The Emerald Cup is a celebration of the love of Cannabis with a side of music and a huge stack of activism and advocacy and that is one of the biggest reasons to respect and appreciate this event. The fight is far from over for Cannabis activism, there is still plenty to do and create better policy for all. We strive here at Cannapolitan for full freedom and respect as Cannabis enthusiasts and activists to hold our heads high at all times. Policy change is still another road that we continue to journey through in the process for that freedom. We hope to see you and your best Cannabis on board at the Emerald Cup on Dec. 14th & 15th at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. Make sure you get your tickets now and book your hotel ASAP, you can start by visiting the Emerald Cup website and purchasing tickets for an experience of a lifetime here.  We’ll see you there!